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  • Examining the Eurosystem Aluminum Crane System

    A hoist crane is usually responsible for lifting a product high into the air as well as carting it from one place to another. Mobile cranes can do this with tank-style wheels or other motorized conveyance methods, but that is not the only way to move products from one place to another using hoist cranes. One new type of hoist crane, known as the Eurosystem aluminum track system, uses a series of aluminum tracks to move products from one place to another. The tracks are ideal for certain types of...

  • Essential Crane Safety: Crane Collapse in Dallas, TX

    Hoist cranes are a type of crane that is used to hoist large items and are often used in the construction of large buildings and skyscrapers. Many construction companies employ the use of several hoist cranes without problems. However, in July, 2012, one construction company did have a problem with their cranes, which caused the death of two workers. The incident occurred inDallas,TX, during the construction of the Arts & Technology building at theUniversityofTexas Dallas. As of September, 2012, the exact cause of the incident is unknown, although the Occupational...

  • The Benefit of Simulated Crane Operating Programs

    When I lived in East Lansing one of my friends had a really cool crane attached to his sandbox. We would take turns sitting in the little crane replica scoop up sand and dump it a couple feet over. Kids sure are easily entertained. We used to joke that we were preparing for a life as a crane operator. Of course operating the sandbox attachment is nowhere near operating a real crane. However there is a relatively new trend in overhead crane training equipments that allows potential crane operators to...

  • Crane Accidents Create Questions

    When I heard of the recent construction crane accident in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Mich., immediately a number of questions came to mind. Was the crane operator properly certified and was the whole team working together to ensure a safe procedure? Was all the equipment, controls, cables and hardware up to code with proper maintenance and inspection done? Was the crane on stable ground and being operated within the crane manufacturer's specifications, including maximum load capacity? Was it the right type of crane for the job? Whenever there's a...

  • The Mechanics of Hoist Cranes

    To hoist is to raise or lift, especially by some mechanical process, as in to raise a flag or hoist the mainsail. So, any apparatus used for this action could be referred to, in general, as a hoist. Different kinds of equipment used for hoisting include a block and tackle, a derrick, a capstan, a winch, a windlass, a cherry picker, a forklift, pallet lift or any type of hydraulic lift, and, of course, a hoist crane. Hoist is the word sometimes used for the hardware that performs the extension...

  • Hoist Cranes and Safety Responsibilities

    Hoist cranes are employed in a variety of material handling applications, and in a broad range of industries. When it comes to cranes and heavy lifting operations, it is obvious that safety is a main concern and it is vitally important that safety standards and regulations are adhered to at all times. Of course, only licensed individuals can operate these machines, but these workers are not the only ones responsible for safety in the workplace. Supervisors, operators, and engineers all have specific duties when it comes to maintaining a safe...

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Hoist Cranes

Hoist cranes are lifting and movement tools. “Hoist” is the word sometimes used for the hardware that performs the extension and retraction during a lifting process. A hoist usually features a tension cable or other strong wire wound around a bale and connected to a strong hook or other connector. Hoists can be electronically controlled or manually operated with a crank; the configuration depends on the demands of the application and the overall layout of the crane system.

In a bridge crane, a hoist is mounted on rollers and affixed to a raised girder that is parallel with the ground. That girder is set on their own rollers and affixed perpendicularly on other girders, which are themselves resting on poles or girders attached to the ground. Many other kinds of equipment and materials are necessary in order to make a hoist meaningful. Hoists and other lifting materials are only as reliable as the equipment on which they are mounted and the hands that operate them. When properly constructed and applied, hoists can contribute in invaluable ways to building construction, road building, cargo loading for railroads and shipyards, manufacturing, rescue operations and many other important processes.

Crane manufacturers have developed an extensive variety of innovative solutions to the many problems with which their customers have presented them. Because there are so many different contexts in which cranes and hoist systems must be applied, a great variety of innovations has emerged to accommodate them. In forestry, for example, rough terrain hoist cranes are used to collect and place logs on the back of truck beds. These cranes can be fitted with treads, tanks or heavy duty wheels and can be moved to sites on their own power or transported by other vehicles. In other cases, hoists can be affixed to simple, manually operated jib cranes; these small cranes can be used in auto repair shops for the removal and mounting of engine components in vehicles. Other jib crane varieties like tower cranes also involve hoist systems. Tower cranes are used for the construction of very large buildings like skyscrapers; they use hoist systems to both lift objects off of the ground and to move them back and forth across a jib arm. Because hoists are used in so many different kinds of cranes, professionals have to carefully consider the hoists’ applications in advance of their installation in order to ensure safe and effective operation.

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