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  • Bring Your Sandblaster With You!

    Sandblaster The traditional sandblaster is usually employed to restore metals back to their original condition, or as close to their original condition as one can get. The basic philosophy behind a sandblaster is that the machine propels grains of sand at a high rate of speed at whatever surface you point it at. The pressure from the sand hitting the surface of the metal will remove any unwanted rust, paint, etc., from the metal, returning that metal to a condition from where you can repaint or reuse the metal. The...

  • Wet Sandblasting: The Outdoor Sandblaster

    Sandblaster Among the styles of sandblasting equipment there is a specific technique that is often utilized outdoors and with less anxiety because the risk of health issues is decreased. Wet sandblasting is a major faction of sandblasting equipment, which utilizes pressurized water to carry an abrasive substance to a surface that needs to be treated in various ways. It differs from the other major sandblasting category known as dry sandblasting, which uses air compressors in a few different fashions to accomplish the blasting process. Although wet sandblasting has fewer varieties...

  • Tips for Removing Rust with a Sandblaster

    A sandblaster is a highly useful tool that has a variety of uses from removing an old paint coating to polishing metal for future finishing. One way to utilize a sandblaster for yet another task is to use the machine for removing rust. If you choose to use a sandblaster to remove rust, try to contain the sandblasting media in a sandblasting cabinet to avoid spreading the small sand particles throughout a room, causing a huge mess that can take days to clean properly. Follow the steps outlined below to...

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A sandblaster is a media blasting machine. All media blasting machines pressurize air or water, which then propels small, abrasive particles toward a surface in order to change its properties. Technically speaking, the word “sandblaster” should refer only to a media blasting machine that makes use of silica particles, but the designation is used to describe any media blaster, regardless of its blasting media.

A variety of sandblasters are used to accomplish equally varied tasks: bead blasters use small glass particles to clean pool tiles, shot peening equipment is used to improve the qualities of metal surfaces and soda blasting equipment uses a concentrated stream of bicarbonate of soda to remove all kinds of surface impurities. In order to propel the media, every media blaster requires compressed air or pressurized water. Each blasting system is, for that reason, equipped with an air compressor or water pressurizing system. These can be gas or electric powered. The means by which the abrasive media and compressed air or water are combined relates directly to the blasting system’s efficiency and effectiveness. In portable systems, gravity can be used to mix media with compressed air, but this system limits the volume of media that can be used, which limits the scale of blasting projects. Siphon and pressure systems are more effective because they can draw from a larger supply of media, though not all media blasting projects call for large supplies of media.

A sandblasting professional can use media blasting machinery for many purposes, but the process by which media blasting machines accomplish the varied tasks assigned to them is always the same: compressed air or water propels small, abrasive materials toward a surface in order to change its properties; this concept is one of just a few that all media blasters share in common. Media blasters are designed in a wide range of sizes and configurations to accommodate the varied demands for media blasting services. For companies that offer blasting services for small parts on a large scale, an automated blasting system may be effective as it can allow for a continuous treatment stream with a minimum of technical supervision. For companies that offer careful, specialized blasting of specific objects, a blasting cabinet may be a more appropriate choice, as it allows technicians the most control over the process while minimizing risk of personal injury.
Portable media blasters are necessary for blasting professionals who offer their services to clients whose property has been vandalized, is at risk for corrosion or which requires treatment like painting or finishing.

Sandblaster - Midwest Finishing Systems, Inc.
Sandblaster - Midwest Finishing Systems, Inc.

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