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  • Cleaning with Anti Static Brushes

    Most of us like to keep things clean even if it is not something we do all that often. We as human beings at least want the appearance of a clean environment. In the residential setting, there is not much to keeping things clean past what we were taught as kids or teenagers. Vacuuming floors, dusting shelves, picking up after ourselves and scrubbing dishes is about the extent of our cleaning knowledge. There are certain environments though, where a more extensive cleaning is necessary, and it can't be done with...

  • Anti Static Spray: For the Out of the Way Spots

    In nearly every man-made environment that I have seen and/or been within, there are always those out of the way spots that are hard to reach. This is even true if the room has no niches but the equipment or electronics set up in one section are blocked by other pieces of equipment and therefore difficult to get to. So what does one do when a static electricity problem arises, that not only makes the environment uncomfortable for the person or people living or working in it, but can also...

  • 4 Useful Static Eliminators to Keep your Equipment from Catastrophic Disaster

    by Jenny Knodell, IQS Editor Everyone has had plenty of experiences dealing with electrostatic discharge reaching out a hand to open the car door on a dry winter day and hesitating, because you know that zap is coming. Annoying isn't it? Unfortunately, ESD can be a lot more harmful than that. Without proper prevention, it could damage a computer to the point of no return. The zap you felt when you opened the door was at least 2,500 volts of ESD, caused by the transfer of electrons from one surface...

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Anti-Static Spray

Anti-static spray prevents the occurrence of static electricity by providing a thin, transparent coat to equipment. Anti-static sprays are effective in hard-to-reach places or blocked surfaces, for products that move at rapid speeds, and on surfaces with an extremely high static charge.

Anti static sprays can help to repel dust and eliminate static build-up on optics, disc drives, photographic materials, lenses, metal rollers and other places where static may be present. More so then other ESD products, anti static spray is an everyday item that is easy to use and has multiple benefits. When applied to a surface, the anti static spray is simply sprayed on and then wiped off, leaving behind nothing but a clean scent and no static buildup. It is not corrosive, but rather intensifies the contact resistance of the surface. Anti-static sprays have many common household uses, such as rendering clothing, carpet, telephones, walls, ceilings, fixtures, tools and more static free. Industries such as the electronic, graphics, photography, printing and optics industries benefit from anti-static sprays. Since dust and static shock can harm electronics and led to data loss, anti-static sprays are useful in many applications. Anti-static sprays are available in many sizes from a wide variety of manufacturers. They may also be purchased as part of a field service kit that includes such static control products as anti static gloves, static bags, static brushes and ionizers.

Static electricity is an electric charge caused by an imbalance of positive and negative charges. The creation of static electricity commonly occurs when two objects rub together, positively charging one object and negatively charging the other in a process known as tribocharging. The transfer of a positive charge from one object to another, results in a release of an electrical charge known as electrostatic discharge (ESD). The heat from an ESD event is so hot and intense that it can vaporize or melt tiny parts in sensitive equipment. Even low voltage ESD events can cause problems. Static electricity may also result from exposure to an electrical field. Charged conductors, such as metals, can be grounded to completely discharge them, but insulators, such as plastics, cannot discharge, as they do not conduct electricity. Regardless of the material being plastic or metal, most electronic using companies keep special areas for their sensitive equipment called electrostatic protective areas, or EPAs. It is an area where workers are conscious of what is coming in contact with every object and numerous static control products and techniques are being utilized.

Anti-Static Spray
Anti-Static Spray
Anti-Static Spray - ElectroStatics, Inc.
Anti-Static Spray - ElectroStatics, Inc.

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