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  • Keeping The Apartment Clean: One Dust Bunny At A Time

    I recently moved into a new apartment with my fianc for the first time, and it has definitely been an adventure. Combining two people's property into one modest size apartment is no easy task. He is a music lover and a member of a band, so we have a small music store in our spare room, and I like to scrapbook so I have two bookshelves full of scrapbook paper and various accessories. We also have two cats that share our cramped living space, and often seem to take over...

  • Don't Push Safety Under The Rug

    When I was in high school, we had to watch a workplace safety video during a lesson on behaving responsibly in an office. In the video, they addressed the common and fixable mistakes that many employees make, such as leaving file cabinets open or overloading a power outlet. Even though there are dangers that plague the office environment, there are significantly more dangers to be aware of in a manufacturing workspace. In a manufacturing workspace you have to be aware of machinery that is moving around you, noise pollution that...

  • Dust Collection Protects Lungs from Disaster

    As I watched the remembrance of 9/11: Ten Years Later , one of the things that impacted me the most, besides the heroism and miracles surrounding that cataclysmic day, is the fact that a decade later rescue workers are still dying from the effects of that fateful day. The eerie white-ish gray dust that circled around the wreckage as teams searched for survivors is now thought to be the cause of firefighters passing away of cancer as a result of their brave, tireless efforts. This is an extreme example of...

  • Dust Control Systems Meet Clean Air Standards

    The American Lung Association tells us: The Clean Air Act prevents tens of thousands of asthma attacks, heart attacks, strokes and even premature deaths caused by air pollution each year. As asthmatics and allergy sufferers know all too well, dust particles of any size can have adverse effects. Excessive exposure to dust is problematic in many industries, including construction, mining and manufacturing, so dust control systems are put in place to meet OSHA and EPA standards. Dust particles from 0.001 to 0.1 mm, which is 1 to 100 microns, are...

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Dust Control Systems

Dust control systems are products responsible for filtering and collecting the hazardous debris in industrial environments where high volumes of toxic dust are produced. The OSHA regulations require a strict level of air cleanliness, which means that dust control systems, both large and small, are in high demand in manufacturing industries around the world.

Synonymous with dust collecting systems, dust control systems are a necessity amongst coal handling industries, metal fabrication, cement fabrication, mining, chemical processing, woodworking, pharmaceutical, recycling and agricultural. By ingesting the air within a certain radius, filtering out and containing the toxic elements and expelling the clean air back into the working environment, dust collectors are keeping the humans and equipment in the area safe. Serious health issues can develop from inhaling toxic dust, particularly related to skin and respiratory issues. Also, it can make it harder for workers to see what they’re doing, which can cause injury or damage to the machines they run. Therefore, finding a proper dust collector is vital for many industrial and manufacturing companies. Various styles and sizes are available to fit the budget and space requirements of every customer. Other considerations that play a major role in purchasing a dust control system includes maintenance demands, if chemical or non-chemical filtration is necessary and the moisture level of the air being processed.

Of the many styles of dust control systems, bag houses are the most well-known because they are cost-effective and efficient. Sucking the air in through ducts, a filter fabric within collects the dust into a dust cake, which is also known as a filter cake. With the dust cake accumulating the toxic aspects of the air, clean air is able to cycle back out. Another popular dust collector is the jet dust collector, which has few maintenance obligations and is a more compact machine. Containing a series of bags to collect the dust in the air, the jet dust collector has its own ingenious system for cleaning out the bags. After the clean air is filtered out, short bursts of compressed air causes the dust cakes in the bags to release from the fabric and fall into a storage hopper at the bottom of the machine. Because of clever engineering, involving valves and constricted areas and powerful bursts of air, the jet duster is quiet, extremely efficient and able to use the same filters for longer since it basically cleans itself. These are just two examples of the many styles of dust control systems available, including custom made models to fit any need.

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Dust Control Systems
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