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  • Langhorne, PA

    We are eager to meet all of your needs! If you are looking for reliable and versatile shot blasters then you have found the right company. Our blasters are second to none and we are confident that our engineers can direct you to a model that is ideal for your facility or application. We aim to bring you 100% customer satisfaction which is why we will assist you from the initial contact all the way until after-sale support. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Hartland, WI

    We aim to please and the longevity of our shot blasters is guaranteed. Our systems go through a full plethora of inspections to ensure our customers of their investments. If you are needing economical solutions then you have found the right company. These systems are second to none. Let us know if you desire any secondary features or specific requests. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • South Elgin, IL

    Great Lakes Finishing Equipment has been a distributor of finishing equipment and supplies for over fifty years. Striving for superior customer service, the highest quality products and always competitive prices, they are the best choice for your blasting requirements. The next time you are searching for shot blasters, be sure to contact Great Lakes.

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  • Alpharetta, GA

    For your metal surface preparation needs, try BLASTEC® high-quality, custom-designed blast machines. As a world leader in blast cleaning technology, we offer the fastest airless shot blast machines, the most efficient shot blast wheel, a variety of descaling machines & more, plus upgrades & retrofits.

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  • Hatfield, PA

    Here at ESCA Blast we are the most recognized and trusted leader in soda and other forms of abrasive blasting. ESCA offers various blasting abrasives that are environmentally sensible; dry ice, baking soda, walnut shells, crushed glass, garnets, and glass beads. We have Mobile Systems, Multi-Media Systems, Air Drying Systems, and Dustless Blasting Systems that are available. Please contact us for more in formation!

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Wet Abrasive Blasting: An Overview

Shot Blasters Sandblasting manufacturers create a variety of blasting equipment for different purposes. Sandblasting is typically used for cleaning, shaping, and polishing various surfaces- often metal. There are several different ways to blast different objects, one of which is wet abrasive blasting. Wet abrasive blasting is a special type of sandblasting equipment that sandblasting manufacturers create to blast surfaces with fine or coarse media combined with water and soap so that the surface can be cleaned and polished at the same time without the danger of creating hazardous dust and... Read More

Wheel Blasting: No Carrier Needed

Shot Blasters Sandblast equipment is almost always associated with air or water propelled sandblast media. This is not, however, always the case. Wheel blasting is a way to clean the grit and grime from hard to clean industrial surfaces, which is sometimes done to prepare a surface for secondary processes such as painting or staining, without water or air to carry the blasting media. There are a number of positive characteristics that can make a company lean towards purchasing wheel blasting equipment rather then wet sandblasting or pneumatically powered sandblast... Read More

Shot Blasters: A Cleaning Machine

As one of many sandblasting or abrasive blasting styles, each subcategory within the generalized media blasting context must have a niche. Shot blasters are primarily known as the cleaning blasting machine. If you have an industrial product with some serious grit and a wash with water and soap is not going to cut it, then the shot blaster is your best bet. Available in a variety of sizes and with a couple different sub-styles of its own, a shot blaster that fits the needs of your company can be found.... Read More

businessIndustry Information

Shot Blasters

Shot blasters are a variety of media blasting equipment that use shot to treat a surface. Unlike sandblasters, shot blasters are limited in terms of the variety of blasting media they can utilize. While a sandblaster can make use of any variety of blasting media and still be called a sandblaster, shot blasters make use of shot, which is a collection of small metal abrasives, exclusively.

The term "sandblaster" can be used in reference to all kinds of media blasting equipment. "Shot blasting" refers specifically to the use of shards or beads. Sandblasting can range in its applications from glass etching to glass snowing and from shot peening to soda blasting. Shot blasting would not be an appropriate glass treatment method, as the process involves propelling small shards, beads or other metal shapes at surfaces with a stream of compressed air or pressurized water. Depending on the application, shot blasting professionals may choose media as fine and granulated as silicon carbide or as large as steel pellets. In both cases, but on different scales, the goal of shot blasting is the treatment of a surface. In the case of road treatment, for example, a portable, mobile shot blaster fires small steel beads at concrete surfaces to remove contamination and soft concrete. This reveals a mechanical profile which allows for improved bonding during later resurfacing. The used shot and dust created by this process are usually collected by shot blaster, leaving a clean surface that is ready for treatment.

All media blasters, regardless of the kind of media they utilize, follow a few basic principles in terms of their design and function. Since all media blasters are intended to change a surface by propelling small objects, all media blasters must be equipped with a stock of blasting media, an air compressor or water pressurizer and a system by which those two components are combined and directed at surfaces. There are three main configurations of media blasters in existence. Gravity-based systems are the simplest configuration and are mostly used in small scale blasting projects. In these systems, a hopper placed above the flow of compressed air uses gravity to combine the blasting media and airflow. In a siphon gun, the pressurized air passes over an unpressurized abrasive chamber. The change in pressure draws abrasive up out of the chamber and into the flow of air, both of which are expelled through the nozzle at high speed. The third variety of media blaster is the pressure pot variety, which pressurizes both the air and the abrasive, allowing for an efficient flow of both.

Shot Blasters
Shot Blasters
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Shot Blasters - Great Lakes Finishing Equipment, Inc.