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  • Rochester Hills, MI

    We offer many services to customers, such as spline cutting and broaching. We take the time to ensure that we offer the best service for your unique needs. We can offer both usual and unusual solutions to our customers. We will work with you to find the ultimate solution to your problems. Contact us today by phone or email to learn more!

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  • Cicero, IL

    Have you been in search of quality broaching? Look no further! We pride ourselves on having the highest quality products and providing the greatest possible service to ensure an experience for you the customer that is unsurpassed! If you have any questions visit our website or call us today to find out more! Inform us how we can serve you!

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  • Edgerton, OH

    Broaching is just one of the many services we offer to make working with us not only a convenience but an excellent experience as well! Our engineers use state of the art technology to produce high quality products at a competitive price. Plus, our staff are exceptional and very used to working up to many specialized specifications. Let our staff assist and serve you in making your goals a reality!

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  • Warren, MI

    Apex Broaching Systems is a worldwide supplier of standard broaching machines, special purpose broaching machines, fixturing, automation, and cutting tools. We have over 69 years of innovative engineering, skilled craftmanship, quality manufacturing, assembly, and customer satisfaction. All of our products are made here in the USA. Contact us today and tell us how we can meet your demands!

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  • Dayton, OH

    Our expertise is gear manufacturing. In business for over 70 years, we are experienced at broaching straight splines, involute splines, keyways and hex forms. Our machines have 100 tons pulling pressure and a maximum broach length of 72” capacity. We will do broaching productions of less than 5,000 pieces. Our company's mission is to build our reputation for quality excellence by constantly improving ourselves and providing outstanding service.

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Gears Make The World Go Round

There are several types of broaching methods. Today, I am interested in a certain type and that is spline cutting. This method is something I have always looked over but have always noticed. Without spline cutting, however we would not have any gears. Gears make the world go round, literally. Gears can be found in our cars, any mechanical machine and various other places. There are several ways broaching makes spline cutting possible. Mill machines and lathes are both capable of spline cuts. This cutting method can result in making... Read More

Splines on a Bike

The teeth or ridges on a driveshaft are referred to as splines. The splined driveshaft connects and transfers torque to a mating component of the drive train that cannot directly connect. This is either due to distance, or the need for relative movement between the two parts. These splined parts are produced by spline cutters that manufacture parts for a variety of industries. Apart from automobiles, a common application that splines can be found on is bicycles. There is a plethora of people who ride bikes in my town, especially... Read More

Spline Cutting: The Six Splines of Broaching

In a previous blog I touched on a number of products that are broached a particular way. That technique was a spline cut. A spline cutter cuts in a way to make grooves, for instance a bike sprocket or drive shaft. When imagining a spline the best way to picture how it works is to imagine two pieces fitting together in order to create torque. The examples above are perfect examples. A bike chain with the sprocket propels the biker in a forward motion because of the torque generated. This... Read More

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Spline Cutting

Spline cutting is a process that uses a broaching machine to cut grooves into a gear’s spline shaft. Spline shafts contain a series of ridges on a driveshaft that are used to even out the rotation speed of the companion piece.Because only the surface needs to be cut during the spline cutting process, only external broaches are used.

Spline shafts are the products created by spline cutting techniques, which is an external cut like blind broaching. Internal broaching is the other general method of broaching, a technique that involves full penetration of the piece being broached. As the spline rotates, these grooves interlock with the matching grooves in the mating piece. This connection enables a spline gear to transfer torque. A broach is a hydraulic cutting tool used to cut holes in metal, wood and plastic materials. Metals often used for broaching techniques like spline cutting are the softer metals, such as aluminum, brass and copper. Products often produced by broaching tools such as spline cutters include gears, screws, nuts, bolts, gun components, small wheels, wrenches and bushings and a variety of other manufacturing tools. Spline cutting mainly serves the automotive industry, although along with other broaching machines, these products are utilized in industrial manufacturing, aerospace, marine, sports equipment, food processing and electronic industries, as well as many others.

Broaching teeth, which perform the cutting action, come in many different sizes and spacing configurations, depending on the part that is being broached. There are quite a few generalized spline styles on the market today as well. An involute spline works much like an involute gear works, with the uniform pattern of teeth that when rotating, intersect perfectly with each other and cause the torque that powers a vehicle or machine. Most splines and gears utilize the involute equation. A parallel key spline has parallel, equally spaced groves in both the radial and axial directions. Serrations are spline shafts that have a “V” formed by their equally spaced grooves. Crowned splines are basically involute splines, except with slightly modified teeth that allow for misalignment. A helical spline is going to look a lot like a screw, with helical grooves all around the side that are either parallel or involute, which allows for beneficial movement between the parts. One more well known style is the ball spline, which involves a ball bearing on the end of the teeth for a varied amount of motion. These specific spline styles are most commonly used as bicycle gears, mounts for the propellers in engines, drive shafts and cassettes.

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