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  • Fishers, NY

    At Gorbel®, Inc. we pride ourselves on providing high quality products and quick deliveries that are backed by an experienced customer service department and supported by an international network of knowledgeable distributors. Whether you need gantry cranes or are working on a much more complicated project, we would be happy to assist you! Contact us today!

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  • Indianapolis, IN

    Since 1953 the Brehob Corporation has been an industry leader in providing customers with the gantry cranes they require and we stand behind our products and services. We even have a true 24 hour service operation to make sure your needs can be met immediately. We can engineer a complete lifting solution that best fits your needs and we will be there with you after the sale.

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  • Springfield, OH

    Here at Konecranes, our gantry cranes are first class! Gantry cranes are a flexible design for overhead lifting systems used in applications where overhead runways are not practical. Our cranes are used to move heavy loads or outdoor loads. These can be single, grider, double grider, double leg, or single leg! We are highly-specialized in making a wide variety of these cranes! For more information on our gantry cranes, visit our website today!

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  • Toledo, OH

    Since “custom” means made to one’s specifications, that’s how we produce the light cranes and other below-the-hook lifting equipment we manufacture. If ceiling-mounted or freestanding bridge cranes, jib cranes or other overhead crane systems are what you seek, contact us. PSRs are done here.

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  • Broomfield, CO

    Wazee Crane has been a crane manufacturer since 1960. We are ASME, CMAA, MSHA, NEC and OSHA compliant. Contact us for overhead bridge, jib, gantry, workstation and davit cranes. If what you seek is not manufactured by us, we also have several brand-name manufacturers with whom we do business.

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Gantry Cranes: Symbols of Strength

At a time when Ireland's troubles were raging, there came a great announcement from one of Northern Ireland's largest employers, Harland & Wolff. They were going to build two enormous gantry cranes to further their reputation and reach as one of the largest shipbuilders in the world. The first was completed in 1969 and the second in 1974. Named after biblical figures symbolizing grand strength, the first was called Goliath and the second Samson. Although things did not bode so well for these two fellows, the twin shipbuilding gantry cranes... Read More

Workstation Cranes Do Heavy Lifting

Workstation cranes can move loads that weigh between 150 and 4,000 pounds, utilized in factories, warehouses and machine shops to complete industrial processes. Workers could never manufacture, assemble, and install heavy duty industrial equipment, or manufacture steel without the use of cranes. And, smaller workstation cranes handle lighter loads, such as CNC mills or saws, which are essential to metalworkers. Basically, any crane used within a facility can be considered a workstation crane, which includes jib cranes, gantry cranes and bridge cranes. Cranes are hugely important in the steel industry... Read More

Konecranes to Deliver 12 Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) Cranes to South Carolina Ports Authority

In July, Konecranes received an order for 12 RTGs from the South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. The cranes will be delivered to SCPA’s Wando Welch terminal in the Port of Charleston in early fall 2017. When the 12 new RTGs are operational, the SCPA will operate a fleet of 53 Konecranes RTGs. The South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) owns and operates public seaport facilities in Charleston, South Carolina and an inland terminal in Greer, South Carolina. “This makes our 5th RTG order with Konecranes since... Read More

Gantry Cranes Save Time, Money and Man Power

by Jenny Knodell, IQS Editor A Gantry crane is a type of overhead crane that lifts objects, machinery, materials and parts as high as 30 stories. They come in many different sizes, but the largest are used everyday to help manufacture some huge structures. This type of crane is composed of 2 vertical concrete supports with steel reinforcements and a horizontal beam, which has winches made of extremely strong wire rope that can hold up to 2 thousand tons each. Gantry cranes' movements are limited to vertical up and down... Read More

Brehob Corp. Names VP

Indianapolis-based Brehob Corp. has promoted Bryan Smither to vice president. He will be responsible for managing information technology and marketing direction as well as the long-term strategic planning of the company. Smither was instrumental in creating processes to help accelerate the growth of the company in his previous role as project manager. He brings with him more than 14 years of experience on both the business development and operations side of the company. Smither earned his BS in Business from the University of Southern Indiana.... Read More

3 Types of Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are a type of crane that uses a hoist to lift objects. The hoist sits in a hoist trolly, and the trolley can move horizontally on a rail under a beam. Gantry cranes are often used to lift extremely heavy objects, and are often used in building large products, like ships and buildings. Smaller gantry cranes are often used in the automobile industry to lift small, but heavy equipment pieces, like vehicle engines. There are three variations of the gantry crane, including the container crane, the workstation crane,... Read More

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Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are materials movement tools that feature support beams and a winch or hoist system; they are used in industrial facilities and in construction projects for the movement of heavy or large objects. Gantry cranes are among the most widely used industrial crane varieties. They are very similar in nature to bridge cranes; the only substantial difference between the two configurations is gantry cranes’ mobility compared to bridge cranes.

Both gantry and bridge cranes feature a beam that is positioned above the ground, parallel to the ground. Mounted on the beam is a mechanical hoist or winch that can move back and forth across the length of the beam. The winch lowers and retracts a hook or other lifting tool that can be attached to equipment below. At both ends of the beam is a support system. In the case of gantry cranes, that support system involves several beams that reach down to the ground. The beams can be mounted on wheels or casters, if the crane is mobile, and they leave the entire space beneath the parallel beam free for storage and for other uses. Bridge cranes differ in that instead of involving a single beam mounted on just a few beams, they feature one or more beams mounted on a frame, which allows them an additional axis of movement.

Gantry cranes can be large enough for the movement of shipping crates across storage yards, and they can be small enough to suit small-scale, indoor industrial processes. Depending on the needs of a given operation, gantry cranes can be designed to feature very large, industrial-strength rubber wheels, or they can feature light-duty casters. Such details depend on the frequency with which the crane will be used, the operating conditions in which it will be used and the weight of the materials that it will lift. Like bridge cranes, gantry cranes can be designed to feature two load-bearing beams. The hoist or winch can be mounted between these beams, which allows the winch to be positioned farther from the ground at its maximum height. A common misconception is that this configuration increases the load bearing capacity of bridge and gantry cranes; in reality, it affects only maximum winch and hoist height. The distinction between bridge cranes and gantry cranes can be blurry, especially in the case of double support girder use. Generally speaking, all permanent, structurally supported parallel girder cranes are bridge cranes, and self-supported, occasionally mobile cranes are always considered gantry cranes. However, different crane manufacturers may have different standards, and different customers may have different expectations.

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