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  • Carol Stream, IL 630-629-9900

    Here at Frain Industries, Inc. we offer an extensive line of stainless steel tanks. These tanks come in a wide range of shapes and sizes based on their application. Our tank sizes range from 5 gallons to 10,000 gallons and these tanks can be customized to meet your application needs. Our tanks can be designed in a number of different styles including: jacketed, single wall, vertical, horizontal, cone bottom, dish bottom, insulated and much more. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Oak Lawn, IL 708-424-4170

    For 50 years G & F Manufacturing has been a leading quality stainless steel tank manufacturer for many industries, including pharmaceutical, food & beverage. Their storage containers offer quality workmanship & durability. G & F offers standard & custom vessels for storage & mixing which include open & closed top vertical & horizontal storage & mixing tanks with capacities to 10,000 gallons. Give us a call to learn more!

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  • Atwood, ON 800-347-2982

    Smith Steel & Fabrication is a leading manufacturer of specialized mild and stainless steel silos for bulk storage applications. Our custom steel fabricated silos are built to meet our client's exact specifications. Each project is designed and engineered in-house and hand-welded by our fantastic team of CWB certified welders.

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  • Lancaster, PA 717-417-4594

    As a full metal fabrication & installation contractor, GSM Industries comes equipped with a highly skilled crew, superior machining & metalworking experience & a brand new 110,000 square foot facility in order to meet your most demanding pressure vessel, pressure tank & water pressure tank orders!

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  • Chester, PA 610-494-7200

    Fisher Tank manufactures stainless steel tanks, storage tanks and water tanks. Since 1948, we have been manufacturing and repairing tanks for the chemical storage, municipal water, fire protection and wastewater treatment industries. We are committed to quality service/support on all our products. Give us a call today to learn more information!

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Dairy Tanks Industry Information

Dairy Tanks

Dairy tanks are a type of stainless steel storage tank, or containment reservoir, manufactured specifically to store milk and other dairy products until they are ready to be moved to their next packaging and/or processing location. To safely and hygienically facilitate these intentions, dairy tanks are both insulated and refrigerated. This ensures that the dairy products do not develop dangerous bacteria growth or diseases, as they can rapidly do if they are not properly refrigerated and processed properly. The real threats to human health that could arise from improper dairy product storage are why manufacturers make dairy tanks out of stainless steel. It is also not insignificant that the dairy industry puts forth incredibly stringent requirements for processing materials and general cleanliness.

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Dairy Tank Advantages

Stainless steel storage tanks are highly sanitary; they do not corrode; they do not rust, even in the face of prolonged moisture exposure; they do not stain, nor do they absorb any of the products with which they come into contact, and they are easy to clean. Furthermore, they are highly durable and they are affordable to produce.

Uses of Dairy Tanks

To get milk from cows to a dairy tank, farmers often use sterile tubes that move from their milking machines into the tank. When the milk is taken from the cows, it is warm. For that reason, dairy tank milk systems also often feature heat exchangers, which cool the milk after it is extracted. Dairy tank systems such as these also often come with features such as push button controls and gripper plates. Once it is time for the milk or other dairy to move on to the next stage of processing, it is transferred from the dairy tanks to refrigerated trucks. To accommodate the needs of subsistence farmers and commercial farmers, and everyone in between, dairy tanks may range in storage capabilities from as low as 100 gallons to as high as several thousand gallons. This allows them to work with many different types of processing and transportation capabilities. Those dairy tank systems that process cheese typically come with finishing vats designed for curd salting, curd conditioning, and/or whey drainage. Furthermore, they may be equipped with items like overhead trolley agitation systems, block handlers, drain troughs, and auger unloading systems.

Dairy Tank Manufacturing Process

Dairy tanks are manufactured via the process of cold rolling, welding, or bolting and, possibly, a variety of finishing processes. They are available with numerous gallon capacities, horsepowers, and specialty configurations. They can be manufactured as self-contained tanks or as members of existing systems. Along these same lines, they are available as permanent, stationary fixtures or as portable equipment. Furthermore, dairy tanks are available in both vertical and horizontal configurations. Also, they are available in both standard and custom and new and used models. Rest assured that there is no better dairy tank material than stainless steel, which is so reliable that it is used in many other food grade processing applications, such as in the construction of water tanks or mixing tanks. The key, however, to a successful dairy tank is not the stainless steel alone. Rather, to have success and sustain the quality and safety initially generated by dairy tanks, farmers and other dairy manufacturers must take care to maintain the condition of their dairy tanks. The first step and most important part of dairy tank maintenance is regular cleaning and sanitization. Specifically, dairy tanks must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each load of dairy. In addition, they must be routinely inspected for any signs of degradation, such as rust. Along with the stainless steel component of dairy tanks, any additional parts, such as glass, rubber, or plastic product add-ons, need to be durable enough and of sufficient quality to withstand repeated cleaning and sanitizing.

Standards and Specifications of Dairy Tanks

It is also of critical importance that dairy tanks are constructed to meet the stringent requirements of the dairy industry, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and possibly institutions like the Dairy Standard Agency (DSA) or International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA). To learn more about dairy tank design options and dairy tank care, reach out to an experienced tank manufacturer today. For the very best results, consult with one or more of the specialists listed with IQS. With their information found near the top of this page, the manufacturers and suppliers with whom we partner are professional, skilled, and hardworking. Check them out by visiting their websites, then give one or more of them a call for more information or to make a request for a quote.

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