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  • Gainesville, FL

    Fabco-Air is a manufacturer of air cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, rodless cylinders and twin rod air cylinders. We have standard air cylinders as well as an array of cylinder options. Fabco-Air provides high-quality products, competitive pricing and quick delivery. Call us today!

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  • Strongsville, OH

    It is our goal to offer the ultimate in value to our customers. We offer custom cylinders and values that can be modified to meet your requirements, whether it is double acting cylinders or something else! We can adapt any of our products for custom plating, mounting, and more! Contact our engineering team today to establish your custom products and get started today!

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  • Hamel, MN

    Tolomatic air cylinders are built with Endurance Technology for long-lasting performance. Tolomatic manufactures the widest selection of rodless pneumatic air cylinders in band, cable, and magnetically coupled space-saving designs. Find out more, visit our website or call and speak with a representative today!

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  • Logansport, IN

    LMC Workholding's reputation for quality engineering is best known in the metalworking industry. Product offering of rotating air cylinders and pneumatic air cylinders: hydraulic thru-hole rotating cylinders with trapping valves or solid center cylinders plus pneumatic solid center with thru hole. Contact LMC today!

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  • Cudahy, WI

    Milwaukee Cylinder is a leader and innovator in the hydraulic and pneumatic actuation field. We are a recognized supplier of highly engineered cylinder solutions. We use the highest quality materials to exceed all customer application requirements. "Specials" are our standard at Milwaukee Cylinder.

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  • Bolton, ON

    Developed in 1980, Multicyl’s patented air over oil press brand cylinders are well-suited for applications in metalworking especially hole punching. Our strengths are in our ability to provide fully-equipped punching solutions. We also sell individual cylinders for specific applications. Our products include single and double acting cylinders. We currently sell products to more than 30 countries.

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Two is Better than One: The Advantages of a Double Acting Cylinder

A double acting cylinder is actually used in more applications than a single acting cylinder. There are many reasons for this, dealing with the superiority of double protection and drive versus single. However, if you have the choice between a single and double acting cylinder, here are a few reasons why you should always choose the double cylinder: Extra fluid A double hydraulic cylinder obviously contains more fluid than a single cylinder. This makes it easier to operate machinery with a double cylinder, and also makes it easier to control... Read More

The Versatility of the Cable Cylinder

With the multiple types of cylinders available on the market, it's a wonder how any company decides which type of actuator they want to use in their mechanical processes. Though there are so many types of cylinders, the job of each and every one of them is to serve as a means of forcing air through a tube into a piece of machinery. When the air is forced through the cylinder, it pushes a piston along the track of the inside of the tube and that piston aids whatever machine... Read More

Twice the Fun with Double Acting Cylinders

When one thinks about industrial products, fun and interesting are not the first words that come to mind. However, there are products that are simple but fascinating, able to create energy from something as basic in existence as air. How can this not be intriguing, particularly when focusing on a certain style of product that is able to do twice as much as the original model? That is why double acting cylinders are twice as awesome as single acting cylinders or any other general air cylinder model. Although they are... Read More

Double Acting Cylinders: What Makes Rehabilitation Machines Move

Although air cylinder models like the double acting cylinder are not always utilized in rehabilitation machines for individuals who have experienced such devastating events as a stroke or various injuries in a car accident, they are utilized enough to be associated with the technologically advanced and incredibly important machines. The physical therapy done with rehabilitation equipment is vital to many patients' recoveries, allowing them to regain partial or full function of injured body parts and therefore gain confidence to reenter their lives after intense trauma. Rehabilitation machines do not only... Read More

Imagining a Use for Double Acting Cylinders

by Michael Shade, IQS Editor When I was in high school, I spent some time on the technical crews of a few of our theatre productions. At the beginning of my first year of classes there, a several-years-long renovation of the school's performing arts facilities was completed, which meant that suddenly we had access to a world-class theatre in which to perform. The theatre came complete with two balconies, a band pit elevator and a fly system that could compete with a lot of professional facilities. A fly system is... Read More

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Double Acting Cylinders

Double acting cylinders are bidirectional pneumatic linear actuators that utilize pressure differentials to convert compressed air energy into mechanical energy. The extension and retraction of a piston rod as a result of the introduction of varied amounts of compressed air into a closed cylinder system is the basic function of all air cylinders.

Unlike single acting cylinders, double action air cylinders offer powered motion in two directions rather than one. The increased mechanical capabilities of this type of cylinder allow its use in a number of industries for variable applications. Automotive, food processing and packaging, metal working, mining, construction, textile and forestry industries all utilize double action cylinder systems as actuators for valves, lift gates, hoists, machines, jacks, motors and doors. Because these mechanisms use only compressed air to open, close, push, pull and lift products and equipment, they provide an economical and environmentally friendly solution to many mechanical operations. Air cylinders operate with air pressures as low as a few PSI or as high as several hundred PSI. Additionally, several housing and body types such as tie rod, smooth body, pancake, rectangular, rotating and multiple bore are widely available. These standard and customized options ensure the easy installation and integration of double acting cylinders and their corresponding air sources into pre-existing workspaces.

Despite the many possible double acting air cylinder configurations, the basic construction and process remains relatively uniform. The cylinder itself is a round or rectangular tube-shaped device with both an air inlet and exhaust valve at each end. This cylinder houses one or more pistons with attached rods. A hole through which the piston rod is extended is also needed at one or both ends. Several seals are placed around the piston head and the airflow valves to ensure that air does not leak in, out or from one compartment to the other causing a loss of pressure and decreased functionality. When the cylinder is in use, compressed air is entered into one side of the cylinder. Working air acts alternately on both sides of the piston face or plunger. When air is entered into one portion it creates linear energy, moving the piston toward the opposite end, which in turn exhausts the opposing air. This extends the rod, allowing it to fulfill its mechanical purpose. The rod is retracted when air is forced into the opposite end of the cylinder and exhausted from the other. The degree of piston rod extension and retraction correlates with the amount of compressed air entered into the enclosed cylinder shaft. This length, known as the stroke, is one of the most important considerations when selecting the proper air cylinder for a given application. Additional considerations include the material construct of the cylinder and internal components, pressure range, bore size, mounting options and port size.

Double Acting Cylinders
Double Acting Cylinders
Double Acting Cylinders - Humphrey Products Company
Double Acting Cylinders - Humphrey Products Company