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  • Types of Gear Materials

    As most people know, gearboxes are designed to increase the output torque or speed of a motor. The shaft of the motor attaches to the gearbox and creates a specific output speed and torque that is pre-determined by the gear ratio. An angle gear box is simply a gearbox created on an angle, to help save space and achieve a variety of speed and torque reduction processes that are impossible with other gear shapes. Generally, an angle gear box can be made from a variety of materials. Most gearboxes uses...

  • 3 Reasons to Choose Angle Gear Boxes

    All gear boxes are not created equal. Some gear boxes are designed to work with a select type and size of engine only, while others are designed for more versatile use. One of the most versatile types of gear boxes is the angle gear box. An angle gear box is unique because it has a different shape from a traditional gear box. It also offers unique advantages over other kinds of gear boxes. Most angle gears are equipped with right hand worm gears for ease of use. The load capacity...

  • Shaft-Mounted Conveyor Drivers

    If you've ever been inside an airport, then chances are you've seen and probably have used a moving sidewalk. Most airports have these to regulate the flow of foot traffic and aid passengers who must carry heavy luggage a considerable distance. Airports are probably the most common place to find these people conveyors but many malls, zoos and museums have them as well. Moving sidewalks are only a small genre of the overall conveyor category (if they can even be technically considered a conveyor). Conveyors are mainly used in material...

  • The Highly Efficient Right Angle Gear Boxes

    Sometimes, positioning makes all the difference in the world. How a thing is assembled can affect a plethora of factors, specific points depending on what type of product is being discussed and how it is being used in an industrial, residential or commercial context. Often we as individuals, as well as company owners in industrial and commercial arenas, do not care how it works as long as it does so efficiently. This is why the right angle gear box, which is a type of speed reducer used in a variety...

  • Varvel - Servo Worm Reducers

    DieQua now offers an economical right angle gearhead for use with small NEMA 23 & 34 and similar small metric servo and stepper motors. These reducers are most appropriate for basic motion and speed profile applications where cost is a major consideration.   The Coupling Is The Thing 1. Eliminates fretting corrosion common in quill mount. 2. Provides a near-zero backlash motor-to-reducer connection. 3. Reduces efficiency losses due to motor mounting misalignment. 4. Eliminates key/keyway wear in reversing...

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Right Angle Gear Boxes

Right angle gear boxes contain input shafts that are positioned perpendicularly to the output shafts. Right angle gear boxes, also referred to as right angle speed reducers, have up to 98 percent efficiency levels and are common in printing presses and glass cutting equipment.

Right angle gear boxes are just one subcategory of a vital piece of machinery. The gearbox, also known as a speed reducer or simple transmission, is what processes the energy from the engine to actually set in motion the parts of the machine, such as the blade or drill of a tool or the wheels of a vehicle. Two or more gears must be present and active to make this process work, and the two most important gears are the input and output gears. The input gear is attached to the engine itself, therefore dealing with the raw energy it puts out. The output gear is sometimes attached directly to the input gear and sometimes has other gears in between, depending on the gear reducer system. Either way, it is always attached to the part of the machine that will be moving. Right angle gear boxes are special because of the way they are set up, with the input gear attached to the output gear perpendicularly. Often made from steel, these gears also have a protective covering.

Right angle gear boxes have such high efficiency levels that they are therefore utilized by a wide variety of industries. Some of these industries include materials handling, automotive, aerospace, recreational, construction, food and beverage processing, oil and gas and textiles. Right angle gear boxes are used in a variety of applications, including use in automation equipment, conveyors, compressors, printing presses, pumps, compressors, generators and robotics. Remanufactured right angle gear boxes are commonly sold by manufacturers. These gear boxes often come at greatly reduced costs but may lack a warranty. When selecting a gear box, consider the gear ratio, efficiency requirements, mechanical rating, and thermal rating. The gear ratio is defined by the number of teeth in both of the gears involved in the process, and how much work the input gear must do before affecting the output gear. This ratio is how the gear box system is able to slow down the energy output of an engine while retaining or multiplying the amount of force put forth.

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