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  • SAF-T-FLO Industries: Couplers for Demanding Applications

    Quick Disconnect Couplers SAF-T-FLO Industries is an industry leading manufacturer of quick disconnect couplers. We primarily serve the military industry, but our products can be utilized in any application with demanding coupling requirements. Read More......

  • Ello Poppet - A Coupling to Keep Liquids at Bay

    When I hear the word poppet I instantly reminisce about the scene in the first Pirates of the Caribbean, were the two goofy pirates are looking for Elizabeth Swan. Other people may think of Pinocchio or the elaborate puppets created by Jim Henson, from Kermit the Frog to the creatures in Labyrinth. As cool as all those things are, the term puppet or poppet does not only refer to pet names and manipulated people, places or things. A poppet coupling or valve is actually very crucial to the workings of...

  • Quick Disconnect Couplers Make Air Travel Safer

    With the internet, telephone and air travel the world is quickly becoming more globalized. As fast as air travel is, it can still be a lengthy process. You have to pull an Albus Dumbledore and arrive at the airport two to three hours early. This is to ensure you make it through check-in and the infamous security before your plane leaves without out you. From my flying experience I didn't find security to be that big of a deal. Lines are worse at theme parks and I can live without...

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Quick Disconnect Couplers

Quick disconnect couplers are mechanical devices that allow immediate connection and separation of air and fluid lines. They are designed to prevent spillage and are equipped with seals and valves for this purpose. Quick disconnect couplers are fast and easy to put together and take apart; most can be operated with one hand without the use of tools.

Couplings consist of a male plug that is inserted into an opening in the female component. They can range from 1/8 inches in diameter to ten inches and are typically made of stainless steel, aluminum or brass, though plastic quick couplers are available. Quick disconnect couplers are integral parts of many processes because they facilitate the efficient flow of fluids while having the ability to shut off the line in an instant to disconnect the attached hose, pipe, nozzle or tool. They do this (in varying degrees) without spilling the product, losing pressure or introducing air to the system. These couplings are used in fuel transfer, agricultural sprayers, cooling systems and for pneumatic power tools. In addition to filling and emptying tankers, vats and totes, they also aid in switching or redirecting fluid flow. When working with hazardous, toxic, corrosive or flammable substances, quick disconnect couplers protect workers and the environment by transferring the material without spillage.

Quick disconnect couplers are also known as quick connect couplers or quick release couplers. Many styles have an interlock that is triggered when the male end is pushed or fitted into the female component. This mechanism holds the coupler in place and ensures that it does not accidentally release. Fluid passes through the coupler relatively unhindered by the internal valves. The quick release coupler is disconnected when the interlock mechanism is switched off or rotated, and the valve(s) spring shut. Depending on the product and intended application, quick couplers are available with a number of different valves and sealing techniques. Poppets, ball bearings and butterfly styles are the three main valve designs. Poppets use a spring-loading cylinder to tightly close off the line while ball bearing couplers have a bearing that rests snugly in a small opening when the valve closes. Butterfly valves have a disc held in the middle of a ring as the fluid passes through the coupling; to close, the disc snaps shut, flush with the ring. Double poppet systems and butterfly valves generally have the best and most immediate seals. When used in breakaway and dry disconnect applications, these couplers have valves on both ends that can break apart from each other to maintain the seal on the hose or pipe on which they are attached.

Quick Disconnect Couplers
Quick Disconnect Couplers
Quick Disconnect Couplers - SAF-T-FLO
Quick Disconnect Couplers - SAF-T-FLO

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