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  • Adamsville, TN

    We are committed to excellence, committed to value, committed to you, our valued customer. We have qualified staff working hard in order to bring you the best values available by providing only the most technologically advanced products available on the market today. We will turn your drawings or sample product description into the idea you have been just waiting to start. We have friendly customer service representatives standing by in order to answer any question you may have. Call today!

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  • Wallingford, CT

    If you have been looking for excellent quality wire cloth at a competitive price? We have what you have been looking for. Our exceptionally trained employees will provide for you only the greatest values to you bringing the most innovative products available. We are committed to providing an efficient and enjoyable shopping experience for you the customer. Our friendly customer service representatives are standing by to answer any question you may have.

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  • Morrisville, PA

    We are the premier wire cloth company. We have been serving the industry for over 30 years and make it a point to provide only high quality products that are coupled with outstanding customer service. Our philosophy is to offer only the finest wire cloth products and services to both future and current customers alike. Call us today for more information or visit our website to see our products and services for yourself.

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  • Clifton, NJ

    At Newark Wire Cloth Company, we know wire cloth. We use that knowledge every day to fabricate products such as strainers and filters that are nothing short of top quality. For over 100 years, we have faithfully been providing these wire cloth products for industries spanning from aerospace to chemical to automotive. Our team of experts are always available to answer any further inquiries. Call or visit our website today!

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  • Tampa, FL

    McNichols Co. is an on-line supplier of industrial products. We stock both perforated metal and plastic products, bar gratings, wire cloth, wire cloth screens, wire mesh, grip struts, expanded metal, fiberglass gratings and floorings and more.

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  • Lancaster, PA

    Hoyt Wire Cloth is a family-owned business that has been serving a variety of markets for over 50 years. We have experience producing wire cloth for industries such as coal, landscaping, concrete, gravel & sand, and more. Our line of wire mesh products includes self-cleaning screens, perforated plate, screening accessories, and more. If you have a design in mind call us and will manufacture what you need. To get started with Hoyt, call us or visit our website.

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Universal Wire Cloth Co.: Finest Wire Cloth Products and Service Available

Wire Cloth Universal Wire Cloth Company has been serving the wire cloth industry for over 30 years. Starting in 1976, we are a family owned business that produces the best wire cloth products available. We have one of the largest inventories in the country and we specialize in fast delivery times at a cost-efficient price. We supply OEM's with replacement screen and offer private labeling for our customers. With most of our equipment custom built to perform accurately we are able to produce a high-quality, consistent product to meet our... Read More

Langley Wire Cloth Products, Inc: Wire Cloth and Perforated Metal

Wire Cloth Langley Wire Cloth Products, Inc. is an ISO 9001:200 Certified manufacturer of wire cloth and perforated metal. Located in Collierville, Tennessee, our company has a specific focus on strainers and filters and is known for being a dependable source in the wire cloth industry. Read more...... Read More

Weaving Around: 6 Types of Wire Mesh Weaves

Woven wire mesh is a kind of wire mesh that is woven together just like cloth. This form of wire mesh usually has a tighter weave than welded wire mesh and it also retains a higher level of flexibility. Depending on the woven wire mesh weave pattern, wire mesh can be lighter or heavier than welded mesh. Typically, there are about six different patterns used in woven meshes. These patterns have their own strengths and specific applications where they are best suited. Plain weave: The plain weave is the simplest... Read More

Designing with Wire Cloth

There are a variety of different ways to use a wire cloth. Common industrial uses are for sorting machinery or draining pulp; common residential uses are ones such as fireplace guards or even kitchen cabinets. But there is one hidden feature when using wire cloth the ability to design. Typically, wire cloth is commonly seen as some wires running a few different directions and it is not the most striking design, but the potential for creating something with the wires is astounding. Large sculptures, the outsides of skyscrapers, and more... Read More

