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  • Gainesville, FL

    Fabco-Air is a manufacturer of air cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, rodless cylinders and twin rod air cylinders. We have standard air cylinders as well as an array of cylinder options. Fabco-Air provides high-quality products, competitive pricing and quick delivery. Call us today!

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  • Strongsville, OH

    When it comes to compact air cylinders, ours are simply the best! That is because we manufacture our products with longevity and durability in mind. We want to build products that last, which is why we even offer repair services for all our customer’s values. You can trust us to provide you with old-fashioned values and customer service that will benefit you in many ways. Contact us today for more info!

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  • Logansport, IN

    LMC Workholding's reputation for quality engineering is best known in the metalworking industry. Product offering of rotating air cylinders and pneumatic air cylinders: hydraulic thru-hole rotating cylinders with trapping valves or solid center cylinders plus pneumatic solid center with thru hole. Contact LMC today!

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  • Cudahy, WI

    Milwaukee Cylinder is a leader and innovator in the hydraulic and pneumatic actuation field. We are a recognized supplier of highly engineered cylinder solutions. We use the highest quality materials to exceed all customer application requirements. "Specials" are our standard at Milwaukee Cylinder.

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  • Bolton, ON

    Developed in 1980, Multicyl’s patented air over oil press brand cylinders are well-suited for applications in metalworking especially hole punching. Our strengths are in our ability to provide fully-equipped punching solutions. We also sell individual cylinders for specific applications. Our products include single and double acting cylinders. We currently sell products to more than 30 countries.

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Running Automation Machines on a Budget

Regardless of how much money your company has to work with for the production of your automotive parts, medical instruments, construction mechanisms and other related industrial manufacturing, saving money is always a priority. There are certain industrial items that are able to make a significant difference for companies on a budget, particularly those utilizing automation to manufacture their products. A small version of air cylinders known as the compact cylinder, which is most efficient when it is designed as a rodless cylinder, is one such part. Because it is usually... Read More

Compact Cylinders for the Rugged Outdoors

One of the most classically masculine industries that still retains many of its old school clich s is the timber industry. Rugged mountain men wearing flannel and overalls, tramping through the forest with axes and chain saws may not be the modern picture of forestry workers, but the work is still extremely difficult and the machinery used to harvest timber is large and very hard-core. The forest is a demanding environment that requires the strongest sorts of men and women to work within its folds as well as the strongest... Read More

Compact Air Cylinders

There are a multitude of industrial applications for air cylinders. These pieces of equipment are, very simply, cylinders with compressed air inside them. In addition to the air in the cylinder, there is also a piston. Because the air is compressed, it pushes against the piston and the force of the air moves the piston back and forth. These air cylinders are ideal for situations where any kind of liquid leakage is unacceptable. Because the air is in a compressed gas form, there is no chance of leaking. Additionally, these... Read More

The Starts and Stops of Air Cylinders

by Breana Cronk, IQS Editor In nearly every old-timey Hollywood hit there is bound to be a dramatic scene depicting the picturesque steam engine train racing across the pristine landscape. Popular locomotive history is likewise riddled with praise for the steam engine, yet there are few mentions of its fireless companion: the air cylinder powered train. Maybe the name just is not quite as catchy. Names aside, pneumatic cylinders were popular in the locomotive world of the past. Far from a relic, however, air cylinders are in wide use today.... Read More

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Compact Cylinders

Find compact air cylinders manufacturers and compact air cylinders suppliers from IQS Directory. Refine your search below by location, company type and certification to find compact air cylinders manufacturers and suppliers. Use the time-saving Request for Quote tool to submit your inquiry to all the compact air cylinders companies you select.

Compact cylinders are precision pneumatic actuators built to maximize productivity within a limited amount of space. Like all air cylinders, these mechanisms utilize pressure differentials in order to convert compressed air energy into mechanical energy. This energy is put to work in a number of industrial and commercial applications. Automotive, building, construction, food processing and packaging, metal working, mining, construction, textile and forestry industries all utilize compact cylinders as actuators for valves, lift gates, hoists, machines, jacks, motors, doors and equipment components. Because these mechanisms use only compressed air to open, close, push, pull and lift variable loads, they provide an economic and environmentally friendly solution to many mechanical operations. Compact cylinders provide even further benefits as they are often as much as 60% smaller than comparable traditional alternatives and are therefore easily integrated into pre-existing workspaces or areas where space is at a premium. The significantly smaller size corresponds to the stroke of the cylinder. Stroke is a measure of the difference in length between fully extended and fully retracted piston positions. Smaller strokes also result in increased speed and efficiency as the pistons travel a shorter distance. As this is such an influential measure, compact actuators are sometimes referred to as “short stroke cylinders.”

While many compact cylinder models use traditional single acting and double acting cylinder designs, the majority are rodless cylinders. While traditional compacts are just miniaturized, rodless designs reduce size without decreasing capabilities by simply eliminating the need for room to fully extend the piston rod beyond the length of the shaft. Rack and pinion or cable cylinders are among the most common types of compact actuators. Both types have circular or rectangular cylinder with an air valve, for inlet and exhaust, located at one or both ends. In a rack and pinion system, this shaft houses two pistons. A toothed rack and pinion are located between these pistons. When air is introduced into either end of the closed cylinder, the corresponding piston pushes the rack in the opposite direction. The pinion rolls along the rack creating rotation. This movement is transferred from the pinion to a connected shaft that protrudes from the shaft and connects to the tooling or load. Four piston rack and pinion cylinders are available and function in the same manner but are cube shaped. Alternatively, cable cylinders operate with a pulley system. A cable is connected to the central piston and extends out one end of the shaft where it winds around two or more pulleys before circling around through the other endcap. A carriage, to which the intended load is attached, is located in a fixed position on the exterior portion of the cable. Compressed air forced into the cylinder moves the piston which in turn rotates the cable. As capabilities differ significantly, it is important to carefully compare compact cylinder capabilities to the requirements of a specific application.

Compact Air Cylinders
Compact Air Cylinders
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Compact Air Cylinders - PHD, Inc.