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  • The Wobbling Broach

    A rotary broach is a special type of surface broach that is not commonly used, but does have its advantages. One of the rotary broaches advantages include its ability to be used on common machine tools, instead of requiring a specialized broaching machine. Rotary broaching can also be performed on both milling machines and screw machines. It does this by using a tool holder to attach onto the other machine. The process is capable of producing accurate forms at a speed of mere seconds. However, rotary broaches do not make...

  • Rotary Broaching for Straight Cuts

    Broaching is a common metal working process, however rotary broaching is less prevalent than linear broaching. Rotary broaching, also called wobble broaching requires two tooling components: a broach and a tool holder. Wobble broaching as it is sometimes called is derived from the slight angle the tool is positioned in, which makes the process look as if it is wobbling. Rotary broaching is generally used on lathes, milling machines or screw machines. The process of rotary broaching is also sometimes done by hand. If you have ever been to a...

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Rotary Broaching

Rotary broaching is a process that involves spinning a broach on an automatic lathe. Rotary broaching requires less force than punching. It is also time efficient, as it only takes a few seconds to complete each part. Rotary broaches are used to make medical fasteners, splines and keyways.

During rotary broaching, the broach and the part being cut remain stationary while the broach holder spins. As the broach and the part come into contact, the broach wobbles; for this reason, rotary broaching is also called wobble broaching. As the broach spins and wobbles, the teeth cut the same pre-drilled hole as the broach rotates in and out of the groove. A broaching machine is a metal mechanism used for cutting and surface finishing metal, plastic or wood. The rotary broaching process eliminates the need for a secondary procedure, as the component can be fashioned in only one step. This aspect saves man-hours and money. The reduced stress used in rotary broaching increases the life of the broach tool and lowers maintenance costs over time. Rotary broaching is also unique because it does not require its own machine to work, but can be attached to a lathe and operate perfectly well, as long as the correct angle of impact with the work-piece can be arranged. The head of the rotary broach may vary in size and shape, with sides that either draft in or out, depending on if it will be completely penetrating the material or only performing a surface cut.

Broaches, or cutting tools with rows of successively larger teeth, are used to cut gears, keyways, fasteners, and splines. These include a vast amount of products, of various substances. For example, fasteners can refer to screws, nuts, bolts and threaded rods, all of which can be made from strong metals such as stainless or carbon steel, brass, bronze or iron. Other broaching machines that produce the same sorts of products as rotary broaching include, pot broaching, spline cutting and gear hobbing. Pot broaching has a cutting mechanism that is stationary, while the table section with the secured work-piece is what moves to get the crafting done. Spline cutting machines work exclusively with spline shafts, cutting the grooves into this gear that is a vital piece of driveshafts in vehicles. Gear hobbing is the most basic gear broaching model, able to do a number of cuts from a vertical point. All of the products produced by rotary broaching machines and its fellow broachers are utilized in the automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, electronics and construction industries, just to name a few.
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