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    As the winter chill continues to creep in for the northern states, and reports for possible snow begin to sneak into our weather forecasts, most of us have already begun to prepare for the winter ahead. This means pulling out all of our winter wear such as coats, hats, scarves, boots, mittens and gloves. All of these objects are able to keep the snow and cold off of our skin when the need to walk out doors arises. And when I hear gloves, this is what I always picture, a...

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    We have all seen static electricity happen when we get a sudden shock by touching something or our clothes are clinging to us or maybe even your hair has stuck up repelling from one another because of electric charge. These charges get caught on surfaces sometimes and can only be released when another object with a less of an electrical charge or one with an opposite charge comes into contact with that object. Some items that are known to contain and hold build up are computers, printers, fax machines and...

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    I have always associated gloves with one of three things; to protect my hands from the cold, to look cute and/or to be sanitary. The thick mittens I wear when outdoors during winter are not ideal for doing precision oriented work and therefore are not relatable to anti static gloves. Delicate and aesthetically pleasing lace or thin cloth gloves may be cute, but they are not at all suited for any kind of work. Sanitary gloves for medical and food prep applications are disposable and made from a stretchy plastic,...

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Anti Static Gloves

Using anti static gloves when handling electronics or electrically sensitive parts and products is an effective approach to guarding against damage from electric static discharge, or ESD. One of the most popular ESD products, anti static gloves is made out of several different materials, all of which protect both the worker and the product from damage.

Anti static gloves are able to suppress electrostatic charges when being worn by a person handling delicate, static-prone materials. These static eliminators dissipate static charges without using any chemicals or treatments. They are used when building, cleaning, repairing, inspecting and changing the parts of a static-prone product, as well as any other hand-to-product contact with medical equipment, electronics, cell phones, internal computer components, film, instruments and circuit boards. They are used by workers in the computer and electronics manufacturing industry as well as laboratories, aerospace companies, semiconductor manufacturers, telecommunications, clean room building, optics and petrochemical industries. They are also used in making precision instruments, within the photo lab context and for electrostatic painting. Computer repair technicians and anyone handling the parts of their home or work computer should also wear these gloves to prevent any permanent damage to their systems. Most anti static gloves are white in color and form fitting to the hands of the worker so that the fabric does not constrict or inhibit the work they are doing.

All anti static gloves are reusable and may be washed like normal gloves. They eliminate arcing due to excess conductivity and maintain the same static charge on all objects. That way, when they come in contact with each other, no energy is transferred; in essence, there is no spark. This is accomplished a couple different ways using various materials. Some gloves are made out of nitrile or a carbon nylon knit, which is a porous cloth. These gloves have the palm, inner thumb and inner finger surfaces covered by a cut-out of thin anti static polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, which is stitched on. These pads also double as better grip material. Some gloves are made of latex and processed in a chlorinated washing method to minimize contamination on the inside and outside of the glove. Some have complete uniform resistivity throughout the entire glove because of a filament conductive fiber without carbon sewn into the glove. Anti static gloves can be sold by the pair or in bulk amounts, and usually come in basic sizes like small, medium and large. Other ESD products that provide ESD protection specifically to do with a person’s hands include wrist wraps and cods.

Anti Static Gloves
Anti Static Gloves
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Anti Static Gloves - Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc.

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