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When DieQua Corporation was established in 1980 we offered a single product line. We have now expanded our business to include an unparalleled variety of gearboxes, speed reducers, and connecting components. Our top priority is to offer premium quality products that deliver reliable performance with unique designs. We strive to always obtain the latest innovative technology in the industries we serve. We manufacture and assemble most of the products we offer, allowing flexibility for delivery as well as prototyping. Our expert team can help you find the right product for your application. Our full line includes gearboxes, gearheads, speed reducers, shaft couplings, torque limiters, and line shafts in varying designs. We offer the widest range of these products from a single source. Each product has features, benefits, and multiple options integrated to maximize design versatility. All of our products have reliable and strong housings. Whether you are looking for greater torque in smaller sizes, higher efficiency with a gear motor, or a gearhead that allows for ultimate precision motion control, we can help find the perfect solution for you. Our dedicated team utilizes the consultative approach. We have a vast network of representatives to provide localized personal service to our customers. We value partnering with our clients to ensure your satisfaction. We diligently train our staff to listen to your needs and to have the knowledge to provide you with the best design for your application. At our facility in Bloomingdale, IL we offer repairs. We are your dependable choice for on time delivery and technical support.

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DieQua Corporation Launches PHCH Inline Planetary Reducer

DieQua Corporation Launches: The PHCH Inline Planetary Reducer, designed specifically for demanding Packaging Machinery Applications....

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ZE Series Announcement

ZE, short for Zimm Evolution, represents the latest upgrade to DieQua's dynamic and proven screw jack platform...

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Operate In High Temperature Environment

Customers often call saying they need a gearbox but tell us the application is secret. Its understandable that privacy can be a concern. But its equally important that your supplier really knows what is going on....

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Most Used Engineering Terms

DieQua lists the key engineering terms to know....

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DieQua Corporation Turns 35 Years Old

In February 2015 the DieQua Corporation turned 35 years old. Read more about their history here!...

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Reduce Down Time with Torque Limiters

Learn how you can reduce down time with torque limiters....

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Servos Get Up To Speed

Check out DieQua Corporation’s application of the month. Read about how their bevel gearhead provided a great solution for one of their customers....

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Varvel - Servo Worm Reducers

DieQua now offers a right angle gearhead for use with small NEMA 23 & 24 metric servo and stepper motors. Read about the product here!...

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