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IQS Directory implements a thorough list of dust collection equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our listing to examine and sort top dust collection equipment manufacturers with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any dust collection equipment company can design, engineer, and manufacture dust collection equipments to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach dust collection equipment companies through our fast request for quote form is provided on our website. The company information includes website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information. Customer reviews are available and product specific news articles. This source is right for you whether it's for a manufacturer of dust collection tools, commercial dust collection, and dust collection devices.

  • Cary, NC

    We have been providing a definitive answer to dust collection and control equipment for more than two decades. We’re staffed by the most knowledgeable experts in the business – our professionals have over 110 years of combined experience. Visit our website or call us to learn how we can solve your contaminant and debris management problems.

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  • Alsip, IL

    Scientific Dust Collectors is on the cutting edge of Dust Collection Equipment – with their ‘Patented’ cleaning system, guarantee particle emissions to be less than 0.007 grains/ft³ of air or 99.99% collection efficiency down to one (1) micron, and a filter ‘life’ guarantee. SDC offers complete in-house engineering and fabrication! Expertise with combustible dust issues, OSHA Silica Standard, and dust testing services available.

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  • Las Vegas, NV is the single source for industrial duct collectors, filter replacement services and related equipment. Products include custom baghouses, cartridge dust collectors, baghouse filters and accessories (gauges, leak testing supplies, etc.). Services include complete system engineering, turn-key installations, efficiency consulting services and preventative maintenance programs.

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  • Statesville, NC

    Since 1963, Bruning & Federle has been producing top-quality industrial dust collecting systems for the chemical, food, furniture, paper, plastics and wood products industries. We also produce fans and airlocks. Additional services include installation as well as emergency services. Contact Bruning & Federle today to get started with us!

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  • Hartland, WI

    Our dust collecting systems are designed to eliminate respirable airborne contaminants from the work environment. We believe that eliminating airborne contamination in the workspace can lead to better employee performance and a lower rate of absenteeism. Therefore, we focus on excellence and customer satisfaction and will handle your unique dust collection challenge.

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  • Langhorne, PA

    With more than 60 years as a leader in air-blast equipment, Empire produces an extensive line of dust collectors including baghouses, cartridge dust collectors, room ventilation systems, media reclaimers, and vacuum recovery systems. Suitable for tough environments, our systems efficiently clear the air of dust and debris from your work environment.

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The Quality of Life in China

China's been in the news for pollution a lot lately, and it's no wonder! When the air quality index is at hazardous levels and the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection is advising citizens to stay indoors, there is obviously a very big problem. As with any problem, pollution didn't arise out of nowhere. The emissions from vehicles, lack of dust collectors in factories, and China's desert plains all contribute to the issues it's had with air pollutants. If this pollution problem isn't seriously addressed, potential health risks including cancer, brain... Read More

Purposeful Workshop Dust Collection

Knowing what I now know about dust collection, it surprised me to read that in workshop dust collection some methods employed actually consist of improvised systems of attaching a vacuum hose to a tool with duct tape. Maybe that's ingenious for a short amount of time, but I'm all for purposeful workshop dust collection if it is a serious and safe operation. Complex, purpose-built systems with fans, ducting and filtration are found in large woodworking businesses, and smaller operations do well to employ portable dust collectors with vacuum-like suction or... Read More

Steel Dust Collecting Systems, of course

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that components, equipment and systems used to collect dust from industrial processes are made of tough metal, such as carbon steel, stainless steel and cast aluminum. Even the flexible hoses used in abrasive dust collection systems incorporate metal wire covered with rubber. Found in all kinds of facilities that process dust, including pulp and paper plants, cement plants, steel and saw mills, petroleum coke plants, metallurgical plants, etc., steel dust collecting systems are the powerful integrated forces of industrial dust collection.... Read More

Why Ambient Dust Collectors?

It is ideal to capture dust right from the source of any dust producing process. But not all dust can be captured this way. The smallest particles will be thrown into the air, causing them to become airborne throughout the surrounding atmosphere of the facility. This is why ambient dust collectors are needed. Industrial dust collection systems are actively at work at the point of dust origin, utilizing suction hoods attached to ducting over the work area to suck up the dust and bring it to the central dust collector... Read More

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: AXIOM Air Products, Inc.

by Amy Harris, IQS Editor No matter how small or large the individual needs of its valued customers, AXIOM Air Products, Inc. is committed to meeting those needs with its range of quality dust collection equipment and air pollution solutions. Located in Illinois, the trained service team at AXIOM offers dust collecting system design and CAD layout, allowing for a wide variety of extraction solutions. The industries served by AXIOM are numerous, including automotive, electronics, printing, chemical and manufacturing. The specifics of the solutions required by these industries are equally... Read More

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Dust Collection Equipment

Dust collection equipment encompasses a wide variety of devices and systems designed to minimize air particle contamination in workshops, plants, manufacturing facilities or any commercial or industrial space. The pollutants produced in these environments, such as volatile organic compounds, metalworking chips, hydrocarbon and solvent fumes can have serious environmental and biological ramifications if not properly removed from the air and disposed of.

Regulatory and insurance agencies often require that dust collection equipment be installed in areas in which air quality is threatened by industrial processes; this is done to maintain healthy work environments. Removing dust from the air not only benefits the employees, but it also improves equipment functionality, productivity, and longevity as even small amounts of dust can clog and damage motors. Industries such as coal handling, cement and metal fabrication, woodworking, agriculture, medical, electronic and even food processing utilize a variety of dust collecting systems. In many of these situations, a retrieval component is added to equipment to recover, recycle and reuse manufacturing byproducts such as metal chips and liquids that are still very valuable. Product recovery is one of many considerations involved in the selection of dust collection equipment. Airflow, system power, motor and spatial requirements, storage capacity, minimum particle size, dust type and maintenance needs  should all be carefully weighed as improper equipment can result in decreased productivity and product failure.

In general, dust collectors work by drawing contaminated air through a filter, which captures and collects particles before releasing purified air back into the workspace or atmosphere. Though specific equipment varies, most dust collectors have the same basic components. A blower, dust filter, filter cleaning system, dust receptacle and dust removal system are present in nearly every type of collector unit. While systems can be singular, most high use equipment employ multiple filtration devices, some using up to four filter components. Baghouses, cartridge collectors, wet and jet dust collectors, ambient units, collection booths, downdraft tables and overhead hoods are all specific pieces of equipment. Baghouses are the most common apparatus employed due to efficiency and versatility. Units may be portable dust collectors or stationary. Industrial dust collectors are often stationary due to size while portable systems are often smaller and more easily transported from workstation to workstation. No mater the kind or mobility, every piece of dust collection equipment uses inertial separators, fabric filters, wet scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators, unit collectors or any combination of these to effectively and efficiently remove particulates from an air source.

Dust Collection Equipment
Dust Collection Equipment
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Dust Collection Equipment - A.C.T. Dust Collectors