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  • Lake City, PA 814-440-3424814-774-2500

    Sterling Technologies offers a wide range of rotational molded plastic products. We assist customers in creating dynamic products that standout in a crowded marketplace. Our creative team provides product design, prototyping, tooling fabrication and management, production feasibility and optimization along with vast finishing options.

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  • Pearland, TX 281-648-0909

    Sherman-Tank is a custom rotomolder located outside of Houston, Texas. Our state of the art technology creates precise, cost effective and dependable products. We can custom build molds to your specs or design them from scratch. We also manufacture a standard line of tanks, stands, containments, and accessories. We are committed not only to high quality manufacturing, but also providing exceptional customer care.

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  • Elberfeld, IN 800-304-4600

    Custom rotational molding from Fibertech Inc. includes complete design and manufacturing services. We will help you develop timely, economical solutions and specifications for your custom rotationally molded plastic parts and products. We specialize in custom projects for commercial and industrial products, including fan housings, lockers, bulk handling containers and recreational products. From design through production and delivery, our customers receive high-quality, timely service.

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  • Garrett, IN MarshallTX - 888-357-3181

    Assmann Corporation is an NSF & ISO certified rotational molder of large and small double wall, vertical, horizontal and conical plastic tanks, and also chemical feed stations plus secondary containment basins. Our rotomolding process and extensive experience makes the difference... We offer many accessories, including full drain outlet, seismic restraints and more.

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  • Lincoln, NE 888-422-8683

    Snyder Industries is the recognized leader in manufacturing tank and containment solutions for the bulk storage, processing and transportation of a wide variety of liquid, solid and dry materials including chemical storage tanks, food & beverage containers, pharmaceutical, commercial laundry, utilities, flotation products, pallets, water & septic tanks, & UN/DOT IBCs for hazardous materials.

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businessIndustry Information

“Rotomolder” is one of many names for the large manufacturing machines used to create hollow and seamless plastic parts. They are also known as rotational molding machines, rotomolding machines or rotational molders. Rotomolders present overall lower costs than other forms of plastic manufacturing, like blow molding, injection molding or thermoforming, but they are less common because they are quite complex. Manufacturers use rotomolders to create many different types of products, including: large industrial tanks, water bottles, outdoor planters, construction cones and safety cones, pink flamingos, playground slides, helmets, footballs, pipe fittings and kayaks. These and the other products a rotomolder can create are used in industries such as: agriculture, automotive manufacturing, chemical processing, construction, food and beverage processing, furniture, marine manufacturing, material handling, packaging and assembly, pharmaceuticals, plumbing, recreation and sporting goods, toy manufacturing and waste water management.

A rotomolder typically consists of a mold, rotating spindles, an oven, a cooling chamber and arms. It is capable of process a variety of different thermoplastic materials. Some of those that it most commonly molds into plastic products include: high density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE), nylon, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polycarbonate and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). To work, any one of these plastics are poured in powdered form onto the mold, which is made from stainless steel, aluminum or both. Once the mold is coated, it is transferred into the oven chamber, where it continuously revolves on the rotating spindles as the metal powder melts and evenly coats the mold walls. Once the metal has completely covered the mold, the mold is transferred to the cooling chamber, where a combination of air and cold water cool and cure the molten plastic. Cooling usually takes around 20 minutes to complete. After the plastic has dried completely, it is removed from the mold. This is typically done manually. If the plastic has shrunk during the process, as it sometimes does, this part can prove difficult. Regardless, once off the mold, the new hollow plastic part can either be sent on for shipping or sent on for further processing. Common processing procedures they undergo include cutting to size, welding with small components, painting, polishing and cleaning.

A rotomolder may come in a variety of different styles, among these rock and roll machines, clamshell machines, shuttle machines, vertical or up and over machines, carousel machines and swing arm machines. The rock and roll machine is specially designed with small heating chambers to create long, narrow parts. The next type of rotomolder, the clamshell machine, is actually a type of rock and roll machine, though it distinguishes itself by its use of a single primary rotational arm (not counting the usually support arms it usually has on its ends.) Most other plastic rotational molding machines use at least two arms. Shuttle machines typically have two arms that work independently, moving the mold back and forth in between the heater and the cooler as it turns biaxially. Some shuttle machines do, however, have only one arm. In this case, the arm moves the mold horizontally from the heater to the cooler as it spins. Vertical rotational machines are smaller than most other rotomolding machines; they are considered small to medium in size. They are valued for their energy efficiency, which is born out of their compact heating and cooling chambers. Next, carousel machines are one of the most common used rotational molding machines. Carousel machines may have up to four arms and six stations, and they come as either fixed or independent equipment. Typically, fixed arm carousel machines consist of three arms that are required to move together, while independent arm carousel machines have between three and four arms, all which move separately from one another. Both types of carousel machines are available in a wide variety of sizes. Finally, swing arm machines can have up to four arms, all of which move bi-axially. The arms, which do not all have to be engaged at the same, are mounted on the respective corners of the machine, where they swing in and out of the oven.

While there are many other types of molding machines available, the rotomolder stands apart as a machine that eliminates unsightly seams in both small products in large quantities and large products in small quantities, and creates plastic formations that are uniform in both quality and precision wall width. To find out more, direct your questions toward and share your specifications with a skilled manufacturer, such as one of those found on this page, today.

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