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  • Improve Energy Efficiency with Lubrication

    Did you know that changing the kind of lubrication used with a speed reducer or gearbox can actually have a significant influence on the amount of energy consumed by your factory each year? According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), about 70 percent of the energy consumed each year in the United States comes from electrical motors inside factories and other facilities across the United States. This is a huge amount of energy use that is a necessary part of the world today, but can also be a strain...

  • Worm Gears Vital to Car Steering Systems

    I was taught to use the proper 10-2 grip in my drivers training course. It's supposedly safer and sets you up for the hand-over-hand turn. Over the years my learned 10-2 grip deteriorated into a one handed 7 grip while my other hand rests somewhere to my right. There are many ways to handle a steering wheel. Race car drivers supposedly use an 11-1 grip and some of my friends use the one handed gangster 12 O'clock grip. Some vehicle safety experts even say a 9-3 is now the safest...

  • Worm Gear Reducers: The Important Considerations

    Regardless of the industry you hail from or the type of application you need to purchase a product for, there is one thing that every industrial product buyer needs to know; details. When it comes to industrial systems, a lack of knowledge could result in faulty operation or even seriously damaging a machine. There is no room for guess work when it comes to the internal organs of a machine, no matter what size it is or what it does. Speaking of size, that is one of the details that...

  • Record Monthly Order Booking Attained

    By: Chris Popp Director of Sales and Marketing DieQua Corporation July 2014 resulted in a significant event for DieQua Corporation as they booked a record amount of business within a single month. While certainly fulfilling it wasn’t exactly surprising. With business growth and year to year inflationary trends, old sales records are expected to fall. However, what is interesting is the types of products that are leading the way. In the motion control industry worm gears have been far behind other gear technologies, such as planetary gears, in usage and...

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Worm Gear Reducers

Worm gear reducers are right angle speed reducers used in applications involving low horsepower. Worm gear reducers maintain high gear ratios, high shock tolerance and compact design.

A subcategory of speed reducers, worm gear speed reducers involve a major speed reducing configuration called right angle as well as being well known in the farming, automotive and manufacturing industries. The major parts of this gear box involve a helical gear, which has shallow teeth that are cut diagonally. Helical gears are known for their smooth and quiet operation, and when they are a part of the worm gear reducer they are the output gears, or the gears connected to the engine. A worm gear is another significant part in the worm gear reducer system, the input gear that is shaped like a screw with diagonal cuts like the helical gear, which is why they are often paired together. The two gears are able to convert a high speed and low torque input into the opposite; a high torque level with low speed. It is a small and sleek gear box, which means it is less expensive then other gear boxes and also has impressive shock absorption.

Worm gear speed reducers are utilized by a wide variety of industries, such as the materials handling, automotive, aerospace, recreational, construction, food and beverage processing, oil and gas and textile industries. Worm gear speed reducers are used in many applications, including automation equipment, conveyors, compressors, printing presses, pumps, generators and robotics applications. They are also commonly used for packaging and special machinery. Re-manufactured worm gear reducers are commonly sold by manufacturers. While these often come at greatly reduced costs, they often lack a warranty. When selecting a worm gear reducer, consider the gear ratio, efficiency requirements, mechanical rating and thermal rating. One downside to using a work gear reducer is that it does not stay efficient as long as other gear boxes due to its size, although because it is a cheaper option, replacing it is not difficult. They also tend to lock-up when put into reverse, because of the shallow diagonal cut of the worm gear. It causes a friction that keeps the gears from moving. This is a characteristic desired by conveyor belt manufacturers.

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