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  • Choosing a Static Eliminator Brush

    A static eliminator brush is one of many static eliminating products on the market and they work great for applications including copiers, printers, stretch wrap equipment, collators, fax machines, paper handling machines, and packaging equipment. Brushes are effective at reducing dust and particle contamination due to static electricity, which can prevent unscheduled stops and costly down time. There are several different kinds of brushes and mounting configurations to choose from. The following is an outline of some ways to determine the brush you need. First, it is important to determine...

  • Anti Static Brushes and Frizzy Hair

    One of the most annoying things in the world to me is when my hair decides to become a mess of static. I am not entirely sure what causes it, I just know that it happens a lot when I blow dry and straighten my hair, leaving it so unmanageable it needs to be washed again meaning all that work and time was a complete waste. I have tried countless anti static conditioners and hair sprays in the hopes of taming it, but nothing seems to work, which is why...

  • Getting the Static out of Your Clothes

    I have always had a lot of issues with static and my clothes. Since clingy fabric is both unattractive and annoying, finding a static remover has been a top priority for me, particularly since I graduated from college and wanted to make an excellent first impression for possible employers. When I researched online, searching for inexpensive static eliminators that would be effective and easy to use, I came across a number of industrial products that were designed to deal with copious amounts of static electricity, usually in settings involving sensitive...

  • Static Bags: A Multitude of Variety

    Static bags are one of those products with a number of variations in materials used to create them as well as industry specific bags. Most static eliminators have a few models for customers to choose from, but static bags have enough options that they could overwhelm shoppers just like the toothpaste selection at the grocery store; so many brands and flavors, all of which do the exact same thing. Regardless, the types of static bags available on the ESD product market today are vast. Generally speaking, static bags are a...

  • The First Step in Managing Static Control

    Static Eliminators are not the only types of ESD products on the market today. In fact, because static electricity can be such a problem, a variety of products have been introduced to detect static build-up and then keep it under control. In a particularly sensitive environment, such as a research lab or medical facility, static control should be a top priority, or equipment can be damaged or employees hurt by an unforeseen surge of electrostatic charge, which is also known as ESD. Knowing what your company is dealing with is...

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Static Control

Static control products and equipment protect sensitive objects from the damaging effects of static electricity. Sprays, wipes, mats, bags and gloves specially designed to prevent and reduce the effects of static electricity provide effective static control. Many products, such as computer equipment, electronics, medical equipment and telecommunications equipment are all very sensitive to static electricity and require static control products to function properly.

Damaging amounts of static can occur in surprisingly simple ways. When two objects rub against each other they create friction, which can translate into an electrostatic charge (ESD). A conductive object that is not grounded being in proximity to an electrically charged object may also produce ESD. Without ESD protection, several problems can result from static, including dust clinging to products, products clinging to themselves or other objects, materials tearing, jamming or curling, sheet-feeding problems and hazardous sparks. Static electricity can also hamper performance or shorten the life of a product. As a result, effective static control is a necessary step to take in order to ensure that products and equipment continue working correctly. Products especially designed for static control protect against many problems associated with static electricity. Static control products reduce production downtime, aid in the avoidance of maintenance costs associated with machinery failure, and increase product effectiveness and company profits. Nuclear static control solutions include various devices, such as nuclear air guns and nuclear bars.

Electrical static control solutions can be obtained through the use of electrical power packs and electrical bars. Other types of industrial static control products include tinsel, brushes, air knives, sheet and web cleaners, chemicals, copper mesh and many more. Specific static control products, also known as ESD products or static eliminators, are usually designed with certain applications in mind. Static meters are devices that measure the ESD levels in a room or around specific objects or surfaces, serving as the first step in ESD prevention and protection. Ground straps and anti static mats both function in such a way that the static in a room is redirected into the straps or mat, keeping the energy contained; these two objects are commonly used together. Some products keep objects safe by keeping the workers free of static buildup, such as special clothing and anti static gloves. Ionizers deal with keeping the air in a contained area free of static discharge through constant streams of ions, which neutralize the ESD in the air, as well as keeping the area clean of dust. All of these static control products may be used together or separately, depending on how sensitive the equipment being protected is.

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