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  • Finding the Right Grounding

    While working a previous job in manufacturing, we would frequently cut down paper, polypropylene or various other types of material rolls, and rewind them in their trimmed down size. One problem with this process was the amount of static that would build up as a result of the compression cut coupled with the friction of the rewind spindle. After working with these products for a while and constantly being shocked, a few co-workers and I thought it would be a good idea to do some research on how to control...

  • Fighting ESD

    Electric static discharge (ESD) is not the most fun thing in the world to come into contact with. ESD is the transfer of electrostatic charges from one object to another. If these to objects become separated a shock can be the result. While it may have been cool in elementary school to place your hand on the static ball that would cause your hair to immediately stand on end, in reality static electricity has the potential to be very dangerous. The result of contact with ESD could be a painful...

  • The Anchoring of Anti Static Mats

    Anti static mats are objects that actually show up everywhere, we just don't know that they are helping reduce the impact of electrostatic discharge, or ESD, in our environment as well as provide padding for our feet. Also, the anti static mats do not just refer to what is under our feet but mats that are laid out on desktops and similar areas as well, with ergonomic benefits as wrist and elbow cushions in addition to serving as a diffuser for any ESD attached to the person who rests on...

  • The Ever Popular Ground Straps

    Expense is an issue at the top of every industrial and commercial company's list of priorities. Cutting corners without sacrificing quality or the welfare of workers and equipment is a constant activity that must be applied to every aspect of business. It is this mindset that drives the popularity of certain products that are effective while remaining affordable, such as ground straps. Although not the most stylish items required of employees, ground straps are anti static accessories that work very well at redirecting electrostatic discharges or eliminating them completely. In...

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Ground Straps

Ground straps, also called wrist straps or grounding straps, are the most common anti static product used today. They are worn on the wrists or shoes to provide a path between the wearer and the ground or mat to dissipate or conduct static electricity in a route that doesn’t negatively affect any machinery, equipment, parts or workers.

When handling, assembling, manufacturing, repairing or changing parts in computer equipment, electronics, cell phones, medical equipment and semiconductors, among many others, ground straps are an effective method to guard against ESD. This antistatic device prevents interference, catastrophic failure and permanent damage to electronic devices, as well as high voltage shock to workers in industrial, laboratory or clean room environments. If a worker doesn't use a static control device like a ground strap, the RAM stick, processor, mother board, hard drive, graphics card and circuit board in internal computer equipment could be permanently damaged. Even when working on a desktop computer in the home or office for any reason, a ground strap should always be worn or substituted with some other form of ESD product, like anti static gloves, spray or mats.

Most ground straps are attached to the wrist with Velcro, and are either made for the left or right hand. While they should not be short enough to interrupt or increase the difficulty of the work the person is engaging in, all ground straps should be shorter and measured in inches, not feet. If they are too long, they are not considered effective-the shorter the better. A ribbon makes contact with the wearer's skin or socks, and routs the electrical current to a safe ground, usually a mat. The strap can be braided, mesh, strip or solid wire. All of these are flexible and usually covered in plastic or fabric. The wrist band is usually made out of a conductive fabric and connected to a small piece of metal, which is then connected to a long cord, which is connected to a crocodile clip, which is connected to a ground device. The wire, no matter what form, is often made of copper because of its electrical conductivity and the fact that it is a malleable and flexible metal, allowing the wearer to move about easier than if it were made of a rigid material. They are inexpensive and usually sold individually, but for industrial purposes, may be sold in bulk amounts.

Ground Straps
Ground Straps
Ground Straps - AntiStatic Industries
Ground Straps - AntiStatic Industries

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