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  • Eliminating the Stress of Static

    I recently worked in the electrical assembly department for an automotive mirror manufacturer, where we built and tested the circuit boards for rearview and sideview mirrors. They called us smurfs in this department as we had to wear blue ESD(Electric Static Discharge) smocks whenever on the production floor to prevent damage to the electronics from static electricity. My job mostly consisted of inspecting and then testing the circuit boards in combination testers. I handled and tested hundreds and sometimes thousands of boards on a daily basis and was aware of...

  • Preventing Damage from Static

    When I think about static electricity, I think about scuffing my feet along the carpet as a child and delivering a solid static shock to my unsuspecting older brother. Of course, I would have to have an immediate escape route, as the consequences of this action usually involved my brother's fists. Now, when it comes to static electricity in the work environment, specifically in relation to electrical assembly, the consequences of even the tiniest static shock could result in a severely damaged or unusable product. Thankfully, there are many ways...

  • Keeping Bodies Static Free

    The manufacturers of hair products must incorporate more than detangling, curling or straightening elements into their goods. One of the most popular products is also one of the most basic; the hairbrush. These days, because of all the electronic gadgets filling up residential homes, commercial venues, schools and work environments, electrostatic discharge, also known as static electricity is a big issue on a variety of levels. Because of all the electrostatic discharge, most hairbrushes are designed as anti static products, so that when being used they neutralize the static electricity...

  • ESD Products: How it All Happens

    ESD products would not be necessary if ESD did not exist in the first place. So what exactly is ESD? Electrostatic discharge is not a reaction that can be seen, unless it is affecting a mechanical or electronic object or we see the reaction when a person is shocked by it. In essence, it develops when two objects rub against each other and electrons shift in such a way that an electrical charge is created. As simple as this process sounds, it can cause extreme and permanent interference or damage...

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ESD Products

ESD, or electrostatic discharge products help to eliminate the release of electrical energy that is usually caused by the shift of electrons from one object to another as they come in contact with and separate from one another. This transfer often occurs between human hands and electronics, which can result in harmful electric shock that can injure the individual, or interference, permanent damage and catastrophic failure of many different sensitive electronic devices, equipment and machinery.

While the electronic device may not undergo complete failure when subjected to ESD, it will degrade, which is product damage that results in a lower level of efficiency and reliability. However, there are several simple and effective products designed to guard against ESD, all of which are inexpensive and regularly used by computer repair technicians, clean room workers, lab technicians and workers assembling and manufacturing electronics, computers and cell phones. The products include anti static mats and gloves, ground straps, spray, bags and brushes. These products ground, dissipate, conduct or balance any charge carried on an individual about to handle electronic hardware of any kind. Before anyone touches the internal components of any electronic device or equipment, it must be unplugged and the person must be grounded, which is the process of connecting with a conductor to transfer any ESD to another object, making sure there is no chance to transfer any to the hardware.

ESD protection comes in many different forms, which are all preventative. Static is generated very easily, and can be caused by two pieces of clothing lightly rubbing together. Once static has transferred from a hand to electronic hardware, the damage cannot be undone. The most popular, effective and inexpensive method is a grounding strap, often called a wrist strap. These are Velcro cuffs made of a conductive fiber material with a small piece of metal attached to a wire in the form of a braid, strip, mesh or wire. That wire is connected to a grounding device like an anti static mat made of rubber and a grounding outlet. Anti static gloves are mostly used in electronics and computer manufacturing and assembly environments, where workers are continually handling sensitive, internal hardware. They prevent the static charge from transferring from a hand to the device by blocking the static. Static brushes are used when cleaning equipment, while anti-static spray prevents the occurrence of ESD by coating hard-to-reach places. Other less common options include ionizers, which neutralize static charges sitting on object surfaces, and corona treaters, which expose the object to electrical discharge as another preventative measure against ESD.

ESD Products
ESD Products
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ESD Products - Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc.

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