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  • Fluid Transferring

    Fluid transfer is a task that takes place constantly whether is pumping gas from the pump to a car, from a cup to one's mouth, or from water source to lawn sprinkler we always need to transfer different types of fluid to get it where we want it. As fluid has no boundaries unless contained somehow, we must transfer it in an enclosed housing to direct it to another location. The most common way is some type of hose or tube that transfers fluids. Some examples are gas pump lines,...

  • The Value of Quick Release Fittings

    Quick release fittings are sometimes also known by other names. Some of these names include quick disconnect fittings, quick connect fittings, quick disconnect couplings, quick connect couplings, quick connectors, quick disconnects and probably dozens of other examples. The funny thing is that all of those terms are used to refer to the same product, or at least very similar variations of the same product. Some of those variations might include whether or not the coupling or fitting is a drybreak coupling, how and with what it's plated (if it is...

  • Plumbing, K'Nex and Quick Release Fittings

    Quick release fittings are becoming increasingly more popular in the plumbing industry. Fittings are cost effective and save valuable time. These connectors are replacing glues, solder and chemicals traditionally used to install plumbing components. Traditional components such as elbows, trees & turns and ball valves are all offered as quick release fittings. Most fitting's warranties exceed traditional components. On the rare occurrence that a fitting needs to be repairs, most manufacturers supply rebuild kits to make repair to a damaged connector an easy task. Quick connect fittings remind me of...

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Quick Release Fittings

Quick release fittings connect pipes and hoses without using valves, seals or mechanical action. They are a type of quick connector along with quick disconnect couplings and quick disconnect fasteners. These terms are sometimes used interchangeably by different industries, and there is frequently overlap in their definitions.

Generally, quick release fittings are able to provide fast connections for pipes and hoses without the use of tools. They can be attached and removed by hand quite easily. There are no valves or seals, but the connections are typically leak proof. Fluids are free to flow through them, and if the fitting is removed, there are no shut-off valves to prevent the fluids from coming out, unlike quick couplings. Quick release fittings are also called quick disconnect fittings and are usually as easy to remove as they are to install. If any extra effort is required, it is a basic twist-and-pull technique, though some fittings need a simple tool in order to be disconnected. Quick release fittings are hollow shells made of plastic, brass, stainless steel or aluminum; other materials such as glass reinforced resin are available as well. These fittings can accommodate high pressures and temperatures. Quick release fittings are used with fluids, whether liquid or air, and many are resistant to chemicals or mildly corrosive substances. Fittings are commonly used in plumbing or sprinkler systems for water transport.

There are three common shapes for quick release fittings: straight, tee or a 90° elbow. These can be combined for more connections or for use in tight spaces with difficult angles. Most fittings are push fit or use hose barbs to make connections. Push fit quick release fittings use lubricated gaskets or stainless steel teeth to hold a pipe or hose in place once it is firmly inserted inside the fitting. Installation is straightforward and takes only a few seconds to complete because it does not require flame, heat, crimping, twisting or any other action. Different fittings use hose barbs to make connections. Various hose barb designs are shaped like bolts and have threading on one side with a tapered end on the other. The tapered end has low ridges called barbs that catch and grip the material that slides over them. Stainless steel clamps are often used to encircle the fitting and keep the connection tight. Other hose barb fittings are not threaded; hose barb unions for instance have two tapered ends and are used to join two hoses. The Society of Automotive Engineers has established certain standards, and JIC and SAE threaded hose barbs are manufactured accordingly. There are many variations of quick release fittings, and custom designs are available.

Quick Release Fittings
Quick Release Fittings
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Quick Release Fittings - SAF-T-FLO

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