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  • Langhorne, PA

    For portable sand blasters, turn to Empire Abrasive Equipment. They have been a leader in this industry for over sixty years. With an extensive line of products, they can provide you with a product to suit your requirements, helping you increase quality and productivity in your industry. They will work with you to find or design the most efficient blast room for your needs.

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  • Hartland, WI

    We manufacture the best portable sand blasters. Our company is an industry leader and we have years of experience. We wish to pass our expertise off to our customers and our factory-direct solutions are able to withstand the toughest of tasks. Our fabrication processes are economical which means we save you money in the long run. To learn more about the most accommodating sand blasters please visit our website or give us a call!

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  • South Elgin, IL

    If you are searching for portable sand blasters then look to us for your cost efficient solutions. Our blasters will always perform at optimum efficiency and these systems can handle a variety of tolerances. Our engineers ensure you that these products are easy to maintain and the longevity is guaranteed. If you need a blaster right away then we can accommodate your request. Visit our website to see our full line of products!

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  • Alpharetta, GA

    For your metal surface preparation needs, try BLASTEC® high-quality, custom-designed blast machines. As a world leader in blast cleaning technology, we offer the fastest airless shot blast machines, the most efficient shot blast wheel, a variety of descaling machines & more, plus upgrades & retrofits.

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  • Hatfield, PA

    Here at ESCA Blast we are the most recognized and trusted leader in soda and other forms of abrasive blasting. ESCA offers various blasting abrasives that are environmentally sensible; dry ice, baking soda, walnut shells, crushed glass, garnets, and glass beads. We have Mobile Systems, Multi-Media Systems, Air Drying Systems, and Dustless Blasting Systems that are available. Please contact us for more in formation!

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For a New Paint Job

Portable Sand Blasters My uncle recently purchased an old BMW, which has been his favorite car since he was a kid. This particular classic, which now resides in his garage, needs a lot of work before it will reach the standards he established in childhood of what a proper BMW should be. Although all his chatter about the internal workings of the car went right over my head, one thing I did understand him discussing was the new paint job he wanted to do, and how he was going to... Read More

Portable Blasting: For Large or Outdoor Projects

Portable Sand Blasters Like everything else in the industrial context, sandblasting equipment manufacturers must be prepared with special equipment for special circumstances. This is because life is full of exceptions to the rule, which applies to sandblasting equipment and the applications to which it is applied just like it does for every circumstance and industry. Portable blasting systems are available from most sandblaster manufacturing companies as the equipment flexible enough for non-traditional sandblasting needs. An example would be a particularly large piece of equipment that needs to be cleaned or... Read More

Grand Northern Products: Superior Blasting Equipment at an Affordable Price

Grand Northern Products is dedicated to providing their customers with hassle-free sand blasting equipment. Their equipment is designed for superior consistency and their services are very affordable. With over 25 years of experience this company has the skills necessary to supply you with a product for your finishing needs. Grand Northern Products has invested into the most cutting technologies which allow this versatile supplier to respond to the changing needs of their customers. The blasting technology manufactured by this company is not only extremely effective but also offers consistent results.... Read More

Portable Sandblasters: The Perfect Companion for DIY Projects

One of the most difficult parts of any DIY project is the preparation. Most do-it-yourself projects require a large amount of preparation before you can even begin to alter the object and make it into something new. Most wood, metal, and refinishing projects require a large amount of sanding to clean the material before completing the project. One of the easiest ways to sand a large area of a project is with portable sandblasters. Painting: Sandblasting is ideal for large painting projects, such as when painting cabinets, a house, or... Read More

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Portable Sand Blasters

Portable sand blasters are mobile machines of varying size and design that utilize high-pressure streams of abrasive materials to clean or otherwise resurface parts and components in industrial, commercial and domestic settings. Sandblasters are used for a wide range of tasks, such as removing coatings, roughening smooth surfaces, smoothing rough surfaces, etching, carving, degreasing, deburrying, peening, deflashing and descaling equipment and parts made of metal, wood, plastic and glass.

The versatility of portable sandblasting equipment allows heavy use of these mechanisms in automotive, shipbuilding, construction, agriculture, industrial cleaning and processing, aerospace, decorative design, woodworking and glass industries. Portable sandblasters are particularly useful in industrial and personal settings as they allow a single machine to be used in a variety of locations, moving from workstation to workstation. While smaller models are used to rework small parts such as nuts, bolts, decorative glass, printed circuit boards and engine components, large models handle the resurfacing of ships, bridges, tractors, building components, aircraft and heat exchangers. The method of mobility is heavily dependent upon the size of a given machine. Smaller units can be lightweight and handheld or mounted to benches, pedestals, carts or skids with casters allowing them to roll easily from one worksite to another. Large industrial models, however, are frequently mounted to a trailer or vehicle and then driven from one location to another.

Though design can vary significantly, most portable sandblasters have the same general operating components. Each unit must have a power supply, pressure generator or air compressor, crankshaft or plunger pump, abrasive injector, blaster nozzle, a vessel to hold the abrasive media and in some instances dust collection units or media separators. The system works by compressing air or pressurizing liquid which in turn pushes or pulls an abrasive media out of the containment vessel and through the nozzle. The head of the nozzle directs a stream of highly pressurized materials at the surface to be reworked. While many portable units are operated in an open environment, others have a blast cabinet. This cabinet houses the head of the nozzle and is made of durable metals and plastics that can withstand high pressure blasts of abrasive materials. The object to be sandblasted is placed inside and treated within the cabinet. Alternatively, units without an attached blast area are used on freestanding objects that are too large or cumbersome to be placed in a blast room. Although sandblasting has become the popular term for this particular type of machinery, media blasting is more applicable as silica sand is only one of the many types of both rounded and angular abrasives frequently used. Alternative materials include balled, ground, flaked or granulated particulates of such diverse materials as aluminum, carbide, ceramic, copper, glass, iron, gold, plastic, steel, wood, acrylic and baking soda. As portable sand blasters are often multi-purpose, many have multi-media capabilities as well.

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Portable Sand Blasters
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Portable Sand Blasters - Grand Northern Products