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  • Cambridge, ON

    Our industrial grinders are made from the highest quality materials. We use innovative processes to create our designs, and our engineering team is always looking for new ways to improve our manufacturing. We place our customer’s needs as our highest priority, and we work hard to make sure you have everything you need! Look to us to provide you with solutions to everyday and extraordinary problems. Contact us today!

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  • Archdale, NC

    Our company has a long history of manufacturing industrial grinders and we are eager to provide you with these high quality products. It is our mission here at Vecoplan to exceed your expectations and take all of your requests very seriously. These reliable industrial grinders come with outstanding service. Just let us know your application and we can handle the rest! We look forward to working with you!

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  • Wilsonville, OR

    We have remained a leader in the shredding business for over 30 years. In fact, our engineering and patent technologies have influence the evolution of shredders around the world. We continually expand our limits by asking “What needs shredding?” Find out how we can help you by visiting our website today! We also love contact through email or by phone, which ever you prefer!

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  • Grand Prairie, TX

    When you work in industrial manufacturing, you know just how important waste disposal and breakdown can be. Our Saturn Grizzly-brand industrial grinders and granulators are built to last, and at up to 10 tons per hour, offer the highest capacity in the industry, which is why our customers keep coming back! We aim to offer you superior construction, affordability, and innovation in everything we do. For more information visit

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  • Sarasota, FL

    Since 1982 CM Recycling Equipment Solutions has specialized in finding ways to turn used tires into usable materials. Our tenure as manufacturers of recycling equipment has been characterized by innovation unlike any the industry has seen before: we’ve spent the last 20 years patenting new ways to make tire recycling more efficient. Visit our website to learn more about our unique processes.

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  • Buffalo, NY

    We manufacture a couple different types of shredding machinery—automobile shredders and tire shredders. The auto shredders are available with 1,000-7,000 hp motors. Tire shredding can happen as powder, crumb, chunks or chips. We also have nonferrous separation units—EddySort™ and SuperEddy™.

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Turnkey Recycling Solutions From Eurohansa

Industrial Grinders ZENO has been designing, developing, and manufacturing industrial shredders and recycling machinery for industries around the world since 1958. As the most experienced shredder manufacturing company, we provide many within the recycling industry with the most durable and technically engineered solutions available. We offer every type of recycling and shredding machine from low speed shredders and grinders to horizontal grinders and shredders. From any material, any volume or any recycling application, EUROHANSA is the sole agent for ZENO in North Americva and Canada and offers a solution to... Read More

So Many Industry Applications

With health care, recycling, waster removal, paper production, milling, storage and other industrial industries, tons of waste is produced that must be properly disposed of. The most common waste is old packaging material and private documents. Not only do companies want this information destroyed to protect individual's privacy, but many have also jumped on the recycling bandwagon after the increasing awareness of the global warming crisis. By using industrial shredders, documents can be properly destroyed, and the packaging items, papers and other materials can be made ready for recycling processes... Read More

From Chips to Animal Bedding

While industrial shredders are perfect for reducing large, irregular pieces of various materials into uniform, manageable ones, sometimes you might need to go just a little further. And this is precisely where industrial grinders come into the picture. Industrial grinders can be used to crush the materials into very small pieces or even powders. They do this through attrition and compression by way of hoppers or a series of rollers instead of the shredders method of blades and teeth. Grinders are the perfect option for items such as wood, plastic,... Read More

Gilliland Joins VIC Electrical Engineering

Vecoplan Integrated Controls, North America’s leading manufacturer of control panels for industrial machinery and complete integrated control systems for manufacturing plants, has added Henry Gilliland to its Electrical Engineering team. Gilliland graduated from NC State University in May 2012, earning a B.S. degree with a double major in Computer Engineering & Electrical Engineering. In addition he brings 3 years of practical experience to his new position at VIC. Working first on a co-op basis at Highland Industries while pursuing his undergraduate degree from NC State, and then upon completion, as... Read More

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Industrial Grinders

Industrial grinders are industrial shredders that use attrition and compression to crush many different materials into very small pieces or powder. Instead of using blades to shred materials, grinders are able to reduce hard, strong material like wood, plastic, clay and shale into powder, dust or shavings by using a high pressure hopper or series of rollers. Because they are mostly employed for large, heavy duty applications, grinders are rarely found anywhere but industrial environments.

Grinders are used in furniture companies, cabinet manufacturing, construction supply companies, sawmills and dimension mills to reduce scrap wood for recycling purposes. Scraps, stumps, chips and shavings are all fed through a grinder to become uniform sawdust that is used as animal bedding, compost and roofing paper. These industrial grinders are called tub grinders, which strictly work with wood and organic material. Other grinding applications besides waste reduction include recycling, land clearing, construction and demolition.

An industrial grinder either has horizontal or vertical orientation, and one or more feeding shafts. An auto drive hopper made out of steel presses the material against a blade. The grinder is powered by an electric motor, while the hopper is powered hydraulically. Depending on the size of the material and the desired rate of grinding, grinders have varying horsepower. The largest grinders are able to produce 600 or more yards of shavings per hour, while standard grinders produce anywhere from 40 to 100 yards. The particle size of the shavings, powder or dust also varies, depending on mesh size of screens through which the material must pass. Particles that are too large are fed back through the grinder a second time until they have reached the desired size. Tub grinders, used for wood recycling, use a hammer that rips and tears large pieces of wood and pulls them below the tub floor by forcing them through small openings in grates. When looking for a new grinder, considerations should be made for how much material will go through the grinder, how large the finished product should be, and whether it will be relocated often. Some grinders are made for warehouse settings, while others are mobile and able to travel over rough forest terrain.

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