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  • Getting Your Feet Wet: Pool Cleaning and Bead Blasters

    Bead Blasters With summer here, many people will be pulling the winter covers off their swimming pools in anticipation of cooling off during a hot day. Of course many swimming pools don't stay pristine while hiding under their winter coats, so once your pool is unveiled you have an important job to do: you will need to clean your pool properly before you can take a dip. One means by which people like to clean their in ground swimming pools is through the use of the bead blaster. The bead...

  • The Importance of Control

    Bead Blasters As technological advances increase in industrial and commercial settings, which therefore benefit us residential consumers, the element of control is becoming more and more important. We are creating machines, computers and other equipment that is able to work with very little help from human interaction because they have been designed with such precise control elements. In most cases this is a wonderful thing, particularly for industrial companies who can save money by hiring fewer employees without risk to safety or product quality. An example of an industry that...

  • Keeping it Practical: Bead Blasting

    Bead blasting is one of the many techniques that can help remove coatings, roughen smooth surfaces, smooth rough surfaces, etch, carve, and many more. These blasters are a form of sandblasting equipment but tend to have more variety in function and in application. The high pressured streams are suited for any of your blasting needs. It is unique to examine the differences between some of the extremes of bead blasting applications. For example, we see that the blasters are useful for both smoothing and roughening smooth surfaces. How does this...

  • Bead Blaster Media

    With so many types of media being utilized by sandblast equipment today, I would assume that some specific blasting materials have been more favored then others and that there is a reason for this. Beads get their own blasters in the industry, because beads are awesome. Even though corn has some fantastic qualities as a blasting media, it is not popular enough to have its own blaster. Bead blasters are around because the bead material has enough positive traits that it can be used to an extensive amount, particularly within...

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Bead Blasters

Bead blasters utilize high pressured streams of spherical abrasives to clean or otherwise resurface parts and components in industrial, commercial and domestic settings. Like other sandblasting equipment, these devices are used to remove coatings, roughen smooth surfaces, smooth rough surfaces, etch, carve, degrease, deburr, peen, deflash and descale a number of surfaces made of metal, wood, plastic and glass.

Unique to shot blasters utilizing beads is the ability to decrease tensile strength while imparting compressive residual surface stress by dimpling the substrate, significantly improving fatigue strength. The use of rounded beads is crucial to this effect as the use of angular and sharp-edged grit blasters, though effective at cleaning and resurfacing, does not result in these particular material advantages. Automotive, shipbuilding, electronics, construction, agriculture, industrial cleaning and processing, aerospace, decorative design, woodworking and glass industries all make use of the versatility provided by bead blasting equipment. Bead blasting significantly increases longevity of engine components such as gears, shafts, housings and turbine blades and improves the quality of various industrial components such as nuts, bolts, printed circuit boards, ships, bridges and building components. While traditional sand and grit blasters can be used in these applications, bead blasting is a rapid and dust-free process that minimizes the health risks associated with silica dust inhalation.

Though specific machines may differ, most bead blasters have a similar construction. An air compressor is connected to a power source as well as a hopper or vessel containing abrasive beads. Hoses of varying length connect the hopper to a shot blaster gun. The gun and nozzle may be contained in a blast booth or cabinet if the beads are to be collected for reuse and if size permits. Pulling a trigger or pressing a switch causes the air compressor to push air through the gun creating a vacuum; this vacuum pulls the abrasive beads through the tubing and out of the nozzle at the end of the gun in a high pressure stream directed towards the surface to be cleaned or resurfaced. The materials of both the object and the beads should be carefully considered along with flow rate and blast pressure. Additionally, the size of the beads is often variable depending on the needs of a given application as well as manufacturing techniques. Abrasive beads made of plastics, ceramics, glasses and metals such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, acrylics, aluminum, brass and bronze can be produced in a number of ways. Common processes which produce the spherical implements used in shot peening equipment include slip casting, pressing, injection molding, extrusion, spherical grinding and spherical lapping.

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Bead Blasters
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Bead Blasters - Engineered Abrasives

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