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  • Gainesville, FL

    Fabco-Air is a manufacturer of air cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, rodless cylinders and twin rod air cylinders. We have standard air cylinders as well as an array of cylinder options. Fabco-Air provides high-quality products, competitive pricing and quick delivery. Call us today!

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  • Strongsville, OH

    With an average of 40 years experience, Cylinders & Valves, Inc. can provide you with the industry specific solutions that you need. Our products perform! No short-cuts are taken in producing a complete line of serviceable/repairable stainless steel cylinders & valves that give you top performance cycle after cycle, day after day. Visit our website where you'll find a list of our products.

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  • Hamel, MN

    Tolomatic air cylinders are built with Endurance Technology for long-lasting performance. Tolomatic manufactures the widest selection of rodless pneumatic air cylinders in band, cable, and magnetically coupled space-saving designs. Find out more, visit our website or call and speak with a representative today!

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  • Logansport, IN

    LMC Workholding's reputation for quality engineering is best known in the metalworking industry. Product offering of rotating air cylinders and pneumatic air cylinders: hydraulic thru-hole rotating cylinders with trapping valves or solid center cylinders plus pneumatic solid center with thru hole. Contact LMC today!

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  • Cudahy, WI

    Milwaukee Cylinder is a leader and innovator in the hydraulic and pneumatic actuation field. We are a recognized supplier of highly engineered cylinder solutions. We use the highest quality materials to exceed all customer application requirements. "Specials" are our standard at Milwaukee Cylinder.

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  • Bolton, ON

    Developed in 1980, Multicyl’s patented air over oil press brand cylinders are well-suited for applications in metalworking especially hole punching. Our strengths are in our ability to provide fully-equipped punching solutions. We also sell individual cylinders for specific applications. Our products include single and double acting cylinders. We currently sell products to more than 30 countries.

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The Operation of a Nail Gun

When decorating my new apartment, my father loaned me his nail gun to fix up an old bookshelf and hang all of my photos, paintings and curtains. The use of the nail gun greatly improved the time it took me to get all of this accomplished; it took half an hour instead of the two or so hours I spent when using a hammer the year before. Impressed beyond measure, I researched how a nail gun works, wanting to know what made it such an efficient tool. The answer was... Read More

Brass Cylinders: The Appropriate Material

An air cylinder is one type of industrial product that may be structured from a number of different materials. However, when a buyer is choosing an appropriate air cylinder for their system, they must be aware that certain materials are more appropriate for certain environments then others. Brass cylinders are a good example of this, as are stainless steel cylinders. Although both are excellent metals with many positive traits, they are not always used in the same contexts because their traits vary. Having a working knowledge of metallic substances can... Read More

The Ideal Outdoor Stainless Steel Cylinders

Different metals are chosen for different sorts of applications, based on their traits and what types of environments they are best suited for. Aluminum is know for being lightweight while retaining massive amounts of strength, which makes it ideal for projects that require lightness but support too. Brass is often used in heavy duty industrial contexts because of its corrosion resistance and ability to be well lubricated without it affecting its surface area negatively. For stainless steel, the positive characteristics are many, which is why it is such a popular... Read More

Precision Control for MicroBlasting

Precision Control for MicroBlasting                               As micro-abrasive blasting becomes more and more sophisticated, manufacturers are continuing to develop equipment for a wider range of intricate processes used in many industries. Some of those industries include medical, precision machining, aerospace, semiconductor and more.   micro blasting Micro blasting describes the process of delivering micron sized abrasives by means of compressed air or gas to the surface of an object. This process... Read More

New Clippard 9/16" Bore Stainless Steel Cylinders

Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. announces the new 9/16” bore stainless steel cylinder. Available in stud or universal mount, double, single or reverse acting, rotating or non-rotating rod, this new cylinder comes with standard stroke lengths up to 4“. This new cylinder comes complete with all the standard features found on Clippard’s other stainless steel cylinder sizes, including:   Polished I.D. stainless steel tubes   Precision rolled construction   Machined aluminum heads   Sintered bronze bushing   Ground, polished and roller... Read More

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Stainless Steel Cylinders

Stainless steel cylinders, in the context of air cylinders, are pneumatic tools that use the force of compressed air to move things. Air cylinders push, pull, lift and open or close doors in all kinds of contexts. They can also hold, remove and position materials or pieces for manufacturing processes, they are used in the braking systems of large trucks and they can be used to open large doors in loading docks.

Stainless steel cylinders vary widely in terms of their sizes and configurations. They can be single or double stroke, they can be equipped with rods or they can be rodless. The extensive variety of possible cylinder configurations is a response to the equally extensive variety of contexts in which they are employed. Stainless steel is used as a cylinder construction material because of its qualities of strength, durability and oxidation resistance. These qualities make it ideal for use in outdoor conditions or in the presence of moisture, some corrosive chemicals and variable temperatures. Stainless steel can be used to make reliable air brake cylinders for trucks, because stainless steel is less vulnerable to rusting than are other metal cylinder construction materials. Stainless steel is generally well-suited to heavy-duty applications because of its composition. 

Stainless steel cylinders, like all other cylinder varieties, can be configured in many ways. There are two main categories into which all cylinder varieties fall: single stroke and double stroke. A cylinder works by forcing the movement of a piston with compressed air. The compressed air enters the cylinder through an inlet. All cylinders have at least one inlet. When the piston must be moved back, the compressed air is released. In single stroke cylinders, a spring on the other side of the piston forces the piston back into place. In double stroke cylinders, another inlet on the other side of the piston allows a separate stream of compressed air into the cylinder, forcing the piston to move back to its original position. Stainless steel cylinders can be configured in both ways. In addition to stroke configuration, cylinder varieties can also differ from each other in terms of motion type. Rotary cylinders, for example, allow for rotational movement instead of lateral movement. Rodless cylinders often will make use of cables to move loads, which can save space. A stainless steel cylinder’s configuration depends entirely on the demands of its application.

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Stainless Steel Cylinders
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