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  • Irvine, CA

    Our air valves are unrivaled in the industry and are guaranteed to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need. Here at International Polymer Solutions, Inc. makes high quality products for top-of-the-line customers! All of our products have been manufactured to above and beyond the industry standard for years. For more information on how we can better serve you today, give us a call!

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  • Hawthorne, NJ

    We have the best air valves available on the market! We are the providers of many types of valves and our air valves are sure to please! We strive to provide excellent customer service while maintaining low competitive cost on all of our products. We have over seven decades of experience in our industry; let us put that experience to work for you! To learn more about what we may do for you, come browse around our website, or email our staff today!

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  • Kalamazoo, MI

    Humphrey Products Company works not only to solve fluid control challenges, but to improve the ease and efficiency of your processes. By choosing Humphrey for air valve purchases, customers gain access to their advanced manufacturing technology, reduced time-to-market and the ability to reassign critical internal resources so that you can focus on your core abilities and strengths.

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  • Pewaukee, WI

    When you can't find the right solenoid or solenoid valve to fit your needs, TLX Technologies works with you to design and manufacture the best solution for your application. Whether you require a fully-custom solenoid or solenoid valve, an integrated assembly or perhaps a semi-custom solenoid from one of our base models, we are here to help develop what you need to get the job done.

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  • Littleton, CO

    As a world leader in the motion and fluid control industry, IMI Precision Engineering believes in engineering GREAT—which means taking something that’s good and transforming it into something that’s exceptional and built to last. Our air valves, which include our Nugget and Prospector Poppet series, have a high flow rate and are energy efficient. To find the right valve for your application, call IMI and speak with a representative today!

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  • Erie, PA

    We have over a million combinations of 2 and 3 way direct acting solenoid valves. Our air valves are one of our top quality products. Our manufacturing and assembly facilities produce solenoid valves and manifolds to exact customer specifications. Our products are used in medical, appliance, transportation, power generation, and industrial equipment markets. For more information, visit our website or call one of our sales team members today!

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  • Irvine, CA

    Our presence in thirty five countries worldwide speaks for itself regarding the kind of service we are able to provide. We are an innovative company and continually seeking out new technologies. Our air valves are some of the most technologically advanced in the market today. We have research centers in Germany and France that work around the clock doing investigative studies on how to make our products better. Visit our website for more information today!

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Air Valve Innovations

There are continuous improvements in the air valve industry regarding safety and performance. Recent innovations have set a standard for safety valve operation that can more accurately measure and respond to various situations. These reliable products can be designed to lower operation costs while maintaining a consistent and effective work zone. Newer plastic air valves have proven to be a suitable alternative to metal air valves. These modernized electronic plastic valves are engineered to produce the exact pressures required for the specific applications. These plastic innovations are very similar to... Read More

The Speedy Solenoid Air Valves

A solenoid valve is one part of a system or machine that is exclusively installed to regulate the flow of a substance, such as liquid or gas throughout the machine or system. Solenoid air valves specifically are designed to allow or block the passage of air or gas. Of all the valves available in the industrial product market today, why are solenoid air valves a popular choice? Besides being a dependable product with a long operation life-span, solenoid valves are one of the quickest valves on the market. Particularly when... Read More

Solenoid Valves Offer 'Brains' for Gas & Liquid Flow Control

by Rebekah Fuller, Editor for IQS Equipping a hydraulic or pneumatic valve with a solenoid coil adds a higher level of control to air or fluid flow regulation. Unlike regular valves that rely on changes in gas or fluid pressure to open or close, solenoid valves are operated electromechanically with a magnetized solenoid coil that responds to targeted electrical charges for precise flow control. Because of the ability to be controlled remotely and cued by sensors or hysteresis (device memory), the solenoid valve is an intelligent gadget. The solenoid coil... Read More

Washing Machines and Water Flow

Recently, on a visit home to my mother's house, I discovered she was going to have to have her washing machine fixed. Upon asking what was wrong with the machine she told me she wasn't quite sure, but that from what the repairman told her it probably was something to do with a thing called the solenoid valve. I immediately did some research on this little part and found that it's a rather important element in the proper functioning of a washing machine. The solenoid valve in her washer was... Read More

The Benefits of Smart Air Valves

A smart air valve uses a microprocessor to help determine the best time and way to activate the valve. The processor inside of the valve controls the flow rate of the valve, ensuring that the perfect amount of air is always allowed in and out of the valve at the right time. A valve that can think on its own is highly useful in many industries. This prevents overheating, blow-outs, and other common problems associated with failing valves. Smart air valves can present the following benefits to the owner: Flow... Read More

The Material Question

When I am shopping for clothes, I pay close attention to the types of fabric I am considering purchasing, which plays just as important a role in my clothing decisions as color and style. The same can be said for those industrial buyers who are looking for air valves. These mechanisms are vital to the speed, health and overall function of a variety of systems, such as natural gas machinery in industrial and commercial settings. Some systems in residential settings also benefit from the presence of an air valve, such... Read More

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Air Valves

Air valves are valves that regulate gas or air flow through remote systems of programming. They frequently use solenoids, a magnetized electromechanical coil in which movement of a plunger or vent allows movement through the valve. More specifically, either a passage-blocking plunger moves through the valve or, in the case of pneumatic air solenoids, a small vent changes pressure in the valve and allows flow. Because the solenoid coil is activated electrically, the valve can be switched remotely by programming, sensors or device memory.

Solenoid air valves are manufactured in a variety of styles in order to accommodate many flow control applications. For example, many air valves are available in either plastic or metal designs depending on the needs of the process. The size of the valve can vary as well; high pressure solenoid valves are used to control the flow of fluids or gases in high pressure applications by providing steady pressure into a lower pressure system. Other solenoid valves are used with water or gas. Because strong force can be largely self-generated within pneumatic valve chambers, air valves are valued for their low energy requirement and low-maintenance. Air valves are widely used in many industries. Possible applications include compressed air-powered tools like jackhammers, vacuum cleaners, ventilation systems, laser printers and medical and dental air-powered equipment.  

Both air valves and solenoid valves alike have many variables and are available in a range of different styles. There are two types of solenoid-activated air valves: pneumatic and direct acting. Pneumatic or piloted solenoids combine a pneumatic valve with a small solenoid vent chamber, allowing the valve to function pneumatically through changes in gas pressure while still being activated by solenoid. Direct acting valves have a basic construction and use a plunger or a sealing pin to block the passage of air through the valve. A solenoid coil atop the plunger moves it when activated. Both pneumatic and direct acting air valves can be manufactured to have multiple outlets. Two-way pneumatic valves are quite common in space heating and cooling and 3 way valves may be used to heat multiple apartments from the same source. Pneumatic air valves are convenient for multiple-line valves because air is easily compressed and directed to different outlets using the basic principles of air compression. Solenoid pilots make applications like space heating easy to automate, activate or trigger remotely. Hysteresis, or a path-dependent memory, can be programmed into the solenoid, making it so that solenoid air valves can regulate temperature or pressure with minimum human input.

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