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  • The Overlooked Importance of Manways

    A stainless steel manway is a portal or hole leading into an area like a sewage line, submarine, or bin. The manway seals the outside of the object from the inside, and acts as protection from the contents inside. Stainless steel manways are used in a variety of industries and uses around the globe, and are an important, though often overlooked, part of safety and protection for workers and anyone in close contact with the area. You can find manways used in the following places: Manholes: Manhole covers are the...

  • Stainless Steel Water Tanks: To Be Rust Free

    When water and metal are combined, rust is often the unhappy result if the right type of metal is not used. Without secondary treatments, which costs more money, few metals are as resistant to the surface deterioration caused by constant contact with water as stainless steel is. Its natural resistance to rust combined with its incredible durability makes stainless steel the best choice material in the construction of a water tank. Stainless steel water tanks are a necessity for the survival of mankind, as well as maintaining agricultural growth and...

  • Choosing the Best Stainless Steel Water Tanks

    Did you know that not all stainless steel water tanks are created equal? Some tanks have different properties and are suited for different uses than others. For the most part, factories and facilities that want to use a stainless steel water tank have a choice between riveted corrugated steel, bolted flat steel, and welded steel tanks. These three tanks provide a variety of benefits to the user and can help fulfill nearly every need for water tanks in any industry. In general, the main difference between the types of tanks...

  • Stainless Steel Water Tanks for Storage

    One resource that we cannot survive without is water. Although most of our planet is covered in water only a small fraction is fresh water that can be used for drinking, manufacturing and agriculture. In many cases reservoirs are needed to have water readily available for whatever purpose is necessary, whether the reason is that water is scarce in that location or waste water needs to be stored. These reservoirs or stainless steel water tanks can be found in the form or water towers for entire communities, on a factory's...

  • BEPeterson, Inc. Manufactures Water Cistern Vessels for JC Cannistraro

    BEPeterson is pleased to announce the shipment of three Water Cistern Tanks for JC Cansitraro, Watertown, MA. This was a project for 100 Binney St Cambridge, MA -2000 gal Toilet Flush Tank - 60"ID x 15'OAL x 72"H CS -4000 gal Irrigation Tank Right - 60"ID x 28.5'OAL x 72"H CS -4000 gal Irrigation Tank Left - 60"ID x 28.5'OAL x 72"H CS The tanks were all fabricated from carbon steel designed to 20 PSI @ 150 Deg F. The design was to ASME, Section VIII, Div 1 code...

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Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Stainless steel water tanks are used for the storage of water for a range of purposes from drinking water, fire protection, agricultural and immigration use, municipal use, food preparation to waste water storage. While typically designed to hold large supplies of water and commonly found with volume capacities of thousands of gallons, water tanks can also be designed to hold much smaller amounts depending on their application.

Stainless steel is an ideal material choice for tank construction for a number of reasons. It is a relatively low cost and durable material, and so is used to manufacture large SS tanks which are able to withstand the pressure of high volumes of water. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is an essential feature of water tanks considering the potential for contamination of drinking water or food preparation water. Water tanks can also be attached to vehicles to provide transportation of water to areas which may not have a suitable water source. These trucks and trailers use horizontal cylindrical stainless tanks, relying on the low profile nature of the cylinder to provide a steady equilibrium for moving large volumes of water.

These stainless water tanks can be found above ground or underground, and while are typically found outdoors, can also be installed in an indoor location. Basic design and material choice are important elements of manufacturing. Further specifications of stainless steel storage tank design to consider include size, use of the water to be stored, the required temperature for storage, especially in outdoor applications with harsher climates, desired pressure for water removal from tank and how it is to be removed. Water tanks are connected to pumps and plumbing systems that are responsible for bringing the water in and taking it out. To maintain appropriate tank pressure, inlet and outlet valves should be used to prevent backflow and possible contamination of the existing water supply. Other factors to consider include the potability of the water itself and whether it needs chemical processing prior to or after storage. Extra steps can be taken to provide this if necessary. Either way, the tanks must be inspected and the water tested regularly to ensure that the water being supplied from the tanks is suitable for its application in terms of cleanliness and neutrality. Water is susceptible to bacteria, viruses, algae and mineral accumulation and therefore needs to be carefully observed, especially for drinking water or food processing and chemical processing uses.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks
Stainless Steel Water Tanks
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