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  • Blasting Effectively On the Move

    Sandblast Cabinets Media blasters come in a wide range of sizes and styles for a variety of applications. One of the most common media blaster styles is the popular sandblasting cabinet. Inside this cabinet, materials can be sanded and cleaned by spraying them with a high powered air blaster that sprays the object with tiny sand particles or other particles to remove dirt, paint, and other contaminants. In some cases, these stationary blasters are not the right tool for the job. Some applications, such as outdoor cleaning or traveling on-site...

  • Sandblast Cabinets: The Protector

    Sandblast Cabinets As an employer of a company that practices sandblasting or abrasive blasting techniques, there are a couple things you must always keep in mind; the safety of your workers is at the top of that list. As effective and useful as sandblasting equipment is, if proper precautions are not taken it can also cause serious health issues for those practicing it. The media used to roughen, soften or remove contaminates from a surface with a high intensity stream is used in such small particles that they are breathable....

  • How to Clean Your Sandblasting Cabinet

    Sandblasting cabinets keep your workspace clean as you blast away rust, paint, dirt, and other contaminants from the surface of an object. But after blasting these materials away, what happens to them? The particles can build up inside your cabinet, making the inside a contaminated environment that can scratch and damage delicate materials and objects. The best way to ensure the quality of your materials is to routinely clean out the inside of your cabinet to remove unwanted contaminants and keep the cabinet clean between each use. Remove all blasting...

  • Blast off that Dirt, Paint, Rust and Debris

    by Rebekah Fuller, Editor IQS When I started thinking of the topic sandblasting , I developed a mental image of this Hulk-type man clad in goggles and protective work clothes with a heavy-duty hose in his hands blasting highly pressurized sand at anything. Maybe he's removing an old paint job from a car; maybe he's eradicating barnacles from a ship. He's the Sandblaster reviving surfaces everywhere! I guess I'm assuming he's located in a vacuum while doing this; otherwise, bystanders look out! It's fun imagery but inaccurate as far as...

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Sandblast Cabinets

Sandblast cabinets are enclosures in which media blasting processes are conducted. A given sandblast cabinet can vary in size, but the word “cabinet” implies a degree of compactness. Most sandblast cabinets feature a blasting enclosure, and the enclosure usually contains either a combination of stationary blasting jets and a blasting table or a handheld blasting nozzle that can be accessed through a built-in, protected handling system.

Many sandblast cabinets feature durable glass or plastic paneling that allows for easy monitoring of blasting progress while preventing the unwanted spread of blasting media. Large blasting cabinets can be automated, and such systems are particularly valuable in large-scale treatment operations because of the minimum of technical supervision required to operate them. Companies with dedicated media blasting services make frequent, and in some cases exclusive, use of sandblast cabinets in surface treatment operations. The extent of the benefits offered by enclosed blasting areas cannot be measured. In terms of cost-effectiveness, environmental-friendliness and the maintenance of safe workspaces, the introduction of blasting cabinets was a major development for the media blasting industry.

Media blasting, depending on the variety of media used, can contaminate air with large volumes of blasting dust. Depending on the composition of the dust, it can pose serious health risks to people who are regularly exposed to it. The debilitating, incurable lung disease silicosis is caused by prolonged exposure to silica dust, the source of which exposure happens primarily as a result of unsafe sandblasting conditions. Sandblast cabinets effectively capture all dust created by media blasting processes, eliminating risks to workspace air quality (though additional provisions like protective clothing, respirators, air filter systems, and proper ventilation should still be made as precautionary measures). Media blasting is by nature a materials-intensive surface treatment process. Large volumes of blasting media are necessary, especially in large-scale surface treatment operations, and that media has to come from somewhere. Blasting cabinets allow for the reclamation of expelled media. That media can then be cleaned and re-used, reducing the need for new media, which in turn cuts costs and mitigates the negative impact of blast media-related environmental degradation. Especially in the case of more expensive media substances, blast cabinets that recycle blast media are a major factor in maintaining cost-effectiveness for media blasting companies.

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