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  • 4 Types of Gas Tanks

    Many gas tanks are made out of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a durable metal that is resistant to rust and other corrosive factors. With the right cap, stainless steel gas tanks can have an airtight seal that prevents gas vapors from getting out of the tank and into the air. Many people prefer stainless steel tanks over aluminum tanks because stainless steel is more durable and long-lasting. In the world of steel gas tanks, there are several different varieties to choose from. Carbureted tanks: This rectangular steel tank is...

  • Stainless Steel Gas Tanks: Fueling Up

    The last thing on my mind when filling up my gas tank within the body of my car is what that gas tank is made out of. The fact that much larger gas tanks are employed in industrial settings all over the world is another thing that never occurs to me. However, what my personal car's gas tank is made from is what enables me to drive without worries or problems, and the same goes for larger tanks in other, more intense environments. It is stainless steel gas tanks that...

  • Steel Tank Manufacturers: The Custom Edge

    In the current economic climate, keeping an edge on the competition is vital, and that is something that manufacturers of any and all products must keep in mind. So what is the most major detail causing one company to get more business then another? The answer is custom design. Partly because of the money crunch and partly because all industries are becoming more detail specific, having a custom option for your product is a must. Steel tank manufacturers are no different. To survive in the market today, having custom design...

  • Benefits of Round Stainless Steel Gas Tanks

    When my brother and I were children we used to play a counting game when our dad drove us to school. Along the route to school there were several houses and farms that had round stainless steel gas tanks. The game was a competition of who could count the most tanks and since we were still young children the game would hold our interest day after day. I suppose we would think more tanks would magically appear and the results of our counting would change. Thinking back to the number...

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Stainless Steel Gas Tanks

A stainless steel gas tank stores gasoline in a strong, corrosion resistant stainless steel container until it is released into the engine of a motor vehicle or evaporates into the air. As part of an engine system, the gas tank is typically mounted into the rear of an automobile between the chassis and exterior or, for other modes of transportation, into an available space.

Many motorcyclists and classic car enthusiasts are attracted to the high polish of a stainless steel gas tank and its ability to be custom fitted to the vehicle. Stainless steel tank manufacturers strive to produce tanks that are airtight and without cracks or leaks so that gasoline does not diffuse into the air or drip out of the tank. As a storage container, the tank itself has no moving parts; for an average automobile, it is usually rectangular with rounded corners and a capacity of around 16 gallons.  Airplanes carry from around 6,000 to more than 80,000 gallons of fuel in multiple tanks that are mounted in the wings or installed in a designated compartment. Stainless steel is gaining popularity as a material for gas tanks as it resists rust, does not deposit impurities into the gas and has minimal cracking over time.

 Traditionally, gas tanks are made from molded ceramic, carbon fiber or steel coated in zinc or aluminum.  These materials are prone to splitting, flaking and corrosion, which lower the quality of the gasoline and can decrease the engine‚Äôs performance. If the tank begins to develop cracks, gasoline can diffuse into the air which is costly and damaging to the environment.  Stainless steel, however, does not break down or get worn away, and the tanks maintain a good seal, especially if they are carved from a billet.  A billet is a rectangular piece of steel, and they are often melted down then cast or forged into mechanical and industrial products. The disadvantages of those processes is that they result in thick and thin areas in the steel which can warp and crack from internal stress, and a weaker steel must be used so that it can be worked properly. If the gas tank is carved from a billet of stainless steel, it will have even walls and can be made from a higher grade of steel. Gas tanks can also be welded from sheets of stainless steel or, for larger tanks, bolted together. A fuel delivery system is also welded or soldered into place with tubes to deliver the fuel to the engine and pressure gauges to provide the operator an accurate reading of how much gas remains.



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