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  • Georgetown, TX

    Since 1974, R&D Molders has been a leader in extrusion blow molding. R&D Molders offers a range of extrusion blow molding products. At R&D Molders, quality, value, experience and dedication is what we live by. Visit our website today for a gallery of our products as well as a tour of our plant. We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for considering R&D Molders.

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  • Clinton, IA

    With locations in Clinton & Dewitt, IA, Walnut Ridge, AR & Mexicali, Mexico, Custom-Pak leads the way in advanced extrusion blow molding technology, even designing & building energy efficient machines & sophisticated molds for faster, more cost efficient & better quality results. We serve all markets with a wide array of products. Contact us today for more information.

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  • Riverside, CA

    Since 1978, Western Case growth and expansion has been consistent over our history and our reputation in the extrusion blow molding industry is solid. We invest in only the best equipment available and have a dedicated team of associates from diverse professional backgrounds that contribute a base of knowledge, experience and a passion about what we do every day.

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  • Winfield, KS

    Our team of experts at Western Industries is customer-focused and customer driven. We serve our customers by helping them every step of the way, offering services such as process improvement, complete product assembly, and full supply chain management. When customers work with us, they choose the Western Advantage. For more information about our services, contact Western today!

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  • Brookfield, MO

    Our highly trained staff here at Apex Plastics utilizes advanced robotic systems to create your versatile products. Our friendly staff offers a number of secondary services including: design research, ergonomic analysis, product styling, electrical engineering, prototyping and more. If you have any questions then do not hesitate to give one of our representatives a call today!

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  • Linn, MO

    Looking for the best extrusion blow molding process available? We can help! Our extrusion blow molding process is one of the most adapt in the industry. We provide our customers with quality manufacturing from start to finish with affordable prices and a dedication to customer service. Look to our website to learn more about how we can help you today!

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Extrusion Molding

I once watched a documentary about the process that manufacturers use to make plastic bottles. It was really interesting because the method is similar to that of glass blowing. Raw plastic materials are melted down into a liquid-like state and with the use a mold the plastic in blown into shape. To someone that has never witnessed glass or plastic blowing; I suppose it could be similar to that of blowing up a balloon. The materials start as a compact substance and with the use of air it expands exponentially... Read More

Tejas Plastics, Inc. Offers Custom Extrustion Blow Molding

Tejas Plastics, Inc. is a leading extrusion blow molder specializing in large parts and custom designs for a number of industries including: automotive, electronic, government, home & garden, medical, plumbing supplies, sporting goods, playground equipment, transportation, welding supplies and more. This global supplier of premium blow molded products offers plastic solutions at an affordable price and their processes are ideal for long or short run production. Located in San Antonio, this proficient manufacturer will quickly deliver your high quality products. The teams at Tejas Plastics, Inc. are dedicated to providing... Read More

Parts of a Blow Molding Machine

The first blow molding machines were developed in the 1800s. Although, it wasn't until the 1940s when it gained fame for the mass manufacturing of plastic bottles. Now, In the United States alone, blow molding companies are responsible for producing nearly 40 billion bottles annually. Although the main produced with blow molding machines, bottles aren't the only one. Other products include CD cases, tanks, toys, cases, etc. the list goes on. Typical parts and workings of a blow molding machine include an extruder, which heats plastic pellets into molten plastic.... Read More

Amazing Plastic Innovations

How far would you trust a plastic product? We easily trust them to carry our water or hold up a shower curtain but what a more meaningful task? Would you trust plastic to protect you from the elements, in say, a tent? What about as your home? There is a growing trend of eco-friendly homes that are not only interesting to look at but are also energy efficient. Some homes are even constructed from 100% recycled materials. Picture the walls of a house completely designed from 2-liter soda bottles. How... Read More

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Extrusion Blow Molding

The extrusion blow molding process is the simplest method of producing hollow, thin walled plastic containers. Most plastic bottles are manufactured by this method in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, neck openings and handle styles. Finished products range from large water tanks to small disposable eyedroppers.

The extrusion blow molding process is based on glass blowing to produce glass bottles, but uses PET, or biaxial oriented polyethylene terephthalate, as well as high density polyethylene, both of which are considered the best thermoplastics for extrusion blow molding. The plastic bottles are lightweight, usually clear or tinted, and strong enough to withstand the pressure of carbonation in certain beverages. Extrusion blow molding bottles are made to hold beverages like juice and pop, liquid soap, detergent and motor oil for consumer and industrial applications within the food and beverage, automotive, cleaning products, medical, cosmetics and drinking water industries. They are extruded into two mirror molds, and therefore have a visible seam dividing the bottle in half. Compared to other blow molding process, extrusion blow molding generates little waste, all of which is recyclable.

Extrusion blow molding begins with the formation of a parisan, which is a plastic tubular preform. Plastic pellets are loaded into a hopper and fed down into an extruder screw with a heating unit. As the pellets pass through the screw, they become molten and are pumped toward the die head. The liquid plastic flows horizontally and then downward, and emerges as a soft tube preform. The preform, which is called a parisan, is then extruded by compressed air as 2 molds simultaneously come together to form a cavity in the shape of the container. The plastic balloons out and is stretched thin into the mold cavity, taking its shape. The mold cavity is then chilled by cold water running through the molds. The newly formed part will always have a seam where the two mirror molds came together, and a small point at the bottom where the plastic balloon started. Some parts may have excess plastic that needs trimming from the neck or parting lines. The newly formed plastic parts are then put through post forming operations, including drilling, die cutting, milling, painting and adding decals or labels. Each container or part only takes a few seconds to form, and may be done in high volumes. They are formed in a continuous or intermittent method.

Extrusion Blow Molding
Extrusion Blow Molding
Extrusion Blow Molding - R&D Molders, Inc.
Extrusion Blow Molding - R&D Molders, Inc.