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  • Georgetown, TX

    ISO 9001:2008 Certified, R&D Molders is the source for blow molded plastics. Offering a variety of products and services, R&D Molders, a family owned business, can help with any of your project requirements. If you are unsure of what type of product to produce or wondering if we make it in a particular size? Get in touch with R&D Molders and we will gladly help you!

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  • Clinton, IA

    With locations in Clinton & Dewitt, IA, Walnut Ridge, AR & Mexicali, Mexico, Custom-Pak leads the way in advanced blow molded plastic technology, even designing & building energy efficient machines & sophisticated molds for faster, more cost efficient & better quality results. We serve all markets with a wide array of products. Contact us today for more information.

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  • Riverside, CA

    Our blow molded plastics are engineered to meet the needs of your exact application. The reliable staff here at Western Case, Inc. will work with you to determine the best specifications down to the part weight and wall thickness. You will not be upset with the quality of our blow molded plastics. We aim to exceed your expectations. Give our experts a call today to learn more information!

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  • Winfield, KS

    Western Industries Plastic Products Group provides custom plastic blow molding product design, engineering, mold design & extensive capabilities and manufacturing expertise for mid- to large-part products, in both single- and dual-head processing. As a contract blow molded plastics company, we can help with any stage of a blow molding project. Contact us for all of your blow molded plastic needs.

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  • Brookfield, MO

    Apex Plastics has created and produced quality blow molded products since 1970. Our company specializes in short to medium runs of blow molded plastics including plastic bottles, decanters, carafes, canisters, serums, etc. in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to fit anyone’s specifications or requests.

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  • Linn, MO

    At Quality Custom Molding we have a staff with over 30 years of experience in blow molded products and services. Our services include full custom designs, engineering, manufacturing, finishing and packing! We provide the highest quality products with the best customer service, all for a competitive price. In order to learn more visit our website or give our customer service representatives a call!

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For Reliable Blow Molding, Look No Further Than Paarlo Plastics

Blow Molded Plastics If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer in the blow molding industry, Paarlo Plastics is a top-quality provider of plastics for clients across the United States and throughout the world. Paarlo has been in business since 1981 and is centrally located in North Canton, Ohio. We create custom blow molds of standard and engineering grade thermoplastic for your products. Our large facility and expert staff give us the ability to produce high volumes of plastic materials and quickly ship them out to businesses as needed. Read... Read More

Five Gallon Blow Molds

After a major victory many teams will decide it's tradition to dump one of those five gallon Gatorade coolers on the coach. My mother loathes it when teams do this. She feels so bad for the poor coach who is now drenched with water and probably had to endure a hail of ice cubes. Heaven forbid if there was Gatorade in there, making the poor coach wet and stick the rest of the ending ceremonies. I believe this past super bowl such a scenario played through. I've seen these five... Read More

Extruded Blow Molds for Kids

What would fill a toddler's world if it wasn't for extrusion blow molding? All the little plastic slides, cars and animal seesaws would be gone (or at least not as affordable). How will they pretend to drive around like their parents? Before my nephew learned to ride a bike he mimicked driving a car in his little plastic vehicles. One car in particular received most of his attention. This one came with a multicolored ramp. We called it the roller-coaster. We would set the roller-coaster up at the top of... Read More

R&D Molders, Inc: Custom Blow Molding

Blow Molded Plastics R&D Molders, Inc. is an industry leader in custom injection and blow molding. We are a family owned and operated company located in Georgetown, Texas just 20 minutes north of Austin. We have been loyally serving customers since 1974. Read more...... Read More

New Starch-Based Polymers Make Blow Molded Bio-Plastic Possible

by Marjorie Steele, Editor for IQS This last April, British environmentalist and adventurer David de Rothschild set sail in a catamaran he had constructed entirely from recycled PET bottles. As a statement to the growing global problem of ocean pollution and the need for higher recycling standards, de Rothschild planned to sail to what Planet Green Bottle calls "Plastic Soup", a floating mass of plastic waste nearly the size of Texas suspended in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This British adventure-seeker may have found the most creative way yet... Read More

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Blow Molded Plastics

Blow molded plastics are those hollow plastic products that have been created through the process of plastic blow molding. The idea of plastic blow molding originally came from glassblowing, a similar process of earlier origin, and the first blow molding machine was produced around 1938. It was with such a product that, in 1939, plastic bottles were first mass-produced in the United States. However, due to limited resources in the 1940’s, blow molding did not truly become popular until later. Today, blow molded plastics are made from thermoplastics like acetal, polyamide, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), low density polycarbonate (LDPE), high density polycarbonate (HDPE) and polypropylene. Typically, they are characterized by thin walls and durable structures. Blow molded plastic products are quite diverse, including items such as drums, cases, containers, beverage bottles, toys and sports equipment.

To create products such as these, manufacturers use three main processes associated with plastic blow molding: extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding and injection stretch blow molding. In extrusion blow molding (EBM), before the process begins, manufacturers take raw plastic resin, melt it down and form it into a hollow cylinder known as a parison. To kick things off, the parison is clamped into a mold, where a blow pin forces compressed air into it and it expands until it fills out the mold cavity, taking on its shape. Once it reaches its intended shape and size, the plastic is allowed to cool, typically with the aid of conduction, and harden. The last step is to remove it from the mold, which may or may not be done with the help of ejector pins. Extrusion blow molding produces the vast majority of blow molded plastics. Next, injection blow molding (IBM) is performed in three main segments: injection, blowing and ejection. First, a molten polymer is fed into a hot runner manifold and injected via nozzles into a heated cavity and onto a core pin. The polymer surrounding the pin takes on the shape of the cavity, forming an exterior, while the core pin ensures that it remains hollow. Second, this pin rotates its way to a blow molding station, where the mold is clamped around a core rod, inflated inside a preform and cooled. Lastly, once hardened, the finished product is moved into the ejection position and stripped off the core rod. Note that injection blow molding is the least commonly utilized plastic blow molding process and is only used to create small capacity bottles and jars. Its infrequent usage is due to the fact that it is difficult to control the base center during the blowing process. Also, using this method, handles cannot be added and barrier strength cannot be increased. The final blow molding process, injection stretch blow molding, works quite similarly to injection blow molding. The main way in which it differs from the former is its use of bottle-shaped preforms. Note that injection stretch blow molding can be carried out using one of two methods: single-stage or two-stage. In the first method, both the preform and the bottle are blown in the same machine. In the second method, the preforms are created first, using the injection molding process, then they are later reheated stretched into their intended shape and size. The latter step is done using pressurized air and core rods, which help the preforms stretch properly. Stretch blow molding is known for producing very high volumes of oval, rectangular or cylindrical bottles. Also, generally speaking, this process impedes bottle design very little. However, it does create somewhat high costs and it requires a larger amount of floor space than most.

When performed properly, plastic blow molding processes yield plastic products with fairly long lifespans. The key to well-made blow molded plastics is air flow: in order to create strong, uniform walls, manufacturers must take care to apply pressurized air in a controlled and constant stream. This ensures even expansion. The inconsistent application of air would lead to varying wall thicknesses, which would likely result in products with diminished durability and strength. Per the request of their customers, manufacturers can affordably create products of different shapes, sizes and capabilities. They can even inject colors into the plastic before it is formed, without compromising their fast turnaround times. Plastic manufacturers are eager to collaborate; reach out to them today to find out more.

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