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  • The Importance of Prototype Filter Material

    One of the most important decisions you can make in the development of a prototype is what kind of filtering system to use if the prototype requires a filter of any kind. Many prototypes for food processing equipment, chemical processing, biotechnology, and simple mining prototypes require the use of metal filtration materials such as diamond mesh wire. The selection of filtering wire can make a big difference in the final performance of your prototype. It could mean the difference between a successful prototype and a failed prototype. Use these handy...

  • The Many Uses for Diamond Mesh

    Diamond mesh gets its name from the shape of the mesh weave rather than from the materials used to create the metal. Diamond mesh can be made from a variety of metals, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and steel alloys, but is commonly made from stainless steel because of the durability and resistance to corrosion. The diamond pattern is created by linking several metal wires together to create a diamond-shaped pattern. This mesh pattern provides a high level of strength at a low cost. In many cases, diamond-shaped mesh is...

  • Marine Applications for Diamond Mesh Screens

    Heavy gauge diamond mesh screens are tough metal screens that have uses in many different industries. Using a heavy gauge metal improves the durability of the screen and extends the usage life of the screen. Industries use heavy gauge diamond mesh screens for tasks like filtration, radiation screening, moisture removal, and much more. In the marine industry, stainless versions of diamond mesh screens provide a variety of uses around the water. Specifically, heavy duty screens provide uses in fish farming, barrier production, and water-based fencing. Below is a list of...

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Diamond Mesh

Diamond mesh is a type of metal wire mesh that is usually woven to form what is commonly known as chain link fencing. It is a relatively inexpensive method of creating a partition, and offers strength, durability and flexibility. Also called rhombic wire mesh because of the shape of its gauges, diamond mesh is constructed out of linear wires that are linked together and form a series of diamond-shaped holes.

Diamond mesh can be used anywhere—from confining sports areas like baseball fields and tennis courts to containing industrial work areas and construction zones, this fencing is extremely common and widely-used. It is found around swimming pools, parking lots of all sorts, school playgrounds to keep children from leaving the campus, airports, highways, river banks and residences. Diamond mesh fencing is mostly used for privacy and safety, and to keep individuals away from dangerous areas. Livestock and animals are often fenced in by diamond wire mesh because it is able to keep predators out and animals in, without hurting them if they try and get out due to the flexibility of the diamond pattern. Diamond mesh is also used to cover windows. It prevents trespassing and protects the window from breaking, without sacrificing visibility.

There are many benefits to using diamond wire mesh as fencing. It is springy and flexible, won’t sag or roll, and yet is still considered very strong and durable. Wires made of iron, stainless steel, aluminum, or carbon are vertically woven and bent into a zigzag pattern, where each wire is linked to another, forming the diamond pattern. They are rarely if ever welded, but woven by hand, a manual machine or a fully automated weaving system. The wires are often galvanized, giving the metal material added strength and resistance to outdoor elements. After the mesh is woven, it is often dipped in molten zinc, which provides superior rust resistance. Some diamond mesh is coated in PVC (polyvinyl chloride), giving the fencing a smooth finish, many color options and a protective coating. The PVC is thermally fused or bonded with the metal wires through a hot dipping process. Fencing coated in thermoplastic material is by far the most costly, but is also very temperature, moisture and rust resistant in any climate, and can be any color. Diamond mesh is always sold in sheets or rolls. After metal poles have been embedded into the ground, the mesh is secured to them by fasteners, creating a partition that may be several stories high if necessary.

Diamond Mesh
Diamond Mesh
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