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  • Granutech launches new “Hybrid-Drive” option for its Saturn Industrial Shredder Line

    “Patent-pending” drive offers variable speed and “best of both worlds” benefits from traditional Electric and Hydraulic drives, without the detriments. Grand Prairie, TX May 16, 2014 -Granutech-Saturn Systems, a world-leading manufacturer of industrial and mobile shredders and other recycling equipment announced today it has developed and launched a new hybrid-drive mechanism option for its popular line of Saturn® industrial shredders, available on both new machines and as a retrofit kit for older machines in the field. “We have combined the best features of hydraulic and electric drive systems in a...

  • SSI Shredding Forms Relationship with Challenger Handling

    January 24, 2013--- SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. has founded a working relationship with Challenger Handling Limited to increase sales and service support in the UK and Ireland. These two companies have signed a distribution and service agreement that will help meet the demand for industrial shredder service in the United Kingdom. Over the past several years, SSI Shredding has provided Britain with over 70 high-torque shredding machines. The service agreement between SSI Shredding and Challenger Group offers two new locations to customers and a higher level of customer support that...

  • Uwe Eschenhorst Named VP – Cement Business Unit Vecoplan, LLC

    Uwe Eschenhorst was recently named VP – Cement Business Unit at Vecoplan, LLC. Mr. Eschenhorst joined Vecoplan in 2012, as the Vice President of their Alternative Fuels and Energy Competency Center. Prior to that he was Environmental Services Manager  at Polysius Corp. – USA, working with the cement and minerals industries. Mr. Eschenhorst brings over fourteen years of practical experience to his new position at Vecoplan. While at Polysius, he directed the design, engineering, construction, and implementation of large systems and entire plants that incorporated the use...

  • The Shredding Options

    Shredders are used on a daily bases by many different people and in many different industries. They serve a variety of purpose and range from a small to large scale on their abilities and uses. Whether is be private papers that need to be destroyed for privacy reasons or the breakdown of large materials for recycling reasons, shredders make this process a whole lot easier. A small scale shredder is great for things like occasional paper shredding in the home or office. On a large scale there are industrial shredders...

  • Are You Going to Shred That? Industrial Shredding for a Greener, More Secure World

    by Rebekah Fuller, Editor for IQS We should not waste our waste, like elementary school teaches: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Improper waste management is risky for the environment and the security of your company and/or clients. Two buzz phrases that you couldn't possibly have missed in this new millennium: Going Green and Identity Theft. In this environmentally and privacy conscious world, industrial shredding is in high demand. It's not simply about destroying sensitive documents or reducing the size of waste to make more room in trash bins and dumpsters; industrial...

  • IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: WEIMA America, Inc.

    Shredders Solid old-fashioned values have propelled WEIMA America, Inc. into one of the most popular arenas of modern society, recycling. WEIMA is a company devoted to the designing and manufacturing of shredders and briquettes, both machines that transform waste materials into useable goods or alternative forms of energy. Read More......

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Industrial Shredders

Industrial shredders are machines used to destroy objects on an industrial scale. They are used by a large variety of industries, including the health care, paper production, recycling, waste removal, milling, storage and many other industries. They shred cardboard into packaging material, destroy private documents for government agencies, hospitals and law firms, and prepare used products for recycling.

The shredding industry offers its services to customers in a few different ways. Off-site shredding is widely used by recycling plants for tires, wood, organic materials, old automobiles, scrap metals, plastics and cardboard. In this method, the materials are transported to a shredding facility where they are destroyed. Some document shredding companies pick up the materials to be shredded and transport them to the facility where they are shredded in the same day. Other companies offer mobile shredding; this service brings large shredders on a truck to different businesses for the on-site shredding of documents. The trucks are often modified box trucks with industrial shredders inside. Colleges, law firms, hospitals and other entities that produce a high volume of sensitive documents make use of mobile shredding services, often in order to comply with federal privacy protection regulations. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, for example, requires that hospitals dispose of sensitive documents in a certain way. Mobile shredding services can be a way to independently certify the proper destruction of documents.

Industrial shredders all feature a feed area with blades or gears for crushing or slicing material, and a chute that passes the material into a receptacle or conveyor for further handling. Many are equipped with screens that control the particle size of the finished product. The larger material that can’t pass through the screens is then sent through the shredder as many more times as is necessary. Wood products and materials such as branches, cardboard boxes, crates and particle board are often shredded for recycling or conversion into other products. Chipper shredders cut wood into chip form, which reduces their bulk for easier disposal. Wood chips are also often used outdoors on walkways, in playgrounds and in landscaping or gardening. Used cardboard boxes and cartons are often shredded by steel cutters or shears to produce packing material. Other wood waste such as pallets, crates or blocks are shredded and manufactured into briquette presses or prepared for heating furnaces. Shredders may be hand fed by workers, which is rarely still done because of safety concerns, put on a conveyor and fed into the shredder by meter feeding, or loaded by a forklift via batch feeding. 

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