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  • Compressed Air Cylinders Defined

    When a thing is compressed, it is technically defined as something that is being pressed together tightly, to force that thing into less space then it would originally fit into. There are other ways the word can be used as well, such as a fluid being compressed into a solid state, or in a philosophical sense it can be used to describe certain emotional or mental states for human beings. Every word can be used in a multitude of ways, and compressed is no different. When paired with air and...

  • Rotary Cylinders: When One is Rod Free

    Although it is more common then not, all air cylinders are not designed with rods in place to do the moving. Rods restrain air cylinder movement to a lateral plane alone, while one rodless cylinder, the rotary model allows a more fluid movement to take place. Imitating the range of the human wrist in motion as well as precision, the rotary cylinder is used for automated tool handling in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, automotive, construction, metal working and electronics, all of which can use such a diverse...

  • Beyond Paintball: The World of Compressed Air Cylinders

    The first use that many people think of for compressed air cylinders is in paintball and other air-powered sports. Although paintball guns do use a compressed air cylinder to fire the paintballs, this is only one small use for compressed air cylinders. In fact, there are many industrial uses for a compressed air cylinder as well. Compressed air is beneficial because it can hold more air inside a container than non-compressed air. Compressing the air gives it a higher pressure that allows the user to direct the flow of air...

  • Compressed Air Cylinders Used More in Heavy-Duty Applications

    Compressed air cylinders, also known as pneumatic cylinders, are employed in a wide range building and automotive applications such as gates, doors, hatch motors, and jacks and hoists. Air cylinders are also heavily relied in the industrial sphere as actuators for lift gates, valves, machines, and hoists. Engineers often favor compressed air cylinders as they are more clean and quiet, and require less space for fluid storage than other actuators. Some other benefits of these cylinders include their excellent energy storage characteristics, reduced fire and electrical shock hazard, lightweight fluid...

Industry Information

Compressed Air Cylinders

Compressed air cylinders are pneumatic tools that use the force of compressed air to move things. Air cylinders are used in an extensive variety of contexts for many purposes. Large trucks are equipped with air cylinders as part of their air brake systems. They can be used to open and close large doors, move parts in equipment and facilitate the movement of many other kinds of objects in the contexts of industry, commerce and even in some consumer products contexts.

The automotive manufacturing and supply industries, food processing, electronics, mining, packaging and many other industries make use of air cylinders for the movement of products and in the operation of equipment. Air cylinders can be configured in many ways, and their configuration depends on their intended application. Standard, rod-equipped cylinders are among the simplest and most common cylinder varieties. They can be as large as 1,000 mm in diameter, or, as in the case of miniature air cylinders, as small as 2.5 mm in diameter. Rod-equipped cylinders allow lateral movement, but other configurations can also allow other kinds of movement; rotary cylinders, for example, allow for rotational movement.

Compressed air cylinders work by converting the potential energy of compressed gasses into mechanical energy. Every air cylinder features a cylinder, a piston and at least one inlet. Compressed air, when it is directed into the cylinder through the inlet, forces the piston to move. Valves control the flow of compressed air to the cylinder. The two basic types of compressed air cylinders are single acting and double acting. The single acting cylinder is able to perform an operating motion in only one direction. A single acting air cylinder has air pressure on one side of a piston flange, supplying force and motion, and a spring supplying the return force after pressure release. Single acting cylinders require approximately half the amount of air used by a double acting cylinder for a single operating cycle. A double acting pneumatic cylinder has powered motion in two directions, with pressure on both sides. When a cylinder is pushed out in one direction, compressed air moves it back in the other direction. Air lines running into both ends of the cylinder supply the compressed air. The flow of compressed air is controlled with valves for both single and double acting cylinders.

Compressed Air Cylinders
Compressed Air Cylinders
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Compressed Air Cylinders - Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc.

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