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    Speed reducers are devices that are found between the motor and the machine that it powers to decrease the speed of the power that is transmitted. There are many different kinds such as cyclo reducers, gear drives, gear reducers, inline gear reducers, planetary gearboxes, gear boxes, right angle gear boxes, worm gear reducers and several others. Each of these types comes with its own unique application as well as different load and torque capacities for the amount of work it can handle. These are commonly found on the input shaft...

  • Building Your Manufacturer Website

    Building a website for your company, whether you are a speed reducer manufacturer, a conveyor belt supplier or a gasket wholesaler, is the key to success during this technological day and age. As newspaper and magazine advertisements decrease in popularity because the mediums themselves are not as popular as they once were, manufacturers must either turn to television or the internet to get their names and products out there. However, since television is an expensive medium, and high quality commercials are demanded, the easiest way for a manufacturer of specific...

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    The couple times that I have been to the circus I have not seen one of the most classic acts in circus history, since it is considered too dangerous for just anyone to attempt. The taming of a lion or tiger seems pretty exciting, although there is also an element of animal abuse that one would have to battle with in order to enjoy the show. Viewing one thing tame another is fascinating, particularly when the thing being tamed is as wild and unpredictable as a tiger. However, there are...

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    For the fair weather soccer fans that can only get up for the game when its time for the World Cup (as long as the US is in it), the quadrennial event now taking place in Brazil is top of mind. But for those involved in the sales of R+W Couplings, this also marks the time for the International Sales Meeting in Germany. As DieQua’s Director of Sales and Marketing, I traveled to the June 12-14 conference. Seehotel Resort, Niedernberg, Germany Held every 4 years, this one for the...

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Cyclo Reducers

Cyclo reducers are mechanisms used for reducing the speed of an input shaft by a certain ratio through use of rolling elements. Cyclo reducers—which is short for cycloidal reducers—are a variation of speed reducers that are designed to lower motor speed through an increase in torque and a decrease in output speed.

Cyclo reducers gain their effectiveness through use of a round disc that rotates off center, slowing the input speed and bringing it down to a more manageable level, useful or necessary for components that receive the output. These mechanisms are generally identified by the ratio of the input speed to the output speed called the reduction ratio. Cyclo reducers are capable of providing high reduction ratios with high accuracy while remaining a compact size; they are generally ineffective at achieving ratios below 50:1, a ratio other devices such as shaft mounted speed reducers cannot reach in a single stage. They are constructed out of and housed in heavy duty steel or other strong metals, such as aluminum or cast iron. Cyclo reducers are used within material handling, automotive, aerospace, recreational, construction, food and beverage processing, oil and gas and textile industries. They assist in automation equipment, conveyors, presses, pumps, generators and robotics and are frequently used in boats with propellers.

A cyclo reducer is made up of an input shaft, an eccentrically mounted bearing, a cycloidal disc, ring pins, output rollers and an output shaft. The input shaft drives the bearing that turns the disc. Because it is mounted eccentrically, the disc does not rotate around a single center point but rotates off center, closer to some ring pins than others. Output rollers fit through holes that are slightly larger in diameter than the rollers in order to achieve a steady rotation of the output shaft from the wobbling movement of the disc. The lobes around the disk's edge correspond with the ring pins that are attached to the chassis except that there is one more pin than there are lobes; this causes the cycloidal disc to rotate around the bearing faster than the rotation of the input shaft and in the opposite direction. The ratio of the input speed to the reduced output speed is equal to the number of ring gear pins minus the number of lobes on the cycloidal disc divided by the number of lobes on the disc, written in a formula as R=(P-L)/L. Cyclo reducers are similar to other speed reducing mechanisms such as gear drives and reduction gears except that unlike many others, the input and output shafts cannot be reversed because the disc will not rotate correctly.

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