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  • Strong Steel and American Manufacturers

    What makes a steel component stainless ? Most people recognize stainless steel is an alloy that does not rust. But why doesn't it rust? Steel that is made with at least 10.5% chromium is considered stainless and the chromium is what makes the metal anti-corrosive. There are actually four distinct types of stainless steel. Austenitic This is the most commonly used stainless steel and is derived from nickel and manganese. This type is easy to weld and is non-magnetic. Household appliances, containers, and basic industrial piping are typically made from...

  • The Construction of Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks

    Necessary in many industries, proper mixing tanks that are durable, efficient and designed according to high sanitary standards are vital. Chemical processing plants as well as a large variety of food and beverage processing plants, water treatment facilities and agricultural industries require the services of heavy duty industrial mixers. A stainless steel mixing tank is preferred because of all the positive characteristics associated with stainless steel. Highly resistant to chemicals and erosion it is the most sanitary metal on the market, which is why it is utilized in the stainless...

  • Three Types of Stainless Steel Vats

    Stainless steel vats are a subcategory of stainless steel tanks, a type of storage, processing and sometimes transportation container that is meant to hold liquids, gases and/or solids such as grain and sugar. Vats in particular are utilized in a couple major industries. They are used for the fermentation process of wine and beer as well as dairy processes such as the making of cheese and ice cream. Always storing items that are either liquid or solids in fluid form, vats have three major styles that are available on the...

  • Buying Custom Stainless Steel Vats

    Stainless steel vats are large containers made from stainless steel. There is a huge variety of designs, sizes, and types of vats for different industrial uses. This makes choosing a vat a somewhat complicated process, particularly if you need the vat to have specific features for a certain industrial process, such as a mixing tank or simply for a long-term storage tank. This is where vat customization comes into play. Many stainless steel vats manufacturing companies provide many customization options for customers. If you determine that a stock vat cannot...

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Stainless Steel Vats

There are three main types of stainless steel vats: horizon, or enclosed, open top and SVC, or cottage cheese vats. Whether oriented vertically or horizontally, vats are typically cylindrical to resist hydraulic pressure. The food and beverage industries prefer to use stainless steel vats because the steel is chemically neutral and will not add flavors or impurities. It is also very easy to clean and keep sanitary. Stainless steel conducts heat well, allowing for precise management of the substance inside, and it can be refrigerated to maintain lower temperatures. Caustic liquids will not easily damage the vat, though lower grades of stainless steel can be incompatible with certain wines and ciders. Vats are typically constructed from food grade 304 stainless steel which is also called 18/8 or 18/10 because of the ratios of chromium and nickel.

Stainless steel is produced when steel and alloys are melted together. Once homogeneous, the molten metal is hardened through the annealing process.For a vat, the cooled steel is fed through a series of rollers that gradually bend it into a rounded shape. The curved sheets of stainless steel are then cut, finished and welded together for a seamless watertight result. The majority of stainless steels vats are designed to keep the contents hot or cold. High density polyurethane or a similar material can be wrapped around the vat then covered with aluminum or another sheet of stainless steel to keep the contents warm and insulated. For refrigeration, typically a cooling jacket will be used. Similar in technique to insulation, a jacket is fastened on the outside of the vat and circulates a cooling agent like glycol, ammonia or water around the container for temperature control. An alternative to a jacket is a double-walled vat where the coolant runs between the two walls. Another integral feature is the manways, which are openings used as access doors, sampling ports or fill openings. Agitators are also commonplace, especially when the vat is used for food processes like mixing or separating liquids. Some stainless steel vats have lids that can easily be lifted or removed while others are self-enclosed tanks with an atmospheric vent feature to release the pressure inside. Because of the weight and potential pressure building inside vats, especially those used for fermentation, vats should be placed on an adequate foundation like concrete or asphalt. Vats typically do not require a separate stand but are sturdy enough to stand on their own.

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