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  • Fishers, NY 844-268-7055

    Gorbel®, Inc. is an innovator and leader in producing bridge cranes for the industry. Gorbel® provides a wide variety of overhead handling solutions that handle loads from fifty pounds up to forty tons. Contact us today and we will work with you to find the best product for your unique application. Call or visit our website for additional information.

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  • Indianapolis, IN (317)231-8080

    An employee-owned company, Brehob Corporation's Crane and Hoist division offers products for sale that can be customized for diverse applications. Representing the industry's best crane manufacturers, Brehob Corporation provides an extensive product line including large, portal, used, portable, lift, and construction models. Brehob is celebrating 70 years of building a dependable business our customers can trust. Call or visit our website today to learn more!

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  • Nappanee, IN 574-646-2015

    PWI cranes are ready to help with any of your material handling needs. Our overhead bridge cranes are typically for heavy-duty material handling needs. Workstation cranes are lightweight and can be installed in any workspace. Jib cranes provide an excellent way to transfer material from on station to another. Gantry cranes work great for moving overhead cranes to different areas. Our team is ready to help you decide which crane is right for you.

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  • Hermitage, PA 724-983-1000

    G.W. Becker offers a full spectrum of superior overhead crane products & services for a competitive advantage. Look forward to years of reliability from these custom overhead cranes & hoists, including single & double girder, gantry, stacker, jib & workstation cranes, with turnkey install, packaged crane equipment assembly, parts for all makes & models, & full service from inspections to upgrades.

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  • McCook, IL (888)352-1213

    Handling Systems International has become a premier leader in the crane manufacturers industry through our hard work and dedication. All of our cranes are built to fit the exact specifications of our customer's needs. We are committed to providing our customers with unbeatable service, high-quality products, and competitive prices.

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  • Winnipeg, MB (888)317-8880

    Since 1985, Acculift has been a distinguished leader in the crane manufacturing industry. We are dedicated to providing advanced lifting systems and solutions to the manufacturing industry. Our product lines include overhead cranes, workstation cranes, hoists, and lifting baskets. We even offer select end effectors customized to your specific needs. We’ve designed manual roll turners, casting lifters, sheet lifters, vertical roll lifters, and bin lifters. Our customers trust us to create custom lifting solutions to meet every challenge. With our years of experience, we have proven to be one of the best in the crane manufacturing industry. Contact us today to learn more!

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Floor Cranes Industry Information

Floor Cranes

Floor cranes are a hoist and lifting mechanism that quickly and safely lift, move, and place heavy loads conveniently and efficiently. These sturdy and durable pieces of equipment are ideal for warehouse and factory conditions where heavy loads need to be moved or raised but are too heavy or cumbersome for workers to handle.

The structure and design of floor hydraulic lift cranes gives them sufficient strength and endurance to support or hoist any type of load. Their popularity is due to the advantages they offer over larger cranes since they can attach, lift, and shift small loads that large cranes are unable to reach.

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What is a Floor Crane?

A floor crane is a portable, mobile, and sturdy device designed to lift, shift, and position loads easily, swiftly, and effortlessly. They are a labor saving and safe means for workers to manipulate and handle loads that would otherwise need a forklift or other form of powered lift mechanism.

A basic requirement for any type of crane is a solid and durable design since they must be able to withstand harsh and stressful conditions. For this reason, floor lift cranes are made of welded heavy-duty steel that ensures their ability to endure the work and have a long service life.

The types of lifting mechanisms vary from hand pump to motorized, with all types using some form of hydraulics. The hand pump version has a lever or crank handle that raises and lowers the load. Hydraulic cranes using a hand pump have load capacities similar to the motorized versions.

For motorized hydraulic floor cranes, the type of motor varies depending on the load capacity of the crane, which can be a few hundred pounds up to several hundred. The motor can be attached to the crane or part of a three-to-four-hour battery pack. In either case, the crane is capable of continuous operation for eight hours.

Types of Floor Cranes

The different kinds of wheel mounted hydraulic cranes are designed and engineered to fit the needs of any application. One of the differentiations between the varieties is the positioning of the legs or supports in relationship to the jib. For some versions, the legs are located directly under the jib with other versions, the legs extend backward away from the jib and its support.

The type of crane that has the legs behind the jib are referred to as close lift hydraulic cranes since they can be maneuvered next to the load. To accommodate and balance the load, the platform where the wheels and legs are located is weighted.

A common version of floor hydraulic cranes has the legs extended out under the jib with the hydraulic pump attached to the jib. This version can be hand or motor driven and does not require a counterbalance to stead the load.

Floor Cranes Applications

A very common use is for the movement and maneuvering of engines in auto repair shops. The cost and convenience of mobile hydraulic cranes is ideal for auto repair applications. Engines can easily be lifted, moved to a repair location, and examined.

The use of mobile cranes has become more common in warehouses and factories since they can be more easily positioned and manipulated than larger cranes. As with repair shops, the cost and flexibility make them a perfect answer to heavy material movement.