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  • A Broaching Method for Complex Metalworking Shapes

    There is a relatively rare broaching technique available for complex metalworking shapes. Blind broaching is a method of broaching that can cut into parts where the cut may not be visible due to the shape of the piece. This method involves creating indents and shapes into metalwork pieces without going through the other side of the material. This method of broaching is only done by the most skilled broaches due to the degree of difficulty in the blind broaching process. Blind broaching may not be the only broaching process that...

  • Exception to the rule

    In the typical broaching process, a broach, or toothed instrument, cuts through a medium to create a workpiece. The workpiece might be formed from any number of materials - metal, plastic or wood to name a few - to create gears and other pieces of equipment. A broach increases the likelihood that quality won't be sacrificed at the expense of quantity when precision is necessary. One of the first things I learned in my high school Spanish class was grammar specifically, where adjectives belong in a sentence. There was, of...

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Blind Broaching

Blind broaching is a method of broaching that involves making indents and shapes in metal workpieces without reaching the other side of the material. It is considered a surface broaching process, where materials are removed from the external surface of a work-piece. Unlike other broaching operations, blind hole broaching does not allow the tool to pass completely through the metal part. Instead, it produces an indent or slot in the metal.

Every aspect of this type of broaching, especially the tooling design and execution, are very difficult and are only done by skilled, experienced broachers. Although broaching styles that pierce from one side to the other, such as internal broaching require careful machining as well, it is not quite as difficult as a set-up that must only go part way through a surface. Blind broaching is reserved for cutting slots, holes and imprints that are round, square, hexagonal or splines in hardware and parts for the aerospace and construction industries. A common example of a blind hole broached product is the internal hexagon on headless setscrews. Applications for a broached blind hole are rare, but it is the only process able to produce holes with the necessary shapes and dimensions for some metal parts. It's also an economical and efficient means of internal spline production. Broaching blind holes is cost effective, highly repeatable and produces no variance among the products.

The blind holes produced by broaching machinery have a good surface finish when the part's material is hardened, smooth edges without burrs or cracks. The broaching machine is either hydraulically or electromechanically driven and, depending on the volume of work-pieces, is manually or automatically loaded and unloaded. Blind broaching is either straight, meaning the tool containing the teeth is long and thin and moves linearly, or helical, which means the tool is rounded and moves in a circular motion; helical broaching is the most common. It uses a series of circular indexing tables that rotate under or over the work-piece. The machinery pushes the work-piece up over the tool, where a shape punches down, withdraws and then turns to the next shape, which is bigger than the last. The next tool is positioned over the small punch, and is made bigger. Some broaching machinery has dozens of successively larger tools that slowly create a larger blind hole. Each tool must be withdrawn backward over the broached surface, unlike most other broaching processes, which cut straight through the work-piece.
blind-broaching Companies
blind-broaching Companies
Blind Broaching – VW blind-broaching Service, Inc.
Blind Broaching – VW blind-broaching Service, Inc.

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