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  • Erie, PA

    Solenoid Solutions manufactures custom direct-acting 2 and 3-way solenoid valves and multi-valve manifolds for OEMs in the medical, appliance, transportation, power generation and industrial equipment markets. We specialize in mini low wattage, 2 and 3-way solenoid valves for air, gas or liquid in light to heavy-duty service applications.

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  • Hawthorne, NJ

    Magnatrol Valve Corporation is a superior provider of high quality solenoid valves. Available in bronze or stainless steel, these valves are fully manufactured and tested in-house under strict quality assurance standards. Custom engineered valves are also available through Clark Cooper, a division of Magnatrol. We look forward to helping you!

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  • Ronkonkoma, NY

    At Electric Solenoid Valves, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for solenoid valves, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our valued clientele. With expertise in fluid control systems, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader, known for our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our product offerings encompass a wide range of solenoid valves, including 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way valves, as well as proportional and servo-assisted valves.

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  • Milwaukee, WI

    Deltrol Controls manufactures and designs a full line of stock and custom solenoids, electrical relays, dispensing valves, and custom switch assemblies. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority so we employ talented workers and stay up-to-date with the latest technology. Whatever your specific need is, Deltrol Controls has the solution. To receive a quote or more information please contact us now!

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  • Paramus, NJ

    Versa® Products offers a wide range of pneumatic control valves, air valves and solenoid design. We have maintained our commitment to quality products and services since our company was established in 1949. We are a solenoid valve manufacturer, offering solenoids in brass and stainless steel.

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4 Way Solenoid Valves Industry Information

4 Way Solenoid Valves

A 4 way solenoid valve is a tool that controls the flow of fluids in multiple directions. This device, sometimes called a “5 port valve,” can be powered by air or electricity, with air pressure being the most common source of power. Four way solenoid valves have five ports to allow air pressure to move an actuator or rod back and forth inside the valve, in order to control direction of flow.

There are a few different common configurations of 4 way solenoid valves. One design contains one liquid inlet and two outlets. In this case, direction of flow is controlled by the position of the internal linear actuator. The other two ports, one on each end, aid in air pressure connections. As air pressure enters one end, the rod moves and internal channels allow the fluid to flow in one direction. If air pressure enters at the other end, the rod moves in the opposite direction, revealing a different flow channel that allows fluid to go in the other direction. These 4 way solenoid valves are useful because they permit one device to control flow in multiple directions. Since one valve can be used for more than one control task, they’re an advantageous purchase for a purchaser whose control system only has a few connections available.

Another type of 4 way solenoid valve is a stepper valve, which employs a ratchet system to advance the valve each time it is energized. Gears inside the valve move the actuator each time an electrical signal or burst of pressurized air is sent. Stepper valves can be used to turn flow on and off in a predetermined sequence, or to activate different systems connected to the valve. The stepper variety of 4 way solenoid valves are best suited to tasks that occur in order, or sequential positioning, without the need to go back to its original position or jump to a new one. This is because each signal on the stepper valve turns it to a new position, without the ability to return to a previous position until the signal is lost or the operation is complete. Uses well-suited to the stepper valve are, among others, lawn sprinkling, liquid chillers and pool chemical treatment.

Since the development of greater computer technology, some 4 way solenoid valves have become equipped with “intelligence,” able to use sensor readings. For example, as signals are sent from various points in a chemical process, a solenoid can make decisions on how to operate. Valves with this type of programming are able to make operating choices without being connected to a central control circuit.

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