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Leading Companies:

  • Cambridge, ON 800-465-3214

    Shred-Tech is an industry leader in the custom design and manufacturing of waste reduction systems and shredding machinery for a variety of recycling applications. Our Mobile and Stationary shredding solutions can handle a wide variety of materials including e-waste, plastics, paper, and metals. Contact us today or visit us online for more details.

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  • Archdale, NC 336-895-1963

    Since Vecoplan was founded in Germany in 1969, they have been striving to provide quality products and superior service. Now, with footholds in many additional countries, including the US, they continue to influence the market with various types of equipment, including cardboard shredders. No matter what material you’re working with, Vecoplan has a solution for you.

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  • Wilsonville, OR 503-682-3633

    Tackling the toughest shredding problems since 1980, SSI Shredding Systems designs, manufactures and supports today's most versatile shredders and size reduction solutions. Our innovative engineering means equipment for all needs: waste (including medical), metal, paper, tire, e-scrap, plastics, product/security destruction, construction and demolition (C and D).

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  • Grand Prairie, TX 877-582-7800

    Our long established Saturn-brand industrial shredders are designed with cost and innovation in mind, and provide the benefit you need no matter what you need to shred! Our one-two and four shaft Saturn-Brand shredders can handle metal, plastic, tires, paper, and even automobiles! We can destroy and repurpose nearly any material that you have in your factory. Find out more by visiting and view our shredder PRODUCT or APPLICATIONS page, or by calling us today.

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Shredding Machine Industry Information

Shredding Machine

Shredding machines are mechanical devices for various types of material. Including metal, drums, paper, plastic, cloth, and wood.

Shredder uses

  • Increase Security 
  • Reduce Waste Volume 
  • Reduce Costs 
  • Increase Efficiency


There are four types of ways shredders cut: shearing, tearing, fracturing, and optimum action.

  • Shearing uses scissor mechanisms to cut up the material. Shearing depends on the sharpness of the blades. 
  • Tearing involves pulling apart material with force until they pull apart. 
  • Fracturing is a method of shredding used on glass and plastic that involves shattering the material. 
  • Optimum action uses all three other types of cut at once.

Ductile materials tend to not be easily fractured. Examples are cloth, rubber, soft plastics, paper, soft metals, and cardboard. These materials are better disposed of using shearing. Friable materials are easily fractured, such as stone, glass, cast metals or wood

Additionally, shredders feed in one of two ways: batch or meter. Batch feeding involves dropping large masses of material into the machine. They are more likely to clog or take on more than they can shred.

Plastic Shredders

Plastic shredders are often grinders, chippers, shear shredders, granulators, hammer mills, and all-purpose shredders.

Tire Shredders

Tire shredders are designed for shredding old tires into landfill covers, boiler fuels, rubberized asphalt, and various other products. This can be done using shear shredders, specialty shredders, grinders, chippers, and granulators.

Paper Shredders

Paper shredders are designed to shred and dispose of commercial and industrial paper waste. This can be done using strip-cut shredders, industrial paper shredders, and cross-cut shredders. They are used by government organizations, businesses, and private individuals to destroy private, confidential, or otherwise sensitive documents. They range in size and price from small and inexpensive units designed for only a few pages at a time.


Hammermills are heavy-duty shredders used for mass shredding. They utilize rotating hammers that pulverize paper through a screen. The hammers may have knife blades, blunt edges or a combination of the two. Users can change the screen size to fit their particular needs. With the right screen in place, a hammer mill can reduce paper to dust.

Wood Chipper

A wood chipper is a heavy-duty machine that reduces the wood into tiny pieces. Typically, trunks and tree limbs are placed through a wood chipper and turned into woodchips. The machine can be mounted on wheels to be towed by a truck.

Scrap Metal Shredder

Scrap metal shredders are used to reduce the size of scrap metal to be disposed of or recycled. These are commonly used for tin cans, iron, copper tubes, coins, computers, bulk drums, tin, and electrical boxes.

Single Shaft Shredder

A single shaft shredder has fewer rotating blades, but can still handle:

  • Pallets (wood and plastic)
  • Rolls of rubber
  • Tree limbs
  •  Excess injection molding materials (molding, sprues, etc.)

Dual Shaft Shredder

Also called a double shaft shredder, this design has two blade shafts and can shred large products that are light and preferably hollow, such as:

  • Most forms of construction, demolition, and hazardous waste
  • Glass
  • Tires
  • Drum containers (steel and plastic)
  • Wood
  • Textiles (and fibers)
  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Small office machines like fax machines and printers


Industrial manufacturers accumulate metal items, pack bins, pack rolls of plastics, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, cans and drums which can often be reused. Shredding is often a solution when they cannot be reused. Industrial shredding offers multiple benefits in addition to useful for size reduction. These machines are useful for recycling of the product and shredding solids to ensure that other machines or processes run smoothly. In addition to offering document security.