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  • Testing Mesh Filters

    Wire mesh filter screens are a type of metal filter that is woven together like a cloth, but the machines weave together wires instead. In most cases, the mesh pattern is a twill Dutch weave or a straight Dutch weave. The Dutch weave creates a pattern with wires close together, which is ideal for filtering out small particles, even down to the size of microns. Generally, twill Dutch weave has a lower flow rate and smaller particles can travel through the mesh than with a standard Dutch weave. Since these...

  • Filter Screens for Computer Privacy

    Companies that use a large number of computers to work on sensitive and personal data will love the filter screens created for computers and other electronics. A privacy screen is a filter that protects the screen from the view of passersby in the room with the computer. This is useful for protecting customer data, sensitive information, and confidential files in a variety of commercial, industrial, and business settings. The main purpose of the filters is to protect confidential information from unauthorized users. However, the filter screens also protect the surface...

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Filter Screens

A filter screen is a kind of wire screen, which is a partially open but protective barrier made of woven or welded wire, used to remove or block materials, living creatures or objects from entering or exiting the space. While wire screens in general filter gas, air and liquids, a filter screen is a woven wire mesh cloth made specifically and exclusively for use in liquid filtration systems.

To serve the various filtration applications for which they are commissioned, filter screens typically have very small gauges that allow to them to effectively stop unwanted debris, media and other contaminants from polluting pure or clean liquids. Most often, filter screens are used in industries such as agriculture, food and beverage, mining, oil and petrochemical, pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing and wastewater and water purification. Filter screens are made from very fine metal wires, and though manufacturers have the option of making them from a myriad of metal types, they most often make them from aluminum or stainless steel, each which are valued for different reasons. First, aluminum is very light and highly durable. Second, stainless steel is also highly durable, but unlike aluminum, it is also has a smooth and highly resistant finish. To create the very fine metal wires used in filter screen fabrication, manufacturers must first wires through the drawing process. The drawing process is a process during which wires are forced through progressively smaller dies, until they their diameter has been sufficiently decreased. This can be done until the wires are ultra thin.

The average filter screen is simple in design, woven with a square weave pattern. To achieve this pattern, manufacturers place sets of perpendicular wires on a rectangular solid metal frame, which acts like a loom. Then, they lace, or weave, them into each other using an evenly spaced over and under pattern. In doing so, manufacturers create a wire cloth that is tight and durable with a fine gauge that will catch even the smallest particles, while letting water and other liquids pass through. Note that a filter screen is not welded at its cross points because its pattern is too fine to be welded. After it has been woven, manufacturers galvanize the filter screen in order to increase both its durability and its rust resistance. During the process of galvanization, the filter screen, which is has been produced as a large sheet or roll, is hot dipped in molten zinc. This increases, enhances and strengthens the durability and corrosion, rust and other resistance properties of the filter screen. Once it has dried, the galvanized filter screen also will not become oxidized, even when exposed to moisture for long periods of time.

Though simple, the design of the filter screen allows it to filter and purify all sorts of liquids, including alcoholic beverages, juices, potable water, irrigation water and oil. Furthermore, the filter screen, which may be virtually any size, can work within filtration systems of all kinds. One of the places a filter screen is most commonly found is within faucets, where it presents itself as a small, round piece of woven wire mesh. Situated at the opening of a faucet, a filter screen can catch any dirt or debris that managed it make its way through the drinking water system. Regardless of the application for which it is used, a filter screen product is made to last a long time. It does not readily rust, wear out, unravel or succumb to the detrimental influences of extreme temperatures, impact and other outside influences. If and when a filter screen does become unusable, it is easy and expensive to replace. Filter screens are reusable, and so as long as they are well cared for, they should last a long time. Treat your filter screens well by routinely cleaning them out. Another reason that filter screens should be often cleaned is that, as they are continuously used, the particles and other contaminants that they block tend to build up behind them quite thickly.

Learn more about filter screens and get tips for filter screen care by connecting with a reputable filter screen manufacturer with whom you can discuss your specifications. Find the very best filter screen manufacturers by visiting the top portion of this page, where we have listed the contact information and linked the respective websites of several wire screen manufacturers with whom we partner. Any one of them will be able to expertly guide you through the process of selecting the right filter screen for you.

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