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  • Fishers, NY

    Gorbel®, Inc. is an innovator and leader in producing bridge cranes for the industry. Gorbel® provides a wide variety of overhead handling solutions that handle loads from fifty pounds up to forty tons. Contact us today and we will work with you to find the best product for your unique application. Call or visit our website for additional information.

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  • Indianapolis, IN

    Brehob Corporation is an employee owned company consisting of three divisions which are Electric, Air Compressors, and Crane and Hoist at seven locations. We are able to offer customers the high quality bridge cranes they need for their various applications. Brehob is a quality service company with the Indianapolis location ISO 9001-2000 certification.

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  • Springfield, OH

    Konecranes is a problem solving organization and bridge crane manufacturer that specializes in crane systems. We are dedicated to safety, efficiency, and practical solutions to your material handling needs. Each system is specifically engineered to meet your needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our company!

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  • Toledo, OH

    Since “custom” means made to one’s specifications, that’s how we produce the light cranes and other below-the-hook lifting equipment we manufacture. If ceiling-mounted or freestanding bridge cranes, jib cranes or other overhead crane systems are what you seek, contact us. PSRs are done here.

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  • Broomfield, CO

    Wazee Crane has been a crane manufacturer since 1960. We are ASME, CMAA, MSHA, NEC and OSHA compliant. Contact us for overhead bridge, jib, gantry, workstation and davit cranes. If what you seek is not manufactured by us, we also have several brand-name manufacturers with whom we do business.

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Bridge Cranes: A New Perspective

It's nearly summer, and when the weather becomes consistently cooperative enough, construction crews are out in full force on the United States' highways and byways (and freeways, toll ways, expressways, and side roads, for that matter). The summer months bring with them massive road repair and construction work, and it's usually unsurprising to motorists to come across various detours and orange barrels indicating that a bridge is out due to construction. Having been driving for a long time road construction is not new to me, nor are the various and... Read More

Bridge Cranes: A Trolley Trip

I don't know about you, but taking a trip on a trolley sounds pretty good to me. I envision a relaxing tour of something I've never seen in a different city or surrounded by nature. In this day and age, it seems almost whimsical to take a ride on a tram, cable car or streetcar to get out of our individual gas powered cars and take a collective journey on a vessel guided by tracks, rails, or suspended up in the air on cables. No need to worry about steering... Read More

Keep Your Eyes On the Prize: Bridge Cranes and Crane Games

Have you ever walked into an arcade, restaurant, or grocery store and felt yourself inexplicably pulled toward the big glass box with all of the stuffed animals and other toys inside? You spend over ten dollars trying to get your hands on a teddy bear that appears to be dangling perilously close to the edge of the little bin where you have to drop your toy once the crane has it in its claw, and you're never guaranteed a win. It's a frustrating process trying to get that little toy,... Read More

Appreciating Bridge Cranes

by Michael Shade, IQS Editor The operating principle of a bridge crane is as easy to grasp as a coffee mug. They pick stuff up and move it somewhere else. For someone who does a lot of writing about a lot of different kinds of industrial products and processes, it's refreshing to be assigned a topic whose conceptual complexity is roughly equivalent to that of a hammer. Hammers hammer. Hoists hoist. Bridge cranes lift. Workstation crane image courtesy of Gorbel. In addition to the fact that they're easy to understand,... Read More

What Is So Cool About Manufacturing?

  Recently, a group of middle school students visited American Crane & Equipment Corporation as part of a student video contest called "What's So Cool About Manufacturing?” The contest is part of a program (created by The Manufacturers Resource Center) called "Dream It Do It PA". This program was created to introduce students to exciting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics/Manufacturing) career opportunities with local manufacturers.   On Tuesday, November 9, 2016, a group of Daniel Boone Middle School girls came to American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO) with... Read More

Konecranes New Customer Portal Rolls Out in North America

Global lifting leader Konecranes (HEX: KCR1V) is in the process of implementing, a new internet portal in North America that will give its customers quick and easy access to their crane maintenance information. Usage data from TRUCONNECT® Remote monitoring and maintenance data and asset details from MAINMAN are linked, giving customers a transparent view of events and activities over any selected time interval. "This is an another example of delivering Lifecycle Care in Real Time," says Jim Skowron, Konecranes Regional VP sales, service. "When I demonstrate this tool for customers they are amazed at how quickly they... Read More

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Bridge Cranes

Bridge cranes are materials movement tools used for the transportation of very heavy or large objects during construction, shipping or storage. They are suspended high above workplace floors on beams. In factory floors, warehouses, store yards and other areas where heavy equipment or supplies must be regularly moved from one place to another, permanent industrial cranes make possible the easy and safe movement of objects.

Bridge cranes are essential parts of many industrial operations. In the steel industry, bridge cranes are used to suspend and pour raw steel materials into furnaces. They are also used to remove shaped steel beams to storage areas as well as prepare them for shipment. Bridge cranes of variable sizes are used in the automotive industry for heavy duty and light duty fabrication processes. In the paper milling industry, large rolls of paper are transported by bridge cranes for shipment and storage. Bridge cranes are an efficient, often higher-performance alternative to other load moving tools like fork-lifts and hi-lows. Mobile, floor-based load bearing tools like forklifts require enough clearance to move around effectively and safely. They also require independent energy sources like batteries or natural gas reservoirs, both of which can be expensive. Bridge cranes eliminate the need for using space in this way and can be permanently connected to power sources.

Bridge crane systems involve several parts, the most important of which is the crane itself. The crane involves a winch, which allows the lowering and retraction of tension cables down to workspace floors where they can be attached to loads. In more automated models, robotic arms are used instead of cables. In either case, the crane mechanism is mounted on a specially designed steel girder, the ends of which are equipped with rollers. The girder moves forward and backward over two beams that are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the girder. The beams support the girder and the load from the crane. They also make the girder’s movement possible. The crane itself is also equipped with rollers, and it can move back and forth across the girder. The combination of lateral and linear motion gives the crane access to almost the entire floor in a workspace. In some cases, as is more common in outdoor, non-permanent materials movement operations, bridge cranes can be equipped with roller systems at the bottoms of their support beams, which allows for the entire mechanism to move relative to the ground. Such designs can be assembled on site for construction purposes, waste area clean up and other heavy duty materials movement operations. Mobile bridge cranes are sometimes called gantry cranes, and stationary gantry cranes are sometimes described as bridge cranes. Generally, permanent, structurally supported parallel girder cranes are considered to be bridge cranes, while gantry cranes are more likely to be free standing and mobile.
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