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  • Custom Wire Filters

    A screen wire filter is a special type of filter made from wire mesh. Wire mesh is made from thin, flexible strands of metal woven together much like a cloth. The wire mesh is then used to filter out various materials and contaminants in day to day manufacturing. Screen wire filter manufacturing companies offer a variety of customized screen filter options for customers. A customized screen allows a level of precision and filtration that is impossible with standard wire filter sizes and weaves. Most wire filter companies allow customization of...

  • 5 Places to Use Wire Screen

    Wire screen is a form of screening made from wires. Some wire screen is created by welding different thin strips or wires of metal together, while other screen is actually woven together like cloth. Usually, the larger opening screens are welded, while the smaller opening screens are woven. The industrial world has literally thousands of uses for wire screens of all kinds. Without wire screens, many of the industrial processes used today could not be preformed. Some of the most common uses for wire screening are outlined below: Sifting: One...

  • Screen Cloth Metals

    Screen cloth is a useful form of wire mesh that is, appropriately enough, used to make metal screens. The metal screens have a variety of uses, some of which include straining or sifting materials, protecting containers and machines from unwanted contaminants, guards to keep insects and rodents away, and even fences for smaller animals. Because of the widely different uses for the material, there are actually many different metals that are used to create screen cloth. Some materials are better suited to particular uses of the screen than others, so...

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Screen Cloth

Filter cloth, or screen cloth, is a type of wire mesh used for filtration and straining. A wide range of weave styles are possible, and these are used depending on their suitability to different applications. The most commonly found are plain woven, twill woven or Dutch woven wire mesh. Most basic filtering applications will use a simple square mesh such as plain woven; this is the most commonly manufactured type of screen cloth.

Also known as wire cloth, screen cloth can be manufactured with different diameters of wire and with weave openings determined by the specifications of the intended application and can being used for filtering very fine substances as well as heavy duty screens able to bear large loads. Metal filter screens are typically used for separating solids from each other according to particle size and for clear filtration of liquids and slurries. Industries such as chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, water purification, refrigeration, metalworking, gas separation, the automotive and aerospace make wide use of hardware cloth, as do many other industrial sectors. Different types of screens constructed using screen cloth include shaker or vibrating screens for sifting and sizing, baskets, liners and separator rings. There are a number of variables to decide upon in the manufacturing of wire cloth such as mesh count, wire diameter of both warp and weft wires and weave style. Mesh count refers to the size of the openings in the weave, the higher the mesh count of a certain cloth, the smaller the opening, allowing the mesh to be used to filter fine materials. Wire diameter and weave style will also affect the straining quality of a wire screen.

Twilled Dutch weaves are a common choice for filter/screen cloths as they offer greater strength and can filter extremely fine materials due to the complexity of the weave and its ability to create small openings. Material choice is another factor that will be determined based on the usage of the screen. Metals are chosen based on their resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and heat. For applications such as food processing or pharmaceutical, stainless steel will be used to construct the wires as it is corrosion resistant and easily cleaned, allowing for sterile processing. Aluminum will be used in lightweight filtering applications while brass, copper, bronze and steel can all be used for more robust purposes. Metal filter cloths do not typically deteriorate during filtering and so are a long lasting process component.

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