5 Unique Uses for Wire Cloth

Wire cloth is a cool hybrid between fabric and wire. The cloth is actually not a cloth at all, because it is made entirely from metal wires or tiny threads. The smaller the strands of wires used to weave the cloth, the more flowing and flexible the finished product will be. Wire cloth is woven together just like real cloth, and wire looms look very similar to cloth looms. Wire cloth is often the material of choice for more delicate industrial applications, such as filtering or straining, but there are... Read More

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Wire Cloth

The term “wire cloth” refers to metal wires that are weaved in an interlocking pattern with evenly spaced and uniform openings. Also known as screen cloth or wire mesh, wire cloth is made in rolls on a loom. The purposes of this material most often include structuring, protecting, filtering and straining, and some of the industries in which it may serve one or more of these purposes include: food and beverage processing, fencing and border creation, architecture, construction, appliance manufacturing and material handling. Within these industries, wire cloth serves a variety of applications, which include but are not limited to: tea strainers and food strainers, chicken wire and other fencing for livestock, humane animal traps, mosquito netting and wire window screens that prevent the entrance of other insects and debris, vandal screens, RF (radio frequency) radiation shields in microwaves, park bench production and waste baskets. In addition, a type of wire cloth called hardware cloth is used in a variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications. These include: draining pulp or other mixtures, determining the particle sizes of a material, use with sifting and sorting machinery, use as window screens in buildings and HVAC installations and decorative use as fireplace guards or in kitchen cabinetry.

Wire cloth can be manufactured from virtually any metal or metal alloy that can be draw into a wire, most frequently including aluminum, copper, magnetic alloys, nickel, steel and stainless steel. In addition, if and when an application calls for it, manufacturers will galvanize the metal material they use. This is because galvanized wire mesh is better protected from the elements than ungalvanized wire mesh. Using whatever metal material wires they have chosen, manufacturers complete the wire cloth fabrication process by weaving these wires into patterns that are known as weave types. The three weave types that are most often chosen for this are: plain woven, twill woven and Dutch woven. The plain woven weave type is very simple and traditional; its wires are woven together using a traditional over/under technique at 90 degree angles. The twill woven weave type, on the other hand, is more complex. It requires that wires running lengthwise and wires running crosswise go over and under one another in pairs of two. Finally, the Dutch woven weave type, not to be confused with the Dutch plain woven type, involves crisscrossing wires that have different weights. Typically, the wires that run lengthwise are heavier than the wires that run crosswise. Other than this, the Dutch woven weave type is the same as the plain woven weave type in that they both use an over/under pattern.

Wire cloth weave type, along with other factors such as mesh count (the open area between wires), determine the application for which a piece of wire cloth will be used. Note that, the larger mesh size, the smaller the opening in between the weave of the crosswise wire. Sometimes, mesh count can be used to determine the size of material particles, because the size of the particles can be judged against the size of the wire cloth openings. In the same way that mesh count and weave type help determine the application for a piece of wire cloth, the way in which a piece of wire cloth is made is largely determined by its intended usage and the specifics of the requirements of strength and durability that go along with that intended usage. For example, in the food service industry, a wire cloth product must be made of a sterile material, or a material that is easily cleaned. In addition, all applications require that the wire cloth be made of material(s) that allow it to withstand those elements with which it will come in contact. Elements such as these may include: extremely high temperatures, extremely low temperatures, abrasive or chemical substances and moisture and other corrosion-causing elements.

Find out more about how wire cloth can benefit your application by reaching out to an experienced wire cloth manufacturer today. A good manufacturer will not only offer wire cloth in different weave types, materials and mesh counts, but also different shapes. Different shapes are particularly useful for use with application in which the cloth must allow goods to be seen while preventing unauthorized access to them. Common shapes for applications like these include simple squares, simple rectangles and hexagons (chicken wire). Some of the best manufacturers you can find are listed on this page. To find out more out about these manufacturers, browse their respective websites and reach out to one or more of them today.

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