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  • The Bare Bones of 3 Way Solenoid Valves

    Simplistic designs for complex processes are a trend in mechanics these days. With the economic climate, every industry is looking for ways to keep costs down. Utilizing a bare bones mechanical design, such as the 3 way solenoid valve, allows a company to cut back on maintenance expenses. The fewer moving parts a system requires while still performing quickly and efficiently, the more cost-effective it is, since it is moving parts that need regular maintenance. The solenoid valve design, particularly the 3 way design, is very simple while practicing vital...

  • Miniature Solenoid Valves: Why go small?

    Our society has a fascination with small but powerful toys, particularly in the electronics department. Net books, I-Pads and Verizon Droids are all examples of small packages bundled full of immense amounts of information. If it is compact and powerful then it is desirable. This can be true for aspects of industrial equipment and industrial systems as well, although there are certain objects that will also be large, and respected for their largeness. The parts that make up machines like metal fabrication equipment are not so big. Something like a...

  • 12 Volt Solenoid Valves: For the Every Man

    When discussing a product with such a variety of applications as solenoid valves, there is always going to be that one style or model that is the most recognizable and serves as a sort of general picture for all the other styles. This is what the 12 volt solenoid valve has become in the public eye; a well-known valve that is utilized in so many everyday products it is the everyman solenoid product. Like all other solenoid valves, the 12 volt is a magnetic coil with a metallic core that...

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12 Volt Solenoid Valve

12 volt solenoid valves are one of the most common flow control valves in commercial, industrial, and home tools and appliances. Ice cube makers, refrigerators and dishwashers are a few home appliances that operate with 12 volt solenoid valves, which are most often pneumatic but can also be hydraulic. A wide range of industries use 12v solenoid valves to power industrial tools and electric motors, for heating and cooling, electronic, medical, dental equipment, oil tooling, aerospace, fuel systems and automotive.

12 volt hydraulic valves regulate flow of fluid or water, while 12 volt air or pneumatic valves regulate flow of gas or air. Ideal for low volume vacuum or air pressure applications, 12 volt solenoid valves can be made from either plastics or metallic elements and alloys. The 12v refers to the amount of voltages supplied by the direct current (DC) power source. There are also 3v, 6v and 24 volt solenoid valves; however, 12 volt solenoid valves are the standard. Also powered by natural pressure and electromagnetic force, 12v solenoid valves have fewer moving parts. This is an advantage considering moving parts require maintenance. 12 volt solenoid valves control the flow of gases or liquids through tubes, as regular valves do, but unlike other valves, can be easily operated by remote devices that activate the solenoid coil. The ability to be controlled remotely makes 12 volt solenoid valves extremely useful for operating potentially dangerous machinery or inaccessible lines.

12v solenoid valves are operated electromechanically by a solenoid, which is a magnetized coil activated by electrical charges, which controls the flow of gases or liquids precisely through targeted electrical charges, sensor cue or by hysteresis (device memory). 12 volt solenoid valve manufacturers make two general types of valves: direct-acting and pilot-operated. Direct-acting 12v solenoid valves have a plunger that is in direct contact with the in-flow opening in the valve body, or orifice. This plunger is used to open and close the orifice, which permits or hinders flow. The pilot-operated 12 volt solenoid valve, which is actually a combination of a pneumatic or hydraulic valve and a smaller solenoid valve, works with a diaphragm rather than a plunger, using differential pressure to control the flow of gases or fluids. In addition, 12 volt solenoid valves must be either a normally closed (NC) valve or a normally open (NO) valve. In a NC valve, a plunging pin or rod within the valve is held blocking the passage of air or fluid by a solenoid coil; the air or fluid pressure coming into the valve helps keep the valve shut as long as the pin blocks the passage. In order for gas or fluid to flow through the valve, an electromagnetic charge is run through the solenoid coil, which becomes active and lifts the plunger out of the passage and allows flow through the entire valve. NO valves are the opposite; they remain open until the solenoid is activated and pushes down the plunger, blocking flow and creating pressure to keep the valve closed.

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