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  • Irvine, CA 949-458-3731

    All of our solenoid water valves are guaranteed to make sure that you are getting the very best when it comes to high quality. We are a customer oriented company. We strive to satisfy all of our customers' needs and expectations. We make sure that we honor all of our commitments and strive for world class performance. For more information on how we can better serve you, give us a call today!

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  • Hawthorne, NJ 973-427-4341

    Magnatrol Valve Corporation has manufactured solenoid water valves for process control since 1936. Their valves are able to control water, oil, gas, steam, solvents, cryogenics and oxygen. Available measuring includes 1/4" to 3". They normally open or normally closed, with no differential pressure required to open. For quality products to fit your needs call today.

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  • Erie, PA 888-825-8405

    We have over a million combinations of 2 and 3 way direct acting solenoid valves. Our solenoid water valves are designed and built with superior quality in mind. We will partner with you to provide inventory solutions and terms and conditions that meet your needs. For more information, visit our website or call one of our sales team members today!

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  • Trumbull, CT 800-504-3334

    Our LS System is a high-speed, proportional pneumatic motion control system comprised of a specialized, patented servo-valve and a dedicated valve controller. Linear proportionality improves control and provides motion fluidity preferred for automation and testing. See us for pneumatic valves, too.

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Solenoid Water Valves

Solenoid water valves are one of the many types of the solenoid valve, which can be defined as any valve that relies on the electromagnetic indication of magnetized electromechanical coils, called solenoids, to control flow. When an electric current passes through said solenoid, it turns into mechanical energy and moves the mechanism that is blocking, restricting or permitting the flow of fluid. Typically, this mechanism is a plunger or a small vent. Solenoid water valves are those solenoid valves that work with, as their name indicates, water and water/liquid-related applications. Solenoid water valves are popular for use in a variety of settings, including inside both at-home and commercial washing machines, refrigerators, ultrasonic cleaners, dishwashers, sprinkler and/or irrigation systems, sensor-activated water faucets and sinks, vending machines, water purifiers and with any other applications that require the regulated trigger of water flow.

A few different types of solenoid valves can fall under the solenoid water valve umbrella, though those that do, usually share some common features. Usually, any valve considered a solenoid water valve in normally closed (NC), a state of being that means that, when inactive, the valve does not permit flow and, when active, the valve releases flow. This contrasts with normally open (NO) valves, which, when at rest, release flow and, when activated, block flow. Also, most solenoid water valves double as pilot-operated diaphragm valves, meaning they use a diaphragm rather than a plunger. Technically, pilot-operated solenoid valves are made by combining a pneumatic valve with a smaller solenoid valve. (Pneumatic valves are solenoid valves that regulate the flows of gas, fluid and air using a combination of gas pressure and diaphragms.) They are popular for use with solenoid water valves because they provide a comparably small amount of power to be activated, and they can be activated from afar. Pilot-operated water valves, also known as hydraulic valves, use differential pressure to permit or disallow flow. Said differential pressure is regulated by changes in internal pressure brought on by the lifting and lowering of a vent inside a small solenoid vent chamber.

When purchasing one or more solenoid water valves, customers have a few choices in terms of construction material. While a number of materials are at a manufacturer’s disposal, such as plastic, brass, aluminum and stainless steel, he or she will most likely direct a customer towards a stainless steel model, because stainless steel offers the indispensable properties of corrosion-resistance and easy sanitation. Also, stainless steel models are offered in both magnetic and non-magnetic varieties. Regardless, it is essential that the chosen valve material be compatible with whatever fluid will be flowing through it. Also note that different components may merit different material compositions. Some of the individual components of solenoid valves include: the solenoid coil, the retaining clip or coil clip, the core tube (also commonly referred to as: the guide assembly, solenoid valve tube, armature tube, plunger tube or sleeve), the bonnet or cover, the core tube/bonnet seal, the bonnet/diaphragm/body seal, the hanger spring, the backup washer, the diaphragm, the disk and the valve body.

To determine the best options for your application, reach out to a solenoid valve specialist who can guide you in the right direction. In addition, remember that proper setup and maintenance are essential to a successful and safe system. Common problems that solenoid water valve owners may encounter, such as deformity, deterioration and mineral buildup, can be avoided or remedied using a few fairly simply steps. First, to avoid deformity and deterioration, it is instrumental that the valve operator keep the valve components lubricated. A valve that is not lubricated is bound to succumb to the wear and tear caused by constant rubbing much more quickly than a well-lubricated valve. To elaborate, the components of a non-lubricated solenoid water valve are likely to need replacing after 100,000 cycles or fewer, whereas consistently lubricated valve parts are likely to not need replacing until they have undergone millions of cycles. Unfortunately, solenoid valves that regularly process water are bound to eventually develop mineral buildup. To remove buildup and grime, one must disassemble the valve system and clean it. This can be done during routine cleaning. Sometimes, it is less expensive to replace a part than it is to fix it. To facilitate quick in-house fixes, solenoid water valve customers may want to consider purchasing replacement part kits from their manufacturer. These kits contain parts that are easily replaced, like pistons, diaphragms, o-rings, springs and an extra plunger.

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