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  • Roto Dynamics Inc.: Specializing in Rotational Molding

    Rotomolded Tanks Roto Dynamics specializes in the production of rotational molding, producing a variety of rotationally molded plastic parts for various industries including automotive accessories, fluid treatment systems and material storage units. Our services include, rotational molding, custom battery box, custom material handling, custom plastic product production, custom plastic tanks, manufacture plastic products, rotocast, rotomolded tanks, rotomolding and vacuum molding. At Roto Dynamics you get a team that has years of experience in manufacturing and R&D. Our team is ready to help our customers put their ideas into plastic through...

  • Beating The Drought With Rotational Molding

    Rotomolded Tanks We have had a summer of record temperatures which is causing problems in many industries, especially the agriculture industry. Farmers are faced with the challenge of keeping their fields healthy and alive and their animals well watered. Often in drought weather the fields that farmers rely on for keeping their animals fed are too dry to support grass, which makes it a problem with keeping animals healthy. They also rely on streams and ponds to provide water to cattle and sheep who are wandering in the fields. This...

  • The Importance of Rotomolded Tanks

    I was born and grew up in the United States, and I've lived in suburban contexts my whole life. One of the things I never noticed until I traveled outside of North America was how many of the amenities that I've become accustomed to running water, access to home heating fuels, electricity seem to just be there. They're available as if out of nowhere. Gas supply pipes are usually buried, electrical lines are visible but so ordinary that they're easy to ignore and water is always ready to come out...

  • Rotomolded Tanks: Manufacturing Options

    Rotomolded tanks are used in variety of industries for a wide range applications including wastewater storage, chemical storage, high-temperature and marine applications. Tanks often come in various shapes and sizes to suit specific industry needs, and may also include additional features such as threads, fitting, and hardware. There are also many different types of machines that could be employed in the rotational molding process, and the most recent developments are aimed at reducing cycle time while improving overall quality. Two common types of machines that are used to make rotomolded...

  • Rotomolded Tanks: The Possibilities are Endless

    Rotomolded tanks are a common product found in many different environments. Specifically speaking, rotomolded tanks are hollow vessels that are fabricated from thermoplastic materials and are used to store a large variety of materials. They are commonly used, and a favorite for many applications, because they are impact resistant and offer a extensive range of possible designs. The rotational molding process is favored among producers because it offers a relatively inexpensive and efficient way to produce a number of different plastic products. Rotomolded tanks are the crowd favorite however, and...

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Rotomolded Tanks

Rotomolded tanks are hollow vessels that are fabricated from thermoplastic materials to contain and store a wide variety of materials. They are known for their impact resistance, high tensile strength and wide design range. Rotational molding is an inexpensive process that uses rotation, heat and a mold to form many different products, the most popular of which are plastic tanks.

Rotomolded tanks exhibit uniform wall thickness, the ability to have threads, fittings or hardware attached and many different color options. They are mostly used in industrial applications for the food and beverage processing, fuel and oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, marine, wastewater treatment, agricultural and medical industries. Their seamless, single part construction protects against fractures and leaks, which leads to a longer lifespan. They have many benefits over metal tanks, which can corrode and oxidize and are difficult to install. Rotational molding is also the most beneficial method of producing plastic tanks, compared to other thermoplastic fabrication processes like welding. There is also very little material wasted, unlike thermoforming, injection molding and blow molding, all of which have extra scrap pieces of plastic that are removed from the newly formed tanks and require costly assembly.

Rotationally molded tanks are made of a few different thermoplastic materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, Halar and polyvinylidene fluoride, all of which are high purity plastics. To enhance properties like strength, moisture, chemical and temperature resistance, color and flame retardancy, the plastic resin often contains additive materials, depending on the product's application. Since plastic tanks are generally some of the largest products fabricated from rotational molding, manufacturers employ the largest rotomolders to produce them. They require a large amount of space, an area where high heat can be reached and a cooling location, both of which must be big enough for the rotational molding machine to revolve around two different axes if necessary. To fabricate the tanks, the polymer resin is always in fine powder form, in order to better reach all corners and sides of the tank-shaped mold. Since the process is carried out under low speeds and low pressure, even distribution of the plastic is sometimes a concern. However, if the plastic granules are fine enough, complex designs such as two-compartment tanks are possible. Rotomolded tanks are designed to be either horizontal or vertical in orientation, and may hold anywhere from a few gallons to several thousand gallons.

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