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    When I was in high school, I participated in my school's theatre program. I spent two performances onstage (one as a pirate in Peter Pan and another as a Russian magistrate with a ZZ Top beard in a Neil Simon play), but I spent most of my time backstage on the technical crew. If you've got kids who are approaching high school age, and if their school has a theatre department, I have this advice for you: make your kids participate in theatre. There are a few advantages to this...

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    When I go camping, I use a miniature stove to cook my food. It's a simple design that is basically a quick release coupler connected to three arms which will support a small pot or pan. I twist the stove onto a mini propane tank then twist a little knob to get the gas flowing. All that is needed next is for me to light it up and start cooking. These little stoves are great for camping because they save space and are easy to use. I used one on...

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Quick Disconnect Couplings

Quick disconnect couplings are transmission line connection tools that are valued for their ability to be connected and disconnected quickly and easily. Fluid transmission lines are important parts of a wide variety of industrial, commercial and consumer utilities.

Quick disconnect couplings are used in hydraulic systems for the transmission of pressurized hydraulic fluid, in pressure washers to connect spraying wands with water pressurizers and in many other different kinds of fluid transmission equipment. They are designed to make connections without allowing leakage or a loss in pressure. Quick disconnect couplings are used in the transport of many different materials, including water, air, hydraulic fluid and various chemicals. Quick disconnects are simple mechanisms designed to be easily connected. In fact, it is often possible to connect the couplings with only one hand. Quick couplers are important for a few reasons. The first reason is because of the ease and quickness with which they can be connected and disconnected. On simple consumer utilities and even some pneumatic tools, the ease and convenience made possible by quick connectors can decrease the time it takes to switch between tools, making processes less time consuming. Quick disconnect couplings are used in a variety of industries, including agriculture, automotive manufacturing, chemical processing, firefighting, food processing, plastics fabrication, construction and many others.

The biggest advantage offered by some quick disconnects is their ability to quickly disconnect a transmission line while preventing leakage of that line. Some quick disconnects are fitted with special valves that prevent leakage of a transmission line when it becomes disconnected. This prevents product loss as well as the exposure of the environment and employees to whatever material is passed through the transmission line. When used with fuel lines and hydraulic fluid lines, quick disconnects can prevent employee injury and environmental degradation. Quick disconnect couplings contain two mating parts: the male plug and the female coupling. In order to connect the two halves, the male half is connected to the female part. There are many different coupling configurations. Some are simple plugs, while other common designs include push-on, threaded and twist configurations. Quick disconnect couplings are available in an array of sizes and pressure capacities. Most quick disconnects are composed of metal materials, such as brass, aluminum and stainless steel, although plastic materials have become more common due of their resistance to corrosion.

Quick Disconnect Couplings
Quick Disconnect Couplings
Quick Disconnect Couplings - SAF-T-FLO
Quick Disconnect Couplings - SAF-T-FLO

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