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  • Various Broaches used in the Internal Broaching Process

    Internal broaching is one of the two potential categories of broaching. The process involves pushing a broach completely through a workpiece, whereas surface broaching produces the hole on the surface of the piece. Other possible ways to categorize broaching methods include its purpose, the motion the machine makes, the construction of the broach and the function. The two main broaching machines used in the broaching process are horizontal and vertical broaching machines. Vertical machines are normally used for surface broaching whereas horizontal broaching machines are favored for the internal broaching...

  • Five Internal Broaching Methods

    There are various techniques to work metal. The reason is because of the array of ways metal can be transformed, altered or produced into the final product. One of the most interesting methods to me is internal broaching. I find this process fascinating for a number of reasons. One reason I find this procedure interesting is because of the various ways internal broaching can be preformed and the final product has extremely tight tolerances, for a nearly perfect final piece. Internal broaches have five different ways in which a piece...

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Internal Broaching

Internal broaching is a broaching method that pushes a tool completely through the workpiece, as opposed to surface broaching, which produces a hole that cuts the surface of the metal. In order to internally broach a metal part, a pre-existing hole must be made. The broach then changes the shape and size of the starter indent into a hole with a keyway, spline, hexagonal, square or custom designed profile. A broaching tool that has successively larger and larger teeth pierces through the pre-existing hole by pulling or pushing through the metal part.

Internal broaching machines are automated, often CNC operated and able to quickly and efficiently produce holes in metal parts and products. Sometimes called shell broaches, internally cut broaching is done mostly for holes with large diameters that are to be mounted on an arbor. Broaching is most effective on softer metals, including aluminum, brass, bronze and graphite. Many different tools and machinery parts are formed by the broaching process, including key holes, gears, pulleys, screw heads and other hardware. Because the broaching machines can get pricey but the tools and parts they produce are necessary in so many industries, broaching job shops are facilities that provide a variety of broaching services. Particularly when going to a broaching shop, it is cost effective, highly repeatable and able to produce large volumes of metal parts with little to no variance or error. Broaching tools may become dull over time if used often, and are therefore periodically reground to retain their original sharpness.

Drilling the pre-existing starter hole is referred to as blank prepping. During this process, a simple, shallow hole is drilled and must be .005 to .015 inches larger than the smallest diameter of the broach. There are two main types of internal broaching; push broaching and pull down broaching, each with their own methods of forming a wide hole in metal. Push broaching is done with vertical machines, and the broach tool is pushed linearly either up or down through the metal work-piece. Short broaches are used to avoid buckling, which limits the amount of metal that is able to be removed. This type of internal broaching is suitable for light work and low runs, and the machinery is less expensive than pull down broaching. Pull down broaching, on the other hand, is only able to push the tool down on a vertical machine. It keeps the tool in tension and prevents buckling, and is used with long, thin broaches to make deep holes.
Internal Broaching Services
Internal Broaching Services
Internal Broaching Services - Avon Broach and Production Company
Internal Broaching Services - Avon Broach and Production Company

